Virtual Museum- How to become a successful digital museum

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A Digital Marketing Proposal for a small independently funded museum

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2. There are 17,500 museums in the U.S.ARTScienceHistoricalzooNatural historybotanical 3. THE ARTS AND CULTURE MARKET IS A$166.2 BILLIONBUSINESS A YEARDUE TO TECHNOLOGY MUSEUMS ARE ATTRACTING AWIDER AUDIENCE THAN EVER 4. Average Annual VisitorsscienceLiving collectionsChildrensgeneralNatural historyartspecializedHistoric sitehistory357,103208,574130,87058,50058,17644,87822,00011,70010,000Average Admission$7The value of a member is usually50% morein revenue than a one time visitorTechnology helps convert visitors into members and members into donors 5. You mightneverphysicallyvisit everymuseumshouldnt mean youllnever walk their floors 6. Top social mediaplatforms formuseums 7. The Secret AnnexVisitors walk throughAnne Franks houseand her infamousattic.A brilliant idea-anonline sensationMonet 2010Impressionismenthusiasts can tourthe Claude Monet:1840-1926 exhibitwithout having to buya plane ticket to ParisGoogle artprojectLaunched in February2014, Google ArtProject offers a streetview experience of 17of the worlds mostfamous museums 8. Website Redesign 9. How often should a website beredesigned?40353025201510-5EveryEvery Never3 months4-12 monthsEvery13-24 monthsEvery25-26 monthsAsiaEUUS 10. The social staircaseStrategyIdentify, find &observe targetmarketPresenceTurn visitors intofansHow?ConversationUpdate contentdaily 11. The current favorite platform for museumsto interact with their audience 12. Social siteThat is all aboutdiscoveryBest for Users are:32%male68%female 13. Socialsharing siteThat has1 billionUsersworldwideBest for Users share 1billionActive usersCommunicatingwithconsumers2.5 billionPieces of contentdaily 14. Most followedbrand isPosting picsConsumers relate to 15. Brand is whatpeople thinkof you.Branding isthe process ofmanagingyour brandBranding is theprocess of managing &creating your brandsimpressionsBe the leading brandin your field-European AcademicArt!-Classical Realism!-Orientalism!-Romanticism! 16. INVITE 17. engage 18. educate 19. INspire 20. update 21. entertain