Vintage Baker's Chocolate Receipes

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A delightful vintage booklet of Baker's chocolate receipts from Grandma's collection ... complete with the chocolate stains!!

Transcript of Vintage Baker's Chocolate Receipes

FOUR HUNDRED YEARSOF POPULARITYFEW navors have ever had the widespread popu-larity of chocolate. Rich ... smooth ... fm-granc. . irs delightful flavor has appealed roeveryone wherever and hO\VCVl.,T it has bcclI saved.Nor is a (ondness for chocolan: a newlyacCJuircdtaste in the hiscory of Illall. Long before Columbusdreamed of a new rome ro fndia. cocoa beans werebcin,g used as food by the natives of l'vkxieu, SouthAIIH.:rica, nnd rhe West Indies, whcn.: rhl.: '"C110 Orchocobtc [ret: gn:w. And dJOCO!flft was prizt:ealer uluil moolh; add sllar and rerurn10 fire, and cook minules lanKcr. Cool. foJd inlo w:am. I Jace one roundinglablespO.\'urites :>.Illong clinking thirsl-.bleehocohte drinks, , , crealll)' iceher,gs of chocQI;ltines5 ,rhe ddic:tcy of frosl-lingell mint chocol:>'le.l)cs{ of :.11, these Ill:.n'dolls drinks Ill;l)' he prepared 'luiek Iy ;Iud e;lsi Irif:t i:tr of Il:tker's IJre;lkf;lsl CocO;l Spup is kepi on h:lIlJ. The recipefor this s)'rup is given :l1l.n thcl1l11:tke :llmnSI in Ihe IwinklinJ:of ;Ill eyelBAKER'S BREAKFAST COCOA SYRUP(Sa,. fo' '"0"1 '''0. uuee, b)' 'rlira,;"/::tlltl uldi"l: a lillIe bUller, Makes l COC" ltd b1 ,b. Nnol I cup lunarI 2, CHIlS, welllJeAcen, I cea pooll vJnilla.J.( cup walnul meau, choppe,1BROWNIES cup sifted Swan, Down CllkeFlour teaspoon bakin,': powder", )1 cup 1)Uller or olher hOClenin6I 2, square Dd:e'-s UnsweecenedChocolale, mehedSiCc nour once. mea uce, add baking powder. and life again, Add hUlCer cochocolacc and hlend. Combine sugar alii' eBgs; aJd chocolacc mixturc, bealingchoronlth1y, chen /lour, vanilla. a'1d nllC$, l)our inlO pan, 8 x 8 x 1.inche , and hake in 1II00lcrale oven (no F,) lS minuces. CUI in squarc be(oreccmovins: (1'0111 pan. iake l.S brownies.CHOCOLATE INDIANS cup sifted Swans Down Cake I cup SUl'al'FloIII' } e!;lls, \\'ell IJeAc(ll14 lea poon !>akin/! l)()w,lcrO J le:lsl>oon vanillA)1 cnp 1>uller ur olher shonellilll: Y; up seeded and find' III2, squares Daker' U.. wcclened Y; cup \\'alnlll 111"1$, choppe alldChoco!ale, lIIellCtI coanedSift nour once, mea ure, add bakinr. powder, and li(1 aRain. Add hUller 10chocolalC allli hlend. Combine sUt\ar and eggs; add chocoJace mixcure, chorollllhly; Ihen add 110111', v:llllJla. ,Iales, and nlllS. Pour inlo two Ilreue,1pans, g x II x 1. in he , and hake iu 1II0deral' oven (no P. )s,"inUle elll insquares he(ore rellloving (1'0111 pan. Makes So '",Iialls.'C.lumcc 1.\Ilun,s I'ow,k' .,,,,d. With oebc:r '1P::' of b.1' row.k..-.. uM' 0(',("11('\ HDOunu ,on..mcnde p"dJinK.171 teaspoons vanllJaI cup cream. whippetlCREAMY SAUCEI cup confectioners' L egp. uillly beatenl. e88 yolk. bealen until thick andIcmoocolore,1Fait! )ugar imo e8il whites grallually; fol.l in egll yolks. thell vanilla and cream.Serve illunedi;\lely. Make } ClipS lauce. This is a quiCkly-made. RulTy auceIhat is especially good. served with hot Mearned or cake pudding.CHOCOLATE MINT SAUCEPrepue Chocolate Sauce (palle }7), addintJ I tea paon pepperminl extraCl whenvanilla i added. Makes l. Clips sauce. May be served on hot Chocolate Fudgeake. un(rosled (page 14), a a pudding.CHOCOLAtE SUNDAE SAUCEl.J,1 squares lIaker's Unsweetened Clip collI walerhoeolate. cuI ill K cup sugarDASh of saltCombine chocolate and watcr anti coole o"er direct heat 4 minlllcs. )lirringconsland,\'. 1\,Id s1I8ar and relllni 10 fire. and cook .1 millute longer. Pourinto an alr-tinht far and seal. When coltl. place ill refrigeralor. Thi syrup callbe kept and used as needed. in chocolate drink. as a SlUIce Oll icc cream. forpuddings. and on cake. Makes I cup sauce.OIOCOLATIICOCONIIT DItOPS(pagc Sr)39CHOCOLATE DESSERTSFROZEN DESSERTS .. PUDDINGSPASTRIESCllOCOl,ATn a veritable lreuure-hollsc of [;tmilyfavoritesl Chocolate mousses, icc souffles, puddings, crC;IIIlS,;Inti p;turics. Odsens-hOf or colc.l-dabor:uc or simple-u (lcsirc(1."!:lve yOll been (liuppoinwl willI your ChOC(llatc icc cr""Ill? Didthe (hocal.ltt scp;tr;ttc OUI in lilly h:ml lumps :md simply rduse 10blend? Th;1t old troubk will be forever b;tnish1 if you follow Ihismodern B:lkcc recipe. And you will have ,hecrc:lmic$l, mOSI velvel)"smoolll icc Cream you ever taSle,!. The lecrel is to :uld dll: ehuct/I:lleto cold milk, melt it slowly, and be:1I widl" roury em; hc:ucr tlmilsmood_ alld blended. This urnt Irick Gives success ill dcssens likecusurtls, crealliS, lind gd:uin nin,,,0.,111 choco!::>lt II) milk ",,,I hcn in double boiler. Wh,,, chocoblc il "'ehcd,beu wilh roluy cgl' bUIe' lll11il hkIlJe.!. Soak gela,in ill cold wIler, Add"',I;ar 2nll ,.If, and mix ",ell. tuM luc"ocolAIC mixture a"" ui,'urllilgebrill hIhOlOU,a;hly , SlrAin, Chill umil .lijllll y Ihichned. OC(A'.iO"Alty. A,Itt (r,';I. n"n, anJ ,::>nill". Iku wei ",,,II"'" ;ntO ",old. Ch,ll ""fillirm, Unlnold. Garnid, wilh ''''lene,1 whil'pe,l crellll. Scn'n 8. 'FROZEN CHOCOLATE PLUM PUDDING i