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1. Stellar Hotel & Residences 2. Location General info about developer General info about the complex Legal status Apartment layout and Interior Contacts 3. Location Only 6 km from central hub of Nha Trang city In a quite and calm villas gated community called An Vien Only 200 m from the sea 4. Developer Stellar Hotel & Residences is developed by Son Da corporation, who is well known as a huge construction company implementing civil and industrial construction all over Vietnam. Song Da has a successful example of its activity in Nta Trang Uplaza residential complex. It was completed in 2011 and has been already sold out and occupied. Since the developer is reputable and well established corporation there should be no doubt it will manage to complete the project due date in line with the costumers needs and requirements. 5. Complex The groundbreaking was started 2 months ago and the complex is estimated to be completed by the end of 2016. At the moment prices start from 740 USD/m2 and Song Da has already announced its increasing this fall. The payment should be made installments: first stage is 30% and then from 5% to 10% of the total value of the deal every 5 levels of construction (approx. every 3 month) 6. Complex The complex will be managed by DTZ company and will provide the owners and the tenants with the following services: Underground Parking Security 24/7 Shopping mall Sky Bar Gym Pool Restaurant SPA Conference hall Rental pool program with guaranteed yield of 8% to 10% per year. 7. Legal Status Land linked to the complex is owned by Son Da Copr.; Tenure for the foreigners: freehold for 50 years with extension privilege for another 50 years; The owners will obtain the ownership certificate, so-called a Pink book; In order to purchase an apartment the foreigner has only to have a valid visa or permision to stay in Vietnam 8. Floor Plan 9. 45 m2 apartment 10. 45 m2 apartment 11. 45 m2 apartment 12. 67.7m2 apartment 13. 67.7m2 apartment 14. 67.7m2 apartment 15. 93.5m2 apartment 16. 93.5m2 apartment 17. An Vien Development