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  • 1. eTwinning -Comenius ProjectAddressing the EnergyCrunch: Every LittleAction CountsParticipating Schools:Nyvasngskolan (Sweden);Marijampols Petro Armino Secondary School (Lithuania);Institut Jaume Calls (Spain)

2. Web 2.0. tools used in the project 3. Weebly Sites:An easy tool to create a 4. In an eTwinning project: As the Final Product:a showcase of the workdone; As a workplace:teachers and students canbe made editors oradministrators. 5. Getting started 6. The tabs: Basic elements 7. The tabs: Multimedia & More 8. The Pages Tab 9. Inserting Pictures 10. Inserting Videos 11. The Final OutcomeTOOLKIT Tools for Schools Energy and Sustainability 12. Calamo:An easy tool to publish documents 13. Getting started: Create an account 14. Creating a publication: Click on CREATE A PUBLICATION and browse a document. 15. Formatting the document: title, category format type 16. Extra options:description,content rating,date of publication,Sharing 17. Personalize your options: skin backgroundSoundeffects &others 18. Uploading the document: 19. Some samples from our project: REFLECTIONS OF THE STUDENTS ABOUTTHE VISIT TO VIC: 20. Some samples from our project: ENERGY SAVING WEEK AT INS.J. CALLS: 21. Thanks for watching! And now a special treat: A song of the project, composed and sung by our pupils: