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Transcript of Villa Maria Mexican & Latin American Cuisine · PDF file 10) Empanadas Colombianas...

  • Villa Maria

    Mexican & Latin American Cuisine “Villa Maria Mexican and Latin American Cuisine” (Est. 2008) was

    born with the idea of providing customers with the unique experience of

    savouring the rich flavours inherited from the Aztecs and Mayans from

    the Mesoamerican region in combination with Spanish flavours that were

    introduced during the colonisation. Here you can sample a variety of

    authentic dishes from several different Central and South American

    countries, all prepared and cooked in their traditional way, using only the

    freshest and natural ingredients, including imported spices.

    “Now you can enjoy the great taste of our culture”.

    The logo represents the beauty of the hard working mestizo

    women and the richness of colours used in their traditional

    clothing, foods as well as on many other ornaments.

    Villa Maria imports a variety of ceramic, textile and timber

    artefacts along with jewellery, clothes, food and drinks from

    Central and South America, available for sale. You will find

    these items on display in the restaurant so please don’t

    hesitate to ask our friendly staff.

    6/82 Bennetts Rd, Camp Hill Ph: 3398 11 77


     BYO (Wine Only) - $3.00 Corkage per person.

     15% Surcharge on Public Holidays.

    *GF = Gluten Free

     *V = Vegetarian or Dish may be prepared for Vegetarians

     Dish takes longer to cook and prepare

     Indicate dish is spicy in taste

    If you would like your dish to be made hot please advise our

    waiters, as not all dishes are made with hot chilli.

    Please advise waiters of any nutritional or dietary


    Buen Provecho!!!!!

  • Entradas - Entrée 1) Trio of dips $18 Combination of guacamole, fried beans and Chirimol salsa served with corn chips.

    Gluten Free $2.00 extra V

    2) Chili con Carne y Totopos $9 Beef mince mixed with home made beans, simmered for hours in a blend of spices, herbs,

    chilies, tomatoes and onions, topped with sour cream and served with totopos. GF

    3) Nachos $15.50 Prepared with a special low fat beef mince, cheese, Maria’s sauce and sour cream.

    Add Guacamole or Chirimol $1.00 extra

    Gluten free $2.00 extra V

    4) Queso Fundido en Anafre (two people ) (Honduras) $ 20 Mixture of three cheeses and beans melted in a special clay pot, served with corn


    Add chorizo or mushroom or bacon or jalapeno chilies $2.00 extra

    Gluten Free $2.00 extra V

    5) Salvadorian Pupusas (El Salvador) $4.50 Tortilla filled with chicharron (fried pork belly), cheese and beans, served with

    Maria’s salsa and Curtido (Pickled cabbage). GF (V Optional

    6) Yuca frita con Chicharron (Central & South America) $13.90 Deep fried cassava topped with crumbed feta and served with Chicharron (Oven roasted

    pork) served with curtido (pickled cabbage) and Maria’s sauce. GF

    7) Platano frito con Chicharron (Central & South America) $13.90 (Upon Availabity)

    Deep fried green plantain banana topped with crumbed feta and served with Chicharron

    (Oven roasted pork) and curtido (Pickled cabbage). GF

    8) Tamale de Gallina (Central America) $6.90 A house prepared maize dough, filled with chicken, Maria’s sauce, capsicum, olive, chick

    pea & capers, wrapped in banana leaf & steamed. Served with tomato salsa & feta cheese.

    Add Fried beans or Sour cream $1.50 extra GF

    9) Tamale de Elote (Central America) $6.90 Made from sweet corn, the tamale is wrapped in corn leaves and steamed.

    Served with Sour Cream.

    Add Fried Beans $1.50 extra GF & V

  • 10) Empanadas Colombianas (Colombia) $9 Yellow maize pastry filled with chicken and vegetables, served with Maria’s sauce.

    (2 per order) GF

    11) Guarachaz (Mexico) $10.50 Maize tortilla baskets cooked over hot plate and pan fried, covered with fried beans and

    choice of chicken or beef, topped with lettuce, chirimol salsa and cheese.

    (2 per order) GF

    12) Arepas (Venezuela/Colombia) $9 Arepas, filled with your choice of either Bean and Beef or Chicken and Guacamole

    (2 per order) GF & (V Optional)

    13) Poblano Relleno (Mexico) $9.90 Oven roasted poblano capsicum stuffed with beef mince, olive, cheese, sultanas, herbs and

    spices, served with totopos (fried tortilla).

    14) Jalapenos Rellenos $16 A whole jalapeno chili stuffed with Spanish goats cheese, crumbled then fried. Served

    with a spicy tomato jam and tortilla. (4 per order) V

    15) Albondigas $10.90 Slow cooked meat balls in a chunky tomato sauce with herbs and chile ancho, served with

    tortilla. GF

    16) Ensalada de Palmito (Central America) $13.50 Heart of Palms, lettuce, tomato red onion, feta cheese and lemon juice.

    GF & V

    17) Ensalada de Nopal (Mexico) $13.50 Julianes of Nopal with lettuce, tomato, red onion, lemon juice and feta cheese.

    GF & V

    18) Salvadorian Tipico (Min. 2ppl) $30 2 Salvadorian Pupusas (tortilla filled with chicharron, cheese and beans)

    2 Pastelitos (Deep fried tortilla puff filled with pork mince and vegetables)

    2 Enchilada (Deep fried tortilla covered with chicken, lettuce,

    courtido, cheese and boiled egg) GF

  • Latin American Mains 19) Churrasco Argentino (Argentina) $32.50 A 200 g cut of prime sirloin from free range beef and one chorizo grilled, served with

    potato salad, garden salad, chimichurri, guacho sauce (oregano in olive oil) and garlic

    bread. GF

    20) Fritanga de Managua (Nicaragua) $32.50 Portion of BBQ beef rump, pork chop and chorizo, green or ripe plantain banana and a

    serving of gallo pinto (rice and beans) and garden salad. GF

    21) Panza Guanaca (Villa Maria) $28 A thick cut of oven roasted pork belly prepared with exotic spices, served over a bed of

    casamiento and sautéed cabbage. GF

    22) Costilla Salvadorian Style (El Salvador) $27 A thick cut of pork rib and belly slowly cooked with onions, capsicum and tomatoes

    served with rice and garden salad. GF

    23) Cochinita Pibil (Mexico) $26 Cubes of pork meat simmered for hours in an achiote sauce and spices, served with rice,

    salad, Sour cream and two taco tortillas. GF

    24) Mole Poblano (Mexico) $28 Free range chicken breast grilled bathed in a rich delicious mole sauce (dried chillies,

    seeds, nuts, spices, vegetables and dark Mexican chocolate), served with sour cream,

    mexican rice, garden salad & tortilla GF

    25) Pollo en Alhuiste (El Salvador) $28 Grilled free range chicken breast bathed in alhuiste sauce (oven roasted pumpkin seeds,

    tomatoes, onion and garlic), served with rice, garden salad. GF

    26) Seco de Cordero (Peru)