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    Our college has gone continuous assessment process through the NAAC. NAAC peer

    team visited on dated the 1st feb.2010 and assessed the quality of education. Among that team

    Dr.Bhagirath Prasad the chairman of the NACC team (The former vice chancellor, Devi

    Ahilyabai vishwavidyalya indoor). Dr. P.A Bhat the memberof the committee (The former ,

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    Principal Dr. A.V. Baliga college,Kumta) and another member Dr. Jayprakash mukundal Trivedi

    ( Professor, Dept of sociology, sardar patel university, vallabh vidyangar.) has Disused with

    Governing council member, principal, IQAC, Alumni, Teachers, parents and people of the

    Guhagar about the progress & planning of the institution. College Re-accredited with B grade

    (with CGP.2.42). The committee also suggests the recommendation for the improvement of

    academic performance of the college.

    Today is the world of Globalization, Liberalization & Privatization. We are the part of

    rapid development and advanced Technology. Present higher education has to keep the

    quality of institution with internationalizations. Our student is the base of present emerging

    new globalize world. To literate the stake holder for the use of modern technology to impart

    global competences it can play an important role with a modern approach & techequniqe in the

    higher education. We predominated following plans seek to implement programmes to

    imparting for over all development of student.

    What is the plan of action chalked out by the IQAC beginning of the year towards quality

    enhancement and what is the outcome by the end of the year?

    PLAN FOR 2010-2011

    I) New academic programmes initiated (UG and PG)

    II) New initiatives:-

    The college is planning to introduce the following Degree & certificate course

    I) Degree courses

    1. Bachelor in Science (Regular)

    2. Bachelor in Science (Information Technology)

    II) Certificate course

    1) Certificate course in communication skill in English 1 month.

    2) Maharastra knowledge corporation Ltd recognized courses

    Tally ERP -3months

    DTP - 3months

    III) At infrastructure level

    The following college plan to enhance the college infrastructure:-

    1. To Purchase 31 additional computers.

    2. To Purchase solar energy system

    3. To Purchase Instrument & equipment for science faculty.

    4. To purchase new rack for books

    IV) At Management level:-

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    1. Allotting funds for science faculty.

    2. Training of non-teaching staff for Laboratory.

    3. Campus development programmes

    V) At Administration Level:-

    1. To prepared proposals for 11th plan grand of on various plans of UGC

    2. To organize continued training programmers for teaching & non teaching staff.

    3. To conduct Campus development programme.

    4. To arrange training programme for administrative staff & teachers by eminent


    5. To purchase new computers for IT Dept.

    VI) At Academic Level :-

    1. To conduct remedial coaching for SC, ST, OBC student to motivate non- teaching staff to

    improve, their Professional Skill

    2. To motivate teachers to attend orientation & refresher course in their respective


    3. Participation/ presentation in seminar and workshop to motive staff members.

    4. Workshop/seminar/Lecturers to be undertaken at intercollegiate level.

    5. To provide financial Assistance to needy college & intercollegiate level student.

    6. To encourage the teachers to use of internet for collection of data and information for

    projects, research, assignments, presentation, classroom discussions etc.

    7. Motivate students about various intercollegiate competitions for actively participation.

    8. The college continued with the existing certificate courses.

    Certificate course in self help Group

    (Yashavant Rao chawan open university, Nasik)

    MS-CIT (Maharashtra knowledge corporation Ltd.)

    9. Intercollegiate & collegiate programmes /workshop/ seminar will be organized by

    the following dept. / committees.

    a. Career guidance cell

    i. Personality Development course Secret of success

    ii. Workshop on competitive examination (UPSC,MPSC)

    b. Placement cell will organize job oriented workshop.

    c. Women development cell will organize Workshop on Entrepreneurship

    Development for women of the Guhagar Region.

    4) Legal literacy programme will arrange for student.

    VII) At Community Level:-

    1. There will be workshop/seminar on career opportunities & personality Development.

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    2. College community linkage will be strengthened through NSS and extension education


    Co-curricular Activities:-

    I) Special lectures will arrange for literacy & placement services

    II) Arranging talks of eminent personalities

    III) Arranging Elocution & Essay writing competition.

    IV) Arranging poetry recitation programmes.

    VII) At Committee Level

    Health care center

    I) General medical cheek up program will conducted

    II) Poster & Rangoli competition on AIDS Awareness Programme.


    I) To subscribe the new journal & books

    II) arrange special grand for books

    III) To celebrate Readers Day

    IV) To arrange a book exhibition

    Placement cell-

    I) To conduct orientation programs on job opportunities

    II) To develop linkages with small scale industries and companies

    III) To arranged campus interview

    Alumni Related

    I) A list of prominent alumni of the college will be prepared and an

    interactive meeting will be organized

    II) To provide support of guidance for current Year activities.

    III) Arrangement of Lecture for legal literacy

    Staff Academy

    I) To arrange guest lectures on financial investment for teaching and non teaching staff

    II) To arrange NACC orientation programs for stakeholders.

    VIII) Departmental Level

    A) Arts Faculty

    I) Dept of History

    1. To celebrate various days relating to The History of India.

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    2. Library orientation programme for T.Y.B.A students

    3. Visit to excursion at Guhagar.

    4. Special exam coaching for T.Y.B.A

    II) Dept of Marathi

    1. Publishing of wallpaper

    2. Poetry recitation programme

    3. Arrangement of guest lecture

    4. Celebration of Marathi Bhasha Divas

    III) Dept of Economics

    1. Counseling & guidance about personality development for F.Y & S. Y. B. A


    2. Arrangement of study tour at Modi Green House at Ranavi, Guhagar

    3. Organization of elocution competition

    4. Orientation programme on use of internet for F.Y., S.Y, T.Y. B.A students

    5. Group discussion programme on current Global Recession

    IV) Dept of Politics

    1. How to face exam? counseling programme for T.Y. B.A students

    2. Competitive exam & political science guest lecture for T.Y.B.A students

    3. To conduct workshop on UPSC, MPSC exam- It is a interdisciplinary


    B) Science Faculty

    1. Arrangement of study tour

    i) Dept. of Botany

    ii) Dept. of Geology

    2. Library orientation programme for F.Y.B. Sc. Students- Chemistry Dept.

    3. Social networking sites informative programme for F.Y.B.Sc, B.Sc. IT


    4. To conduct workshop on Placement services in IT for society- Dept

    Of B.Sc IT

    5. To organize orientation programme from dept of Chemistry

    6. To organize awareness programme on nuclear effect of Japan-

    Dept of Physics

    7. To organize orientation programme on career opportunities in


    C) Commerce Faculty

    I) Dept of Commerce

    1. Arranging Commerce Fair in Youth Festival

    2. Arranging guest lectures on various current issues

    3. Publication of Vanijya Vishva

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    4. Orientation programme on E-commerce for T.Y.B.Com students

    5. To organize field visit at small scale industry

    II) Dept of Accountancy

    1. To conduct coaching in Accountancy for T.Y.B.Com students

    2. To conduct bridge course for F.Y.B.Com students

    3. Orientation programme on Tally ETP 9 package

    Outcome of Planning

    Curricular, Co curricular and extra curricular Activities

    I) Our student is are rank holder at T.Y.B.A. examination held march2010 conducted by

    university of Mumbai

    II) We have received 82, 55,000 RS grand from UGC. On various head of 11th plan.

    III) We conducted remedial coaching for sc, st, obc student

    IV) We provide the travelling allowance to needy, rural, backward area student under

    the UGC student. We utilized the 80,000 Rs. Grand on student to carry & support for


    V) Our teachers completed refresher course in their respective subject

    VI) Teachers participated & presented their research paper in workshops seminars,

    conferences organized at university state, national, International level in their

    respective subject.

    VII) Principal & teachers, non teaching staff, students always used of internet for the

    collection of data and information for project, daily teaching, research, assignments,

    presentation, classroom discussions etc.