Video Killed My Long Copy Star

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Transcript of Video Killed My Long Copy Star

How Video Killed My Long Copy Star

Video Killed My Long Copy StarElliott Pittman

Who Am IElliott PittmanYears Experience Online Marketing Brands Start Up Mentor Identical Twin Not a Graphic Designer

Video Killed My Long Copy StarHow, Why, What

What Am I Talking About?Facebook AdsAdwordsYouTube RetargetingEmail Copy

Who Does This Work For?Fortune 100

Start Ups

Everyone Else

Brand & Affiliates

Our Problem

Long Copy Performance Our ProblemExisting Customer

Continue to have solid Conversion especially for older, demographics

New Customers

3 Months cycle to initial purchase. Also, younger demos tend to delete/not read/ unsubscribeAffiliates/JVs

Performance solid but flat. Best performing long copy duplicated and used with our competitors

What was the Problem?We hit a WallRevenue FlatLeads FlatConversion Rate Flat

Down is Down, Flat is Down, Up is Up

Necessity is the Mother of Invention Why did we learn this?

Necessity is the Mother of Invention How did we learn this?DESPERATION is the Mother of Invention


Results for Business Revenue - +35% Clicks - +262%Leads - +507%Time on Site - +476%

Results for Our Customers Better Experience for Existing More Returning CustomersNew Customer AcquisitionCustomers Becoming Advocates

What Was the Big Change?

The 5 Rs

Tips & Tricks

Video Ad Tips& TricksAlways have Call-To-ActionUse Captions on FacebookTest Retargeting via Lookalike and KWsTrack What You Can and Optimize Expect to Fail and Fail OftenTest a Survey Style FunnelKnow What Appeals to Your AudienceSegment Segment SegmentMatch Ad Messaging/Flow Cross Platforms

Video Ad Dos Focus Less on Video Quality and more on Demo Phone Vids Work!

Use Different Video Tonality for Different Video Goals: Feeling For Volume, Informative to Core, Edutainment for All

Use Video Length Wisely (22 second CTA, 6 Minute Max, Landing Page Experience)

CTAs, Controversy, & Brand


Diagram of High Performing AdImage that Matches DemoMessageCall To ActionEngaging

Test Segments

Male Better PerformanceFemale Better Performance

Example of High Performer

Creative without strategy is called art. Creative with Strategy is called advertising

Jef Richards

thanks!Any questions?You can find me