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few video editing softwares like Windows movie maker,Kate's Video Toolkit,Avidemux,VSDC Free Video Editor,MPEG Streamclip ,

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2. Video editing is the process of manipulating and rearranging video shots to create a new work. Editing is usually considered to correction, sound mixing, etc. be one part of the post production process other post-production tasks include titling, colour correction, sound mixing, etc Rearranging, adding and/or removing sections of video clips and/or audio clips. Applying colour correction, filters and other enhancements. Creating transitions between clips What is Video Editing? 3. Windows Movie Maker Kate's Video Toolkit Avidemux VSDC Free Video Editor MPEG Streamclip Free Video Dub Lightworks VirtualDub 4. Windows Movie Maker 5. Windows Movie Maker is supremely easy to use. Just drag and drop a few clips onto the program and immediately they're assembled into order; transitions and special effects are just a click away. It's simple to add a soundtrack, captions and credits, and you can save the results as a video file Files can be uploaded directly to YouTube,Facebook and many other sites. The program's main focus is on making it very simple to produce quality movies, though, and for the most part it's a great success. 6. Kate's Video Toolkit 7. Kate's Video Toolkit provide some basic but useful editing features. So you can trim files or join them, link two videos with a transition, create a sequence of videos with a custom soundtrack, and there's a simple file format conversion tool as well. There are plenty of limitations, too (you can't maximise the program window to use your full screen resolution, for instance). But Kate's Video Toolkit is extremely easy to use. If you don't want to read Help files and your editing needs are simple, it could be a great choice. 8. Avidemux 9. Avidemux is a small but capable open source video editor which can help you join clips, cut them (without re-encoding), and apply a lengthy list of useful filters (Add Logo, Crop, Flip, Rotate, Resize, Sharpen, Remove Noise, tweak brightness, contrast colours and more). While this sounds basic, there are lots of options and fine controls to help make sure everything goes as you expect, and an excellent online wiki which documents everything. Overall, Avidemux is well worth a look, as long as you're happy to spend a little time learning 10. VSDC Free Video Editor 11. Non-linear video editors can take some time to learn, andVSDC Free Video Editor is no exception (a lack of useful documentation doesn't help, either). If you persevere, though, you'll find a capable editor with plenty of functionality: drawing and selection tools, plenty of colour and lighting corrections, some useful filters, transitions, audio effects and more. When your project is complete, there are options to save it to file, optimise your movie for various mobile devices, or even burn it to DVD. 12. MPEG Streamclip 13. With a download size of only 327KB, you'd expect MPEG Streamclip to be, well, a little underpowered. The program opens multiple files, DVDs or URLs of video streams; can trim, cut, copy or paste parts of your footage; and has options to rotate your footage or export the soundtrack, while its Export dialog provides more control over your finished video than some commercial products. It's not all good news - we had problems playing back some MP4 files - but if you're just looking for trimming and file conversion features then 14. 8. Lightworks 15. If it's real editing power you need, then Lightworks is the best of the free package. Its feature-packed timeline, strong multicam support, realtime effects and smart trimming toolsare so impressive. In fact, that the program has regularly been used to help produce top Hollywood movies such as Mission Impossible and Batman. There is a price to pay for all this functionality, though: an extremely steep learning curve. This is not a tool for beginners, and you should expect to spend plenty of time reading the documentation before you can do anything useful at all.