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  • Vichy Communauté Economic Panorama - 2017/18

    Vichy Communauté Développement – July 2017 Page /1

    Defining your territory

    On 1 January this year Vichy Communauté was born from the natural fusion of Vichy Val d’Allier and the Community of Communes of the Montagne Bourbonnaise. Natural because of the common history which links our destiny, symbolised in the past by the famous old train which went from Cusset to Laprugne. Natural also because of the strong and complementary links and bonds between the plane of Val d’Allier and the hills of the Montagne Bourbonnaise. In Town, people living in the rural communes can take advantage of the public services they need, as well as a direct access to culture, shops open 7 days a week, and a market where they can sell their produce. In the countryside of the Montagne Bourbonnaise, the town dwellers benefit from a natural and preserved environment, large open spaces where they can go walking, and an ideal territory for outdoor sports and winter sports. Coherent and more complementary, our conurbation is now stronger to confront the challenges of tomorrow and reinforce its advantages as part of the vast new Region Auvergne-Rhône Alpes, the second largest Region in France and the sixth largest in Europe. From now on we can take our principle development projects to a new level, whether they involve our economy, higher education, or tourism. One of the main projects concerns the plan for our conurbation stretching out to 2025, which, having been updated, will create and develop a new identity around the values of sport, health and the preservation of quality of life. We will also remain aware of the need to accompany the expansion of the businesses in our territory, as they are the major creators of growth, wealth and employment. To achieve these goals, we will need all our energy. However, I know I can count on the full support of the partners of Vichy Communauté and the business leaders and company managers in our territory. Claude Malhuret: Mayor of Vichy President of the Community of Local Communes of Vichy Communauté Senator of the Allier Department

    Vichy Communauté: a territory that is coherent

  • Vichy Communauté Economic Panorama - 2017/18

    Vichy Communauté Développement – July 2017 Page /2

    After months of discussions between local elected politicians and local authority services to create a new entity which is naturally and economically balanced and stable, the new Community of Local Communes Vichy Communauté was created on 1 January 2017. Its main objective is by 2025, to put in place an ambitious territorial project, but with a conurbation remaining on a human scale. Vichy Communauté is the largest conurbation in the Department (County) of the Allier in terms of population, with a territory now stretching from Billy in the north to Lavoine in the south, Saint- Nicolas-des Biefs in the east and Cognat-Lyonne in the west. With a land area of only 5.9 km

    2 Vichy is the smallest

    commune in the conurbation, however, its 25,800 inhabitants make it the town with the largest population. In these privileged surroundings, urban and rural environments cultivate their common past to better pursue their future together.

    Major development projects The 2nd section of the urban boulevard is in the completion stage with the last 800 metres being opened to traffic in June this year. The roadworks will be completed by the end of the year, once the final street furniture is in place and vegetation planted. Named 'Avenue de la Liberté', the 1st section

    of the urban boulevard in the Vichy conurbation was opened at the end

    of 2013, linking the Vichy Hospital Centre with the Cité scolaire Albert-Londres Campus in Cusset. The south-west section of the ring-road from Saint-Yorre to the roundabout on the A719 was opened to traffic at the beginning of 2016. The northern section, financed by the State, still has to be finalise and approved. The Region has agreed to finance €2.4m of the €8m needed to cover preliminary studies and the acquisition of the land involved. The final details of the project for the north-west Section of the ring road are in the process of being elaborated and the Public Enquiry could be opened by the end of 2019. It should take a year for the Enquiry to make its decision after which the works can commence. The creation of a direct connection to the 'Pont de l’Europe' will not only improve the road link to the Montpertuis industrial site, but also improve access to Vichy's town centre. The areas which presently suffer from the traffic will see their inconveniences reduced as the east of the urban centre will be directly accessible via the 'Avenue de la Liberté'. In 2014 the transformation of the banks of the river on the Vichy side of the Allier was completed and continues to be a popular success. The project for the development for the Bellerive side is now taking shape. As an important part of the 2015-2025 territorial project for the Vichy conurbation, this improvement to the banks of the River Allier, financed by Vichy Communauté, will be similar to that already completed on the right bank. As part of the regional green path to discover the river Allier, the project involves the three meanders of the river at Abrest, Hauterive and Bellerive. It concerns three kilometres of river bank on the left bank, from the camp sites at Abrest to the Bellerive bridge, and will integrate the different cafés and restaurants along the way. In the future the development should become a major tourist centre with leisure activities including the old swimming baths which will be renovated, the Carré d’As shopping centre, and linking the river to the centre of Bellerive with pedestrian areas and cycle paths. The first phase of the work should start in the autumn of 2018.

    A town centre for shopping Shops and shopping have always been important activities in the conurbation, and Vichy's status as a spa town allows the town's shops to be open on Sunday afternoons. Since the end of the 19th century, Vichy's town centre has attracted a substantial number of customers from all over the region and even further, from the Saône et Loire, Loire, Nièvre Departments. The works undertaken by the town have renovated the main shopping areas in the centre of Vichy ('rue Clémenceau', 'place de la gare' [station] and 'rue de Paris' in 2011, the square in front of the Church of Saint-Louis and the adjacent streets in 2013, the 'passage de l’Amirauté' in 2014, etc.). During the period from September 2015 to July 2016 it was the turn of the pavements, road surface and street lighting in the 'rue du Maréchal Foch' to benefit from the same treatment of a makeover. The old part of Vichy the 'Vieux Vichy' is now better integrated into the heart of the shopping area of the spa town. At the end of 2017, the 'rue Wilson' which is particularly popular with people taking the spa waters, will also undergo a renewal.

    Development project for the river banks in Bellerive

  • Vichy Communauté Economic Panorama - 2017/18

    Vichy Communauté Développement – July 2017 Page /3

    Innovative companies in leading-edge sectors Vichy Communauté is the second largest conurbation in the Auvergne in terms of population size and activities, with, among others, industrial skills in plastics processing (CTL Packaging), metal working (Valmont the market leader for street lamps), automobile production (Ligier, the world leader in no-licence vehicles), and agro-foodstuffs (Arrivé Auvergne, Convivial). Without forgetting luxury leather goods (Fleurus Group, Sofama) and the Saint-Yorre and Vichy- Célestins mineral waters.

    The NSE group, whose registered office is in Nizerolles, is one of the top industrial businesses which the Montagne Bourbonnaise has brought to Vichy Communauté. François Lacoste who created the group in 1983, has proved that you can be successful outside of France and still choose to be based in a rural zone NSE specialises in the design, production and maintenance of electronic equipment. The group has ten sites in France, five of which are in the Auvergne at Nizerolles, Abrest, Aulnat, Riom and Varennes-sur-Allier. They now employ around 500 people in France with another 300 working in their five international subsidiaries in Hungary, Canada, Brazil, Morocco and India, which represent 36% of total sales. NSE principally works with the civil aeronautics, defence, industry, railways and

    computer sectors. Guillaume Laurin took over from François Lacoste as Chairman of the Board in February 2017, with the ambition of increasing the company's Turnover, which stood at €62.7M in 2016, by developing the group's service sector, particularly on the international market.

    272: is the number of illuminated columns delivered by Valmont to Qatar in 2016. This manufacturer, whose luminous masts colour the banks of the Allier in Vichy, was chosen to provide street lighting for the eight kilometres of motorway serving Doha's new international airport. Valmont France's factory based in Charmeil specialises in the production of metal masts for urban street lighting, signage, telecommunications and energy transportation. These custom made products permit the company to remain competitive.

    €1.8M, is the total sales figure targeted by the company ACM, run by Richard Silvestre since 2014. « In the Allier there are numerous SMEs with substantial de