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Transcript of Version 1 NHS Providers: member perceptions research · PDF file 1 © Ipsos MORI Version 1...

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    Version 1 | Internal Use © Ipsos MORI

    Version 1

    NHS Providers: member perceptions


    September 2015 21/09/15

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    Version 1 | Internal Use © Ipsos MORI

    From 2014 to 2015...

    Ever-increasing challenges

    and pressures for the NHS

    have created a stronger

    demand (and appreciation)

    for you and your work.



    Last year, member perceptions of the

    FTN (as was) were positive.

    This year:

    Higher satisfaction

    More positive working


    More valued

    More trusted and respected

    Stronger performance in an increasingly

    tougher climate

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    Version 1 | Internal Use © Ipsos MORI


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    Version 1 | Internal Use © Ipsos MORI

    Aims of the research

    • Explore members’ working relationship with NHS Providers and

    perceptions of the support NHS Providers offer.

    • Understand how members view NHS Providers as an organisation,

    including the benefits and drawbacks of being a member and its position

    in the health and care sector.

    • Generate insight into how well members believe NHS Providers is

    performing and how they would like the organisation to develop.

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    Version 1 | Internal Use © Ipsos MORI


    • 20 in-depth qualitative interviews

    • Reflective of NHS Providers’ membership

    −a mix of current and aspiring Foundation Trusts (FTs)

    −Chairs and Chief Executives

    −acute, ambulance, DGH, integrated, mental health and

    specialist trusts



    6 DGH



    2 mental


    2 large




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    Version 1 | Internal Use © Ipsos MORI

    Perceptions of NHS Providers


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    Version 1 | Internal Use © Ipsos MORI

    Members still perceive NHS Providers to be a representative and

    vocal lobbyist

    “It’s a body representing the

    interests of NHS providers within

    the wider health and social care

    environment, and an effective

    provider of support and influence.”

    Non-FT, Large acute

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    Version 1 | Internal Use © Ipsos MORI

    The heart of your role still remains the same, but there’s a belief that you

    have grown in strength

    A representative body, which ensures that the

    voice of provider trusts and their specific

    issues were heard and influenced policy


    Helping trusts to share information, key

    learnings, good practice and benchmarking

    with one another.

    Good networking opportunities for members.

    "I know that points that I raise to them

    will in turn be raised at the highest level

    of government.” Non-FT, DGH

    Advice and support in tough situations.

    Compared with last year, there

    appears to be an increased clarity of

    purpose around the organisation. All

    members used similar terminology

    when describing your role.

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    Version 1 | Internal Use © Ipsos MORI


    They represent the voice of NHS provider

    organisations, the voice of the provider, influence

    policy where it impacts on membership, lead in

    particular areas of research and policy development,

    and provide and share learnings across the system.

    Performance in the past year has been good. I think

    the transition from the FTN to NHS Providers has felt

    very natural. I think NHS Providers have managed to

    gain a profile in a year, it was a kind of continuation,

    but the FTN is dead and NHS Providers seems to be

    increasing its profile and becoming relevant.

    Non-FT, Mental health

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    Version 1 | Internal Use © Ipsos MORI

    Working relationships


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    Version 1 | Internal Use © Ipsos MORI

    Positive working relationships with members

    • Staff were praised as supportive and knowledgeable –

    as they were last year.

    • Members talk frequently about the personal contact and

    relationships with various staff.

    • These personal relationships have been maintained

    despite taking on more work – this was a concern last


    "What I like about it is it's an informal

    relationship... I certainly feel that I can email

    Chris readily and get a quick response.”

    FT, DGH

    • General agreement that there is a two-way dialogue – some hesitated over this but

    only because they hadn’t sought it out. They were confident that it would be there if

    they needed it.

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    Version 1 | Internal Use © Ipsos MORI


    Sometimes with some organisations of that

    sort, you can feel that if you contact them, it

    goes into a big black hole. And I never feel

    that. I always get, even if it's a brief response,

    that is really good.

    FT, DGH

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    Version 1 | Internal Use © Ipsos MORI

    Views on being a member of

    NHS Providers


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    Version 1 | Internal Use © Ipsos MORI

    Satisfaction with membership of NHS Providers

    remained very high

    Key benefits are the same as last year

    • Being able to receive, learn from and

    share information, ideas, case studies

    and good practice with other trusts

    • Intelligent support and strong

    networks, making trusts feel part of a

    ‘bigger system’

    • Using NHS Providers to support them

    in difficult circumstances and raise

    issues on their behalf

    • Giving local providers a united, strong

    voice in the national arena

    More valued than last year.

    Members feel like NHS Providers is a ‘lifeline’

    (despite, or because of, increased pressures on

    the NHS).

    Trusted and respected - members are willing to

    tell them when they’re struggling

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    Version 1 | Internal Use © Ipsos MORI

    Providing a collective voice was seen as a key benefit

    of membership

    "The NHS haven't operated as a system

    for about 4 years. I think it's getting worse

    and NHS Providers give us an opportunity

    at least for the provision system to think

    as a system. It gives the provision system

    a voice in trying to influence the need for

    a wider system.” Non-FT, Mental health

    • Easier for a body that brings together sector opinions and

    concerns to raise these publically than individual trusts.

    • Members appreciated NHS Providers taking forward these

    concerns in a more powerful and sophisticated way without

    drawing attention to their individual trusts.

    "They are able to take those

    arguments forward in a way that

    individually, most of us individually,

    would not be able to do.” Non-FT,


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    Version 1 | Internal Use © Ipsos MORI

    Members were most aware of its media and policy services, and

    its events

    “Their briefings are things that they do

    very well. I just find them helpful, they do

    summaries of major documents which is

    helpful to actually brief my board members

    about issues. So they’re good, and I think

    the quality of those has got much better.”

    FT, Integrated

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    Version 1 | Internal Use © Ipsos MORI

    Sharing NHS Providers’ services and outputs across teams




    that they could

    do more to share


    Members say

    that the

    services and

    outputs they

    receive are

    very good.

    “They make me look good

    to my board because they

    keep me in the know. It’s

    all about being able to

    spread information for

    me." Non-FT, DGH

    Is there something NHS

    Providers could be doing

    to help members

    disseminate their

    learnings more widely?

    So much so,

    they share

    them widely

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    Version 1 | Internal Use © Ipsos MORI

    The local vs national debate is ongoing…

    Generally thought that NHS Providers

    ensures that local concerns are fed into

    national discussions


    Some called for more events outside


    Disengaged trusts thought they could

    have regional representatives who

    they could develop a relationship with.

    There was a desire for a greater

    opportunity to meet with Chris and

    senior team in a smaller setting.

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    Version 1 | Internal Use © Ipsos MORI

    NHS Provid