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Transcript of VeroK Agency Bologna 2011 Catalogue Illustrated Agency Bologna 2011 Catalogue Illustrated titles ......

  • VeroK Agency

    Bologna 2011 Catalogue

    Illustrated titles

  • The Verok Agency represents three very talented authors and illustrators from Canada & Spain: Marianne Dubuc, Anna Llenas and Alba Garcia Puig.

    Check our website to view their portfolios, published titles and new projects

    Marianne Dubuc, Canada (Qubec)

    Marianne studied Graphic Design at the University of Qubec in

    Montral. She had an amazing success internationally with Devant

    ma maison (La Courte Echelle, Qubec) sold in 12 languages and

    The Carnaval of the animals sold in 8 languages! Other titles

    published : Un lphant qui se balancait (Casterman, France.

    Sold in Spanish and Italian) and Flicien First Reading Series (La

    Courte Echelle). Marianne is currently working on a series of Tales for

    young children for Casterman in France (publication Spring 2012, no

    material yet available), illustrating two more titles in the Flicien

    series and her first title La mer will be republished in a picture

    book format this autumn by La Pastque, Qubec.

    Anna Llenas, Spain (Barcelona)

    Anna studied PR and graphic design in Barcelona and

    worked as Art and Creative Director for various Advertising

    agencies before starting illustrating full time. Her first book

    Little mouse at the circus was published by Lynx

    Edicions, Spain in 2010 and she just finished illustrating the

    classic story of Ana fell into the sea from Gianni Rodari

    (all rights available excl. Italian). Anna is now working on

    her next picture book The shadow. She also illustrated a

    version of Scrapefoot , believed to be the original story of

    Goldilocks and the three bears (with a fox as the main character!).

    Alba Garcia Puig, Spain (Barcelona)

    Alba studied Fine Art in Barcelona and is currently an art teacher,

    while spending her free time writing and illustrating childrens

    books. Her first picture books The cherry tree (sold in France),

    Goodnight moon and Clara have been published by SD

    Edicions. Catalan publishing house Cruilla is about to launch her

    latest one titled Dragonflies in paradise. Two of her personal

    projects Lolo and Lola and Said are available for world

    rights and she is currently working on a new book on seasons.

  • Cecit Malaga (Benjamin Lacombe)

    She appeared one night, at the entrance of the big top, alone, with her glazed eyes

    and her worn out clothes

    The story of a young blind girl destined to become a world famous tightrope walker.

    But who knows her secret and the reason of her blindness? Does she know it herself?

    A long quest Benjamin Lacombe tells us about in subtle words and strong images.

    A stunning picture book which contains 8 pages of tracing paper, each of a different

    opacity, for the readers to feel the heroins handicap and experience her emotions as

    she slowly recovers her sight.

    JBZ, France, 40pp incl. 8 pages in tracing paper (21x33cm).

    All rights available excl. French Canada

    The invention of colours (George Lemoine)

    A long and silent walk on the edge of a forest, The invention of colours is a tribute to the beauty of nature and colours as only George Lemoine can do it.

    This gorgeous concertina book - opening onto 21 pages unfolding over 4 meters long - follows the journey of a butterfly gradually bringing colour

    to the nature and animals surrounding him, as he flutters through the pages.

    JBZ, France, 21pp - over 4 meters long unfolded (21x31.5cm) - Comes in a luxury gift case. All rights available excl. French Canada

    The visual above is in black and white but the final book will be in colour!

    Gift Books

  • Two of Jame Floras classics reissued for the pleasure

    of a whole new generation of children (more titles to come!)

    The day the cow sneezed

    The crazy cascade of events following one cow's simple sneeze and how one small boy

    learns that a little teeny-weeny error can grow into a whopping big mistake almost

    before you can say Ka-Chow! Enchanted Lion USA, 48pp, sold in Italy & Russia,

    all other rights available incl. English rights outside of the US/Canada

    Kangaroo for Christmas

    The day before Christmas, an express truck leaves a large box on the porch of

    Kathryns house, with a card saying "Merry Christmas to Kathryn from Uncle Dingo.

    The little girl excitingly opens the box, hoping for sweets but it looks like something

    brown and fuzzy is moving insideand it is too big to be a kitty cat. Then a large

    kangaroo jumps out! Enchanted Lion USA, 48pp, all rights available incl. English

    rights outside of the US/Canada

    Toms ABC (Tom Schamp)

    A unique alphabet book in which letters come to life, change shape and become

    animals, objects or characters.Tigers turn into As, bananas into Cs, seals into Is, Lions

    into Ms... An unconventional A-Z book that will delight children with its amazing

    illustrations. JBZ, France, 56pp (25x35cm). All rights available excl. French


    Picture Books

  • Emmas journey (Claire Frossard)

    Emma, a little sparrow, lives in New York City's Central Park. After her best friend

    Duckyduck departs on his first migration, she begins to spend time with her Uncle

    Bob, who entertains her with stories about his French ancestors. As Emma looks at his

    postcards of Paris, she begins to dream of seeing Paris for herself. Once winter arrives,

    she makes a very big decision! 56 pages mixing photos and illustrations. Enchanted

    Lion, US, 56pp, all rights available (excl. French language)

    Inside Outside (Karine Daisay)

    A first word book following the day to day life of a family as seasons pass by.

    Inside Outside is made of 14 big play cards, slipped into a pocket, in which

    children can match 150 important words with pictures. JBZ, France, 14 big play

    cards, All rights available excl. French Canada

    Good evening coat hanger! (Aurlie Guillerey)

    A bare coat hanger, which, as the day goes by, finds himself covered by coats, scarves,

    umbrellas, hats, shoes and takes a life of its own thanks to a dog. A wordless book that

    will amuse young readers and show them that lifeless objects have a souland so do

    dogs! JBZ, France, 32pp, All rights available excl. French Canada

    When the fish went for a walk (Eva Muggenthaler)

    A beautiful picture book with no words, encouraging children to give rein to their

    fantasy and invent their own personal stories around the concept of opposites. How

    does it feel to be scared or courageous, lonely or surrounded by friends, angry or

    forgiving? Put those feelings into words while flipping through the

    pagesMixtvision, Germany, 32pp, Sold in the US. All other rights available

    Picture Books

  • In his mind (Rmi Courgeon)

    Who can be in Piks mind and make his dreams machine work every night?

    Happy, colourful dreams, which make him smile. Scary dreams, Sometimes

    nightmares, which leave him frightened and with a beating heart. Who is in Piks

    mind and who is in ours? JBZ, France, 72pp, All rights available excl. French


    Alicia fell into the sea (Anna Llenas) Gianni Rodaris classic story illustrated by Anna Llenas!

    Alicia loves the sea so much that she dreams of becoming a fish. But despite staying

    hours in the water every day, nothing happens. Until one morning, she meets a little

    boy who seems to know all the secrets of the underwater world. Could he make her

    dream come true? 40pp, All rights available (excl. Italian)

    Seasons (Alba Garcia Puig)

    A gorgeous picture book presented in the form of a diary written by a little girl

    called Neus, as she experiences the seasons: the change of weather, the clothes to

    wear, fruits and vegetable, songs, recipes and activities related to each time of the

    year. Text & illustrations could be adapted or changed to suit traditions in different

    countries. 32 pp, All rights available incl. Spanish & Catalan

    The globlin and the girl (Neil Irani & Park Yun)

    Once upon a time, there was a girl. She was pretty but when she looked in the mirror,

    she didnt see herself at all. Insteadshe saw a goblin. The story of a little girl who

    feels so different from everyone else, she hides herself under a big hat at school. But

    one morning, the hat flies away Running after it into the forest, she finds herself

    scared and alone, until a little boy hears her cry and offers her to share his umbrella.

    Small Fish UK, 32 pp, All rights available incl. English outside of the UK

    Picture Books

  • Feeling sad (Sarah Verroken) Little duck is feeling sad and trying to find a way to feel better. With her little toy

    Cuddly she sets off to find the sun. But will she find it? Or will it find her first?

    Enchanted Lion, US, 32pp, Sold in Holland, Japan, Korea, USA, Australia &

    New Zealand. All other rights available

    Pigeon and Pigeonette (Dirk Derom & Sarah Verroken)

    Pigeonette is blind. Unable to fly South, she has no choice but to spend her winter

    in the snowy forest. One day she meets Pigeon as he comes flying and crashing

    into the big forest trees. Left behind by the other birds, the two pigeons throw in

    their lots togethe