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  • 8/14/2019 Verdikt is cancelled


  • 8/14/2019 Verdikt is cancelled



    Igor Shymansky

    DonetskSEA Dmitrenko


  • 8/14/2019 Verdikt is cancelled


  • 8/14/2019 Verdikt is cancelled



    Dear Readers!


    he book offered to you has been published under the aegis of "Power of

    Health" Center. This book was published in order to share knowledge of

    laws of the healthy lifestyle known from ancient times but lost in the course of

    development of our civilization.At Center "Power of Health", we have been reviving this knowledge in its practical

    rather than only theoretical application.

    This book deserves your attention by several reasons:

    Firstly, you will know how to restore your health, strengthen your immunity, become

    immune to pathogenic infections and, above all, get some practical advice.

    Secondly, you will get acquainted with an unusual person, who is sure of that no

    incurable diseases exist and who proves it with his activity carried out for over 23 years.

    And, thirdly, the author will describe how to achieve your inner harmony and the

    harmony with the outer world, how to develop your talents, prolong youth and acquire

    happiness and joy in the most natural ways without any witchcraft and magic.

    Wish you pleasant reading.

    Faithfully yours

    Aleksandr Ischenko,


    of "Power of Health" Foundation,

    We will gladly answer your questions and receive your feedback.

    Our e-mail

  • 8/14/2019 Verdikt is cancelled



    Reminder on your nutrition

    Dear Readers!

    "Health is not everything. But everything without health is nothing".Wise words, which we, unfortunately, often ignore. We start appreciating

    only that what we have already lost. This statement refers to health, in

    the first place. Can you imagine, how much health God has granted to

    us if we still have some even after having spent this gift so mercilessly

    and senselessly?

    Famous medical doctor . S. Zalmanov wrote: "There are no local

    illnesses or diseases of individual organs. In each case, the entire

    organism is ill". Therefore, a therapeutic effect should always be directed

    on the entire organism rather than on an individual organ. Every disease

    has its cause and no medicine will help you unless the cause is removed.

    Human organism is a very specific arrangement. There are no

    identical finger- or lip-prints, irises etc., so it is not clear, why they

    used to treat diseases rather than patients, applying basically a standard

    set of pharmaceuticals and techniques. Any unification is ineffective

    and in fact impossible in relation to individual human beings.

    Any deviations from the norm signals that a misbalance has set in

    organism, and that organism applies all efforts to restore the balance.

    It badly needs our assistance. By influencing symptoms alone we

    "push" a disease to its chronic form and the disease will sooner or later

    "come on the surface" with even more serious consequences. Therapy

    should be concentrated on elimination of the cause, in the first place,

    and, secondly, it should comply with you, your organism, i.e. be delivered

    on strictly individual basis.

    The rehabilitation system offered by author is a collection of

  • 8/14/2019 Verdikt is cancelled



    centuries-old experience, the best components of various methodologies

    dedicated to cleaning of organism, stimulation of its self-correction

    functions, adaptation to the environment and use of hidden reserves.

    I am not going to open all secrets of this system right away: you

    will find everything yourself reading the book. I would only say thatthere exist a plenty of recommendations of how to be healthy and how

    to return your lost health. In no way do I object those recommendations.

    However, the life style offered by author has been tested by me on

    myself. All you need is to believe in yourself, overcome yourself and

    reject many things. This is difficult, very difficult. But the life is worth

    it. And if, after having read this book, you can get good health despite

    of all circumstances and diseases, that will mean that author "hit themark".

    Love yourself - this is very important. And be in good health!

    Vladimir Klimovitsky,

    Academician of Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,Higher School of Ukraine,

    Doctor of Medicine,


    Honored Doctor of Ukraine

  • 8/14/2019 Verdikt is cancelled



  • 8/14/2019 Verdikt is cancelled



    "I really did not want anything except forwhat was forcing itself out of me.

    Why did it appear to be so difficult?"

    Herman Hesse

  • 8/14/2019 Verdikt is cancelled



    I. Shymansky


    "This is the end of it", - he said unexpectedly looking at the TV

    screen displaying a clinic's report on His Eminence Pope John Paul II

    condition. "This is the end. The twenty-third lunar day... He will pass onthe twenty-third lunar day".

    Igor pronounced those fatal words three months before the death of

    Pope John Paul II. Heaven-gate opened for the Pope at 9:37 p.m. on

    April 2, 2005. The twenty-third lunar days expired in 143 minutes.

    He can look in the future and see disasters, floods in China and

    Europe, hurricanes in America, earth fall in Crimea and this is far from

    complete list of what he had foreseen but was not able to avert. "This

    happens unexpectedly, by itself, as if the mist dissolves, - he says, - I

    look at the map or the globe, and when I come to a certain condition I

    feel what is going to happen". His diagnoses are unmistakable after he

    has just glanced at a person. He believes that HIV-virus is no more than a

    "head cold" compared with such diseases as "X-irradiated" cancer or

    chemically treated tuberculosis on its advanced stage. ("Why to X-ray a

    person and make him a Chernobyl in miniature? I'll never, never understand

    that. Who needs it? Whoever but not the patient, certainly"). His healthrecreation system (an entire complex of activities aimed at enhancement

    of the immune system, release of toxins from human body) has returned

    to life quite a few gurus of medical science. You'll never see a hand-

    watch on his wrist: he simply does not wear it. What is the use of it, if the

    watch simply stops on his hand after having run for a few seconds? If he

    does not feel like being filmed or shot, the equipment is just going out of


    What is he - a philosopher, a prophet, a magician?No, he believes that he is just an ordinary man and that his abilities

    are not unique. "People's unusual capabilities lie within the usualness".

    Anyone can develop them since the man was created in God's similitude

    and, consequently, man's possibilities are unlimited. "I am not claiming

  • 8/14/2019 Verdikt is cancelled



    Verdikt is cancelled

    the role of a prophet or a diagnostician. I am just a

    man of practice. Anyone can achieve much". All you

    need is just an invincible Will, undeviating Desire,

    Efficiency leaving no room for mercy to yourself,

    awareness of the Way granted by the Teacher,

    because however hard your will, desire and diligenceis applicable you just are wandering around, and these

    wanders will hardly lead you "the way to Rome".

    Igor believes that by applying efforts of will anyone

    can help anyone else at a distance. To do this, you

    can imagine the patient and stroke a sore area with your right hand in

    your thoughts. However, there is an undeviating rule: your hand should

    irradiate the light, the goodness and the grace. This is possible if a man isfree of post-mortem poison. A man "devouring" the living organisms of

    land and sea has arranged a "graveyard" in his body, and any graveyard

    sooner or later starts to decay. If the decaying takes place in the human

    body then the immune system's cells die, digestive system wears off and

    ages, the extraction system fails to perform its functions, marrow

    produces little new cells and the whole body comes to a standstill, which

    leads to occurrence of diseases. A kind of "mass grave" is formed in the

    human body (organism's own cells dead before their time due to poisoningby animal protein (ptomaine) plus the cells brought to the body from

    outside with fish, meat and eggs). At the same time, everything else falls

    down: happiness, joy, success, inspiration, man's will and resolution are

    suppressed; there comes fear and self-distrust. This all happens because

    the immune system closely linked with the endocrine system remains

    armless i.e., deprived of the cells being the weapon in combating viruses,

    and of "fertile organs" (stem cells born in marrow). In result, antiviral

    and antibacterial protection is practically absent, diseases "come to fullflower", and personality disintegrates: this is a kind of the future we are

    preparing to ourselves. "Infertility" of the immune and endocrine systems

    leads to devastation, mental deficiency and disorders.

    But since anyone can develop his curing capabilities (to cure himself

  • 8/14/2019 Verdikt is cancelled



    I. Shymansky

    and the others), why is the number of those, whose health requires an

    outside inter