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  • 8/12/2019 Verdict Unsafe



    Other orders made: ORDERS: 1. PRE-SENTENCE RETORT



    Notice of Appeal

    The appellant applie to the Co!rt of Appeal for lea"e to appeal a#aint

    the a$o"e con"iction

    Drat Gro!"ds o A##ea$s


    1. The $ear"ed tr(a$ )!d*e m(sd(re+ted the ,!r (" re$at(o" to e(de"+e /he" he sa(d the o$$o/("*(" h(s S!mm("*

    a #a*e 3456 #ara 2 7Those e8h(9(ts s#ea or themse$es.7

    9 ...the "!m9er o (",!r(es /h(+h /ere d(re+ted to the head a"d e+(a$ area a"d the amo!"t oor+e !sed. It (s #!t to o! (" th(s re*ard that the 9rea("* o the "(e 9$ade /o!$d ("d(+ate

    +o"s(dera9$e or+e a"d #res!ma9$ that /o!$d hae o++!rred at the t(me o the $ast "(e (",!r6

  • 8/12/2019 Verdict Unsafe


  • 8/12/2019 Verdict Unsafe


    % 1

    a"d>or "o me"t(o" o h(m to the "e(*h9o!rs /he" she ("a$$ o!"d some 9od to he$#.

    Yo! /o!$d hae tho!*h she /o!$d 9e e$$("* that her so" (" $a/ A$( /as ater her a"d herda!*hter Ta"a a"d tr("* to ($$ them 9oth6 #$ease *et the #o$(+e a"d eer9od m!s 9e+are!$ a9o!t th(s da"*ero!s ma" o" the $ose.

    2. It seems $(tt$e stra"*e that /(th a$$ the /orr P) e$#(e had a9o!t the #oss(9($(t o herda!*hter ha("* 9e("* ($$ed a"d>or (" the #ro+ess o 9e("* ($$ed 9 her so" (" $a/ A$(6that she d(d "ot e$$ o!t at the to# o her o (+e6

    7/here (s Ta"a6 (s she a$(e a"d O6 #$ease someo"e (" Ta"a6 m da!*hter6 m herso" (" $a/ A$( (s tr("* to ($$ her a"d>or has ,!st ($$er her6 some he$# #$ease someo"ehe$# a"d ("d Ta"a m da!*hter.

    5. The e(de"+e o the "e(*h9o!rs o the street that o!"d Pame$a )!"e e$#(e /as that herha"ds /ere t(ed a"d her eet !"t(es a" dtehre /as me"t(o" 9 them6 o !"t("* ro#e6 "otta#e rom the ha"ds o Pame$a )!"e e$#(e6 9!t "o me"t(o" a"/here o a"o"e !"t("*Pame$a )!"e e$#(e=s eet

    a E(de"+e o Da"(e$ Co"

  • 8/12/2019 Verdict Unsafe


  • 8/12/2019 Verdict Unsafe


    Da(d Demste" here /as she /he" that ha##e"ed6 e8a+t$ (" the streetF

  • 8/12/2019 Verdict Unsafe


    Da(d Demste" So o! /ere a9$e to *et thro!*h that door a"d..F

    ) e$#(e: 1 *ot thro!*h that door.

    Da(d Demste" 'rom there +a" o! re+a$$ /here o! /e"tF..

    ) e$#(e: Yes.. 1 ho##ed a$o"* the - 9eh("d the storeroom /h(+h (s at the e"d o

    the *ara*e6 #ast the storeroom /("do/ to the "orth e"d o the ho!se. Someho/ I ho##eddo/" to the *ate0 /e hae @!(te h(*h *ates at the s(de6 a do!9$e *ate.. I o#e"ed the *ate 1

    do"=t "o/ ho/ 9e+a!se (t=s rea$$ d((+!$t to o#e" so (t ma hae a$read 9ee" ,!st +$osed9!t !"$o+ed0 I=m "ot s!re6 9!t 1 *ot thro!*h the *ate. I *ot a9o!t ha$/a do/" thedr(e/a a"d- a"d the" 1 +o!$d"=t do a" more6 1 ,!st dro##ed do/" o" m 9a+s(de a"d -a"d 1 /as st($$ #rett terr((ed a"d 1 tr(ed to6 /(th m 9ottom6 /r(**$e -1 +o!$d"=t sta"d !#

    9 that t(me6 there /as "o /a I +o!$d sta"d !#6 a"d 1 tr(ed to /r(**$e o" m 9ottom to thee"d o the dr(e/a to *et ("to the street a"d ee" that

    Da(d Demster. ) e$#(e: Da(d Demster: ) e$#(e: 9 the. A"d Da(d Demste"

    Pa*e 22B:

    That=s mo("* a$o"* 9 o!r 9!tto+s6 (s (tF

    Yes. It=s *ood e8er+(se 9!t

    A$$ R(*htF

  • 8/12/2019 Verdict Unsafe


    A$$ r(*ht. Yo! sa(d o! +o!$d"=t moe o". Yo! hae des+r(9ed /here


    ) e$#(e: Yes. I d(d. I hae 9!shes o"- o" the "orth s(de6 the "orth s(de o /here

    thdt 9$!e oar (s at the e"d o the dr(e/a6 /here the the ro"t /a$$ (s. I hae some er $ar*e9!shes there so I +o!$d"=t see terr(9$ /e$$ ("to the street 9!t 1 +o!$d see ha$ or the ro"t o a +ar#ared a+ross the road (" ro"t o o!r a+ross the road Ne(*h9o!r=s #$a+e.$t /as #ared more or $essthe /ro"* /a aro!"d 9e+a!se (t /as #ared a+("*

  • 8/12/2019 Verdict Unsafe


    see eerth("* +0ear$ 9!t I "o/ I /as /a$ed do/" to a #$a+e at the e"d o

  • 8/12/2019 Verdict Unsafe


    & f

    Da(d Demster. D(d that #os(t(o" rema("F...

    ) e$#(e: a"d I s!s#e+t m ha"ds had e(ther 9ee"

    re$eased or t(ed (" ro"t o me 9e+a!se I /as a9$e do the to($et th("*s /(th m ha"ds- sorr6 /(th m ha"ds (" ro"t.

    Da(d Demster. So o!r ha"ds /ere the" t(ed (" ro"t o o!F..

    ) e$#(e: Ith(" the/ere t(ed (" ro"t atthat #o("t I!sedthe to($et....

    Pa*e 225:

    Da(d Demster. Ca" o! re+a$$ rom there a"th("*6 a" memor (" re$at(o" to o!r

    9("d("*6 e(ther o" o!r a"$es or o!r /r(stsF..

    ) e$#(e: I "e/ that /e /ere *o("* to 9e (" #rett 9ad tro!9$e a"d I "o/ a $ot

    o t(me had #assed so I tho!*h6 7I=e *ot to *et - - IJe *ot to *et !"do"e. 'e *ot to *etm ha"ds !"do"e67 a"d m ha"ds /ere (" ro"t o me.. O" m r(*ht ha"d I had ama*"et(+ 9ra+e$et I !se or arthr(t(s a"d @!(te - (t /as 9$!e /(th 9$!e sto"es a"d ma*"ets

    !"der"eath the 9ra+e$et so I +o!$d /or (t o /(th the 9ra+e$et to see ( (t /o!$d he$# me$eer (t o m ha"d6 a"d (t $ooed $(e (t /as *o("* to /or.. It started to s$(de to*etherdo/" m ha"d a 9(t

    Da(d Demster as A$( aro!"d at that #o("tF

  • 8/12/2019 Verdict Unsafe


    ) e$#(e: he" ( /as do("* hat6 he /as"Jt6 9!t he s!dde"$ +ame ("to the room a"dsto##ed /hat I /as do("* a"d #!t - e#t m ha"ds do/" $o/ (" ro"t o me a"d ho#edhe +o!$d"=t see /hat /as *o("* o".

    Pa*e 22?:

    Da(d Demster D(d o! do someth("* aro!"d that #o("tF..

    ) e$#(e: Yes6I=d *ot m ha"ds !"t(ed 9 the" a"d 1 st($$ had m eet t(ed a"d I

    *ot o!t o.6 o the 9ed a"d 1 /as reaso"a9$ !$$ +o"s+(o!s at th(s t(me a"d I th(" the"o(se o!ts(de he$#ed6 a"d I hae a 9a$+o" s$(d("* door a"d /(re s+ree" door a"d I /e"tto that6 I o#e" the s+ree" door a"d *ot o"to the 9a$+o" 9!t there=s a $ot o #$a"ts aro!"dthat 9a$+o" so o! +a"t a+t!a$$ see the sta(rs rom (t6 1 hae 9o!*a("($$ea a"d a #e"+($

    #("e a"d other th("*s0 so 1 /as tr("* to see 9!t I +o!$d"Jt6 #$!s m s(*ht /as"t#art(+!$ar$ *ood the" a"d 1 +o!$d"Jt see /hat /as *o("* o" 9 there /as th!m#s a"d9!m#s a"d s+ream("* a"d -1 started s+ream("* too. I s+reamed o!t or he$#. I ho#edsome9od /o!$d +ome.

    Da(d Demster 'rom there /hat d(d o! doF

    ) e$#(e: e$$6 Irea$(sed thatth(s /as the +ha"+e to *et o!t ( I +o!$d 9e+a!se

    o9(o!s$ he /as o!t there too6 a"d I do!9ted /hether Ta"a /as (" a" #os(t(o" to*et he# the /a (t /as *o("*... So I _ I *ot 9a+ ("to the 9edroom a"d I ho##ed to the

    9edroom door6 /e"t o!t there6 do/" d(e #assa*e/a to the sta(rs a"d I - I "o/ I he$do"to the 9a$!strade o the sta(rs. I do"Jt "o/ rea$$ "o/ ho/ I *ot do/" them thateas($ 9!t I -1 Pa*e 223:

    m!st=e ho##ed do/" /h($e I /as ho$d("* o" to the 9a$!strate.

    Da(d Demster: D(d o! 9e+ome a/are o a"o"e e$se (" the +o!rse o ho##("* do/"the sta(rsF

  • 8/12/2019 Verdict Unsafe


    ) e$#(e: he" I /as#art/a do/" the sta(rs I heard the ro"t door6 #ro9a9$ the

    s+ree" door6 o#e" a"d +$ose.

    Da(d Demster

    ) e$#(e A" /a6 1 *ot to the 9a+ door a"d 1 o#e"ed (t....

  • 8/12/2019 Verdict Unsafe


  • 8/12/2019 Verdict Unsafe


    ) e$#(e: It /as er dar so I ass!me (t /as 9$a+. It e$t $(e hess(a" a"d - eah.

    I=m +$a!stro#ho9(+ so (t d(d"=t ee$ *ood.

    Da(d Demster: Do o! re+a$$ a" other +o"ersat(o" /(th th(s ma"6 /(th AH6 aro!"dthat t(meF...

    ) e$#(e:....

  • 8/12/2019 Verdict Unsafe


    Da(d Demste" A"d o!Jre $("* a+e-do/" o" the $a!"dr $oor. Is that the #os(t(o"F) e$#(e: That=s r(*ht

    Pa*e 224:

    Da(d Demste" Ca" o! re+a$$ rom there ,!st te$$ !s /hat o! do hae a +$ear memor


    ) e$#(e: ____________________________

    I hae a er +$ear memor o 9a+ha"der o" the r(*ht s(de o m a+e6 er stro"*

    a"d er hard6 /here I e$t $(e m head /as *o("* to +ome o 1 remem9er 9e("*#!"+hed o" the a9dome"6 the +hest a"d the stoma+h a"d the 9a+.

    Th(s................(s the(rstt(me th(s (s a$$e*ed...............

    Da(d Demster: I" ro"t o o! or....F m ha"ds /ere st($$ 9eh("d m 9a+ or somet(me...............................

    ) e$#(e: ha"ds /ere st($$ 9eh("d m 9a+ or somet(me.. ... .............

    Pa*e 221:

    Da(d Demste" Yo! des+r(9ed o!r ha"ds 9e("* t(edF

    ) e$#(e: Yes.

  • 8/12/2019 Verdict Unsafe



    Para 1B

    I !sed the 9ra+e$et o" m r(*ht /r(st to ma"(#!$ate the 9("d("*.

    I d(d"=t $oo at /hat I /as do("*.

    Para 1;1.

    1 +o"t("!ed ot !se m 9ra+e$et a"d ma"a*ed to s$(# m ha"ds ree.

    Para 15

    1 e$$ed to the #eo#$e rom the +ar to +!t the ta#e o m eet..

    Para 1B.

    Someo"e he$#ed me *et the ta#e o m a"$es.

    I th(" (t /as PACING TAPE as /e$$.

    At the tr(a$ she sas her ha"ds /ere ree a"d here eet /ere t(ed

    The /(t"esses o!t o" the street a$$ sa(d she ha"ds /ere t(es /(th ro#e a"d

  • 8/12/2019 Verdict Unsafe


    there /as "o me"t(o" o a"o"e ha("* to !"t(e her eet

    Stateme"t made 9 PAELA )&NE EPIC

    !"der s/or" oath

    at the tr(a$ o A$( Ammo!" o" th 'e9r!ar 244 Pa*e 212 Tr(a$ A$( Ammo!"Date 4>42>4

    Da(d DESTER: Go("* to that date6 /h(+h /as S!"da6 21 )a"!ar o $ast ear6d(d o! hae am($ o!t("* /(th Ta"a a"d the +h($dre" d!r("* the daF

    P) e$#(e: Yes.. e /e"t (" the ater"oo" to Po("t a$ter or a s/(m a"d a #(+"(+.P215:

    Da(d Demste" Ca" o! re+a$$ a9o!t /hat sort o t(me that da o! arr(ed homeF

    P) e$#(e: 1 te"dtotae a$ot o "ot(+e o t(me. 1 $ooed at m /at+h ,!st as (

    arr(ed (" ro"t o m *ara*e door a"d (t /as a9o!t o"e or t/o m("!tes to 3=+$o+63#m

    ....1 th(" 1 ha$ t!r"ed to sh!t the door $a!"dr door a"d s!dde"$ I o!"dmse$ *ra99ed a"d thro/" a+e do/" o" the $a!"dr $oor..

    Pa*e 21?

    Da(d Demste" here o! *ra99ed rom a #art(+!$ar d(re+t(o"F7=

    Da(d Demste"

  • 8/12/2019