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  1. 1. verdict. Dare to be You
  2. 2. About UsWe at verdict. believe in being different and utterly unique. We offer, with our latest gadgets, apparels and accessories, a way to live being you. With our dictum of daring to be different and living life on your own terms, we bring to you a life that is free from any judgment and verdicts. The verdict is inlive life on your own terms. Not someone elses. You stand out. You do this because you believe that who you are is more important than trying to live to someone elses ideal. Were defined by our passions, not by our careers. We see ourselves as change-makers with an overall goal to express ourselves in ways that are true to who we really are.
  3. 3. verdict. Products verdict.s products, like you, stand out from the rest. We experiment, we change, and we grow. We are different. We are also confident. We arent afraid to take a stance and change the world. We dont walk like we own the world; we walk like we dont care who does. So if youre confident in who you are, youll love the verdict. way.
  4. 4. Juniper Power Bank A portable power source is an imperative for life on-the-go. You need to be connected to your digital network, and the Juniper Power Bank keeps you charged all day long. Ideal for charging all your USB devices, like your smartphone or tablet, the Juniper gives you the freedom to go where you want and do what you want without having to sacrifice your connection with others. Featuring two USB ports that can charge all your electronic devices, the Juniper packs a powerful 10000 mAh power source that will give you multiple days worth of charging for your smartphone. Youre free to take off on an adventure or a road trip while you have this fabulous Juniper Power Bank.
  5. 5. Verdict. Vintage Loudspeaker With vintage loudspeaker, verdict. has successfully collaborated technology and fashion in this latest product. It is made for individual who are proud to be different and arent afraid to stand out. Along with playing music through Bluetooth, you can connect your device through aux or play music by inserting memory card in the given slot. With funky and quirky colors like green and orange, this vintage loudspeaker is sure to make you stand out in crowd rather than hiding you in the horde. Resembling an age-old radio, this loudspeaker by Verdict. is there to give you a feel of radios and boom boxes of 80s.
  6. 6. Don't try to fit in. At verdict. we are different and we love it. Dare to be you.
  7. 7. Contact Us Address: 14747 N Northsight Blvd Suite 111, PMB 309, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA Phone: +1.4806242599 Fax: +1.4806242598