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BYAbdiwali Ali Hassan15/mph/ka/g/020

Bugema University VEG Vs NON-VEG DIET


Overview of the presentation What is vegetarian diet ?Types of vegetarian diet ?What is non-vegetarian diet ?Use of canine teeth Effect on human body systemsAccording to medical science Concept of nutrientsApplication of vegetarian diet in treatmentEffect on panchakoshaA spiritual perspective

What is vegetarian diet ?

Vegetarian dietincludes plant-based diets (fruits, vegetables, etc.)with or without the inclusion of dairy products or eggs with the exclusion of meat

Types of Vegetarians4Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian: does not eat meat and fish Eats dairy and egg products

Ovo Vegetarian: does not eat meat, fish, and dairy productsEats egg products

Lacto Vegetarian: does not eat meat, fish or eggs Eats dairy products

Vegan: does not eat any animal products including meat, fish, eggs, dairy and honeydo not use any animal products such as silk, leather and wool


Advantages of vegetarian foodsEasily chewableEasily digestibleVegetarian foods are cheaper than non-vegetarian foodsSome vegetables can be eaten raw preventing the loss of nutrients while cookingVegetarian foods do not contain as much fat as non-vegetarian foods

What is non-vegetarian diet ?

Anything that requires animal slaughter Food that is not of plant originWhich includes MeatEggsFishSea food

Advantages of Non-VegetarianRich in protein of high biological value Vit B complex, especially B12 Fish, especially the small varieties are a rich source of calciumEgg-white is good source of protein and easily digested

Use of canine teeth

Function of canine teeth for human beings is to tear food

Canine teeth for a meat-based diet

Just because humans have canines it doesnt mean that they should eat meat

Humans are herbivores not a carnivores (According to biologists and anthropologists)

(ADA) American diet association

Humans and animalsStructure of jawTeeth Digestive enzyme Length of intestineNail

According to a studyIt has been observed that the body of non-vegetarian animals contain 10 times more amount of hydrochloric acid than that of vegetarian onesHuman body doesnt have the same amount of hydrochloric acid

Digestive system

Respiratory system

Excretory system

Musculoskeletal system

Nervous and endocrine systemCorrelation between Nervous system and endocrine system on diet

According to the new developments in medical sciencesvegetarian diet is closer to and is more useful for human natureIt is more scientific for human bodyBecause of this, people are now adopting vegetarian diet as part of new life-styleIt is a fact that the non-vegetarian diet contains cholesterol and saturated fatty acid

These are the root cause of problems likeCoronary heart diseaseCerebro-vascular accidents (strokes)Eye diseases and high blood pressureIn a non-vegetarian diet, only 40 % of its content is useful for human body, rest 60 % contains harmful and toxic productsNon-vegetarian diet is heavy

According to the new developments in medical sciences cont

ContDisease causing organismsEx- swine-flu, bird-flu

Example, Bovine Spongi cause Encephalopathy and mad cow disease is also a product of consumption of non-vegetarian diet-American Diet Association (ADA)

significantly important difference between vegetarian and non-vegetarian diet Vegetarian diet contains dietary fibers whereas non-vegetarian diet is lacking in itHave low incidence of diseases like Coronary heart diseasesCa of intestinal tractPilesObesityDiabetes

Hiatus herniaDiverticulitisIrritable bowel syndromeDental cariesGallstonesConstipation

Good Sources of ProteinBeansTofuEgg-white SoymilkPeanut butter and nutsDairy products

Good Sources of Vitamin C

MelonsCitrus fruitsPineapple StrawberriesKiwi fruitBroccoliPeppersTomatoes

Good Sources of Vitamin DSun lightFortified cerealsFortified soy milkFortified orange juiceEgg yolksCows milk

Good Sources of Vitamin B12soymilkNutritional yeast Cows milkEggs

Good Sources of IronBread and cerealWhole wheat bread and other whole grainsDried apricots, figs, prunesLeafy green vegetablesTomato juiceBeans NutsSoybeans and tofu

Good Sources of ZincSoybeans and other beansWhole grainsfoods like nuts, seeds, fortified ready-to-eat cerealsBreads muffins

Good Sources of CalciumDairy productsGreen leafy vegetablesCalcium fortified orange juiceCalcium-fortified soymilk

Good Sources of Magnesiumgrains whole-grain breadsnuts and seedsgreen leafy vegetablesPotatoesBeansBananasmilk

Good Sources of Phosphorusbest sources are dairy foods

Good Sources of PotassiumPotatoesgreen leafy vegetablescitrus fruitsBananasdried fruits, legumes such as peas and lima beans

Good Sources of Vitamin A ApricotsCantaloupeMangoPumpkinButternut squashSweet potatoesSpinachCarrots

Good Sources of Omega-3 fatty acidsFlaxseeds and flaxseed oilSoybeans and soybean oilTofuWalnuts and walnut oil

Good Sources of IodineSea salt Leafy vegetable Plant productsDairy product

Anti-oxidant theoryAnti oxidant are the agent which stops the oxidation process Oxidation is the damage caused by the free radicles to muscle tissue, blood vessels and organs, etcEx vit C

Cardiovascular: Health Benefits of Vegetarian Diets35Death from ischemic heart disease lower in vegetariansHeart disease lowest in vegansLacto-ovo and vegans lower in blood cholesterolVegetarian diets not low fat but lower in saturated fathigher fiberhigher consumption of soy proteinhigher intakes of antioxidants


Hypertension:Health Benefits of Vegetarian Diets 36Lower blood pressure (systolic and diastolic)Lower rates of hypertensionPossible collective effect of beneficial compounds from plant foodsB M Margetts, L J Beilin, R Vandongen, B K Armstrong Vegetarian diet in hypertension: a randomised controlled trial, BMJ,293 : 1468, December 1986


Cancer:Health Benefits of Vegetarian DietsVegetarians have lower overall cancer rate, not clear what extent is due to dietNo differences between vegetarians and nonvegetarians for lung, breast, uterine, or stomach cancer; nonvegetarians do have increased risk for prostate and colorectal cancerVegetarians have higher fiber intake; higher intake of phytochemicals and isoflavones that have anticancer effects

Reduced cancer risk in vegetarians: an analysis of recent reports,. Lanou and Svenson. Cancer Manag Res.2011

Diabetes:Health Benefits of Vegetarian DietsDiets that are more plant-based reduce risk of type II diabetesLower Body Mass Index (BMI) of vegetarians and higher fiber intake improve insulin sensitivity

David JA Jenkins., et al. Type 2 diabetes and the vegetarian diet. Am J Clin Nutr September 2003

Obesity:Health Benefits of Vegetarian DietsLower Body Mass Index (BMI)Mean BMI highest in meat eaters and lowest in vegansVegetarians consume lower animal fat, higher fiber, lower alcohol, greater amounts of vegetables

Kidney Disease:Health Benefits of Vegetarian DietsHigh intake of dietary protein may worsen existing kidney disease or increase risk in those susceptiblePlant foods more beneficial effect on kidney function than animal protein

Chronic Kidney Disease and Automatic Reporting of Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate: A Position Statement,. MJA 2005

Gallstones:Health Benefits of Vegetarian DietsNonvegetarians more than 2x likely as vegetarians to suffer from gallstones

Diverticular Disease:Health Benefits of Vegetarian Diets Vegetarians 50% as likely to have diverticulitis compared with nonvegetariansLow fiber, high fat diets increase riskMeat intake may increase risk

5 layers of existence

At a physical leveleating a non-vegetarian dietthere is an increase inTamacomponentlikely to cause various diseasesAt a psychological levelincrease in theTamacomponent increase in thoughts relating to various desires othertaamasik thoughts such as sexual thoughts, greed, angerAt a spiritual level higher proportion ofSattvacomponent in a vegetarian diet conducive for spiritual practice.

A spiritual perspective

--- Dr. H. R. Nagendra,

References Diet and nutrition By BakharuPubmed centralChronic Kidney Disease and Automatic Reporting of Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate: A Position Statement,. MJA 2005David JA Jenkins., et al. Type 2 diabetes and the vegetarian diet. Am J Clin Nutr September 2003Reduced cancer risk in vegetarians: an analysis of recent reports,. Lanou and Svenson. Cancer Manag Res.2011B M Margetts, L J Beilin, R Vandongen, B K Armstrong Vegetarian diet in hypertension: a randomised controlled trial, BMJ,293 : 1468, December

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