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Transcript of vedanta - ... VEDANTA LIMITED (Formerly known as Sesa Slerlite Limited) Cairn Oil & Gas....

  • vedanta transforming elements

    271h November 2018

    Director Regional office Ministry of Environment and Forests Kendriya Paryavaran Bhawan Link Road No. 3, E-5 Ravi Shankar Nagar Bhopal-462016, Madhya Pradesh

    Dear Sir I Madam,

    GGN-MOEF-L-18-1 0-02

    Subject: Six monthly status report on progressive compliance to EC conditions

    Reference: 1. Letter F. J-11011/234/2007-IA II (I) dated 28th April2008 2. Letter F. No. 11 -34/2009-IA-111 dated 241h August 2009 3. Letter F. J-11011/444/2011-IA II (I) dated Sth September 2012 4. Letter F. No. J-11011/444/2011-IA II (I) dated 23rd May 2014 5. Letter F. No. J-11011/234/2007-IA II (I) dated 31st October 2016

    Please find enclosed six monthly status report for the period April- 2018 to September- 2018 on progressive compliance to the conditions stipulated in the above mentioned Environmental Clearances.

    Thanking you,

    Yours faithfully,

    ~ Sai Subramanian Director- Rajasthan Asset & ExCo Member

    Copy to:

    1. Addl. Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (C) , Kendriya Bhavan, 5th Floor, Sector-H. Aliganj, Lucknow-226024, Uttar Pradesh

    2. Scientist 'E' & lncharge Zonal Office (Bhopal) , Central Pollution Control Board , 3rd Floor, Sahkar Bhawan, North TT Nagar, Bhopal - 462 003, Madhya Pradesh

    3. Member Secretary, Gujarat Pollution Control Board, Paryavaran Bhavan, Sector-10A, Gandhinagar-38201 0

    4. Member Secretary, Rajasthan Pollution Control Board, 4, Jhalana Institutional Area, Jhalana Doongri, Rajasthan 302004

    VEDANTA LIMITED (Formerly known as Sesa Slerlite Limited) Cairn Oil & Gas . V1rarngarn Terminal IAilrnedabad-Dhrangdllra Higllway 1 Viramgarn -382 1501 Gujarat www ca1rn1nd 1a.corn Registered Off1ce Vedanta Lun ited. 1 sl Floo1. ·c w1ng . Un1t 103 Corporate Avenue Atul Projects Cllakala. Andhe1 i (East). Mumbai-400093. Maharaslltra India 1 T +9 1-22 664 34500 1 F +9 1-22 664 34530 1 www vedantalirnited com

  • Page 1 of 6, 2. Barmer Salaya EC Compliance Report Apr-18 to Sep-18



    Project: Oil evacuation pipeline with associated facilities from Mangala Terminal, Barmer district Rajasthan to Salaya Terminal in Jamnagar district via Viramgam (Ahmedabad district) in Gujarat

    File reference: F. J-11011/234/2007-IA II (I) dated 28th April 2008

    EC compliance reporting period:

    April-2018 to September-2018

    Project phase: Initial midstream operations started in quarter – 3 of 2009

    Project activity during reporting period:

    Operation of the following facilities to transport crude oil produced from the RJ-ON-90/1 Block in Rajasthan to buyers (IOC, Essar and Reliance) in Gujarat  24” crude oil and 8” natural gas pipelines.  Radhanpur and Viramgam crude oil storage terminals  Above-Ground Installations 33 no’s (AGIs) 1 to 33

    Compliance to Specific Conditions:

    S. No. Environment Clearance conditions

    Status of compliance

    (i) Regular monitoring of VOC and HC shall be undertaken near the storage/terminal area

    Monitoring of VOC and HC is being carried out in Viramgam and Bhogat terminal. Refer Annexure-1 for the details.


    The compensation to the land owners for acquisition of land shall be as per the State Government norms. It may be noted that the compensation paid to the land owners shall not be less than the norms prescribed under National Resettlement and Rehabilitation Policy, 2007.

    This condition was compiled during land acquisition stage of the project development. All the compensations for the land owners was paid through Land Acquisition Officer nominated by District Collector.

    (iii) The design, material of construction, assembly, inspection, testing and safety aspects of operation and maintenance of pipeline and transporting the natural gas shall be governed by ASME/ANSI 8 31.8/831.4 and OISD standard 141.

    The operation and maintenance of the pipeline facilities is being done strictly in accordance with ASME/ANSI 831.8 / 831.4 and OISD standard 141.

    (iv) Annual safety audit shall be carried out for the initial three years by an independent agency and report submitted to this Ministry for ensuring the strict compliance of safety regulation on operation and maintenance.

    Annual safety audit was recently carried out by Gujarat Industrial Safety and Health Services in 2018-19 for Entire Pipeline Operation exclusively on Safety and Occupation Health system and it is attached as Annexure-13.

  • Page 2 of 6, 2. Barmer Salaya EC Compliance Report Apr-18 to Sep-18

    S. No. Environment Clearance conditions

    Status of compliance

    (v) The construction of pipeline particularly at the river and stream crossing shall be done during dry seasons to avoid disturbance of breeding seasons and soil erosion. The riverbed, embankments and dykes shall be restored adequately after installation of crossings.

    This condition was complied during the construction stage. Bank and bed protection measures such as lining with sand bags, geo-textile and stones were also carried out in the river crossing locations.

    (vi) Pipeline wall thickness and minimum depth of burial at river crossings and casings at rails, major road crossings shall be in conformity with ANSI/ASME requirements.

    This condition was compiled during the construction project stage.

    (vii) The company shall follow horizontal drilling technique for laying of pipeline while passing through major irrigation canal and perennial rivers.

    During construction stage, horizontal drilling technique was followed (viz. CLX-3) for all major crossing locations.

    (viii) The project authorities shall plant a minimum of 10 trees for every tree cut along the pipeline route in consultation with the local DFO (s). This will be in addition to the compensatory afforestation. Approval under Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980 shall also be obtained for forest area falling under the pipeline route before initiating construction of the pipeline in the forest area.

    Plantation activities are being done in a phased manner in partnership with Forest Department and NGOs. In total 23,840 trees were cut along the pipeline corridor route. Tree saplings of 20,49,48 no’s have been planted so far in lieu of compensatory plantation.

    State Village District Total Hectares Planted

    Total Trees Planted in No’s

    Rajasthan Golia Jethmal

    Barmer 25 11263

    Chokhla Barmer 15 10560 Sanchore Jalore 12 4655 Total 52 26478

    Gujarat Makansar Morbi 110 123000 Banaskhanta Palanpur 20 22220 Banaskhanta Banaskhanta 25 25250 Nal Sarovar Ahmedabad 12.5 8000

    Total 167.5 178470 Grand Total 219.5 204948

    Refer Annexure – 7 for compensatory plantation details carried out by Cairn.

    (ix) The project authorities shall install SCADA system with dedicated optical fiber based telecommunication link for safe operation of pipeline and Leak Detection System. Additional sectionalizing valves in the residential areas and sensitive installations should be provided to

    Noted and will be complied during the construction phase of new gas Pipeline lying project. However the following pipeline safety and security systems have been operational in the existing pipeline and associated facilities:  Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition System (SCADA)

    & Distributed Control System (DCS)  Pipeline Intrusion Detection System (PIDS)

  • Page 3 of 6, 2. Barmer Salaya EC Compliance Report Apr-18 to Sep-18

    S. No. Environment Clearance conditions

    Status of compliance

    prevent the amount of gas / hydrocarbons going to the atmosphere in the event of pipeline failure. Intelligent pigging facility should be provided for the entire pipeline system for internal corrosion monitoring. Coating and impressed current cathodic protection system shall be provided to prevent external corrosion.

     Leak Detection Systems (LDS) For 8” gas pipeline, sectionalizing valves are installed at every AGI. For 24” crude oil pipeline, valves are installed at Mangala Processing Terminal, AGI 6, AGI 9, AGI 12, AGI 13A, AGI 13B, AGI 15, AGI 17, Viramgam Terminal, AGI 21, AGI 24, AGI 26, AGI 27, AGI 30, AGI 33, AGI 35 and Bhogat Terminal. Intelligent pigging stations for 24” crude oil pipeline is located in Mangala Processing Terminal, AGI 9, AGI 13A, Viramgam Terminal, AGI 26, AGI 33 and Bhogat Terminal. The three layer polyethylene coating of the gas pipeline is supplemented with Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System to protect against external corrosion. During construction of the pipeline, temporary cathodic protection has been provided.

    (x) The project authorities shall patrol and inspect the pipeline regularly for detection of faults as per OISD guidelines and continuous monitoring of pipeline operation by adopting non-destructive method(s) of testing as envisaged in the EMP. Pearson survey and continuous potential survey shall be carried out at regular intervals to ensure the adequacy of cathodic protection system.

    Foot patrolling along pipeline ROU is followed as per the operational procedure. The adequacy of the cathodic protection system is checked through the following surveys:  Pipe to Soil Potential (PSP) Survey (once in every 3