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VDI Solution from IBM and Virtual Bridges

Transcript of Vdsb vdi 06092011 short

  • 1. Client consolidation (virtualization) can reduce TCO
    • Hardware and software make upless than 30%of PC total cost of ownership
  • (Source: Gartner Research)

Non-hardware costs dominate total costs of PCs

  • Client Consolidation can lower TCO by reducing cost of operations and end-user support
  • (Source: Gartner Research)

PC TCO End-user Costs Hardware / Software Costs Administration Operations $0 $1,000 $2,000 $3,000 $4,000 $5,000 Typically- Managed PC Consolidation Client Savings Costs and Savings TCO/YR 2. Desktop virtualization will redefine end-user computing Increasing user flexibility while reducing management costs Low High User flexibility Mobility and personalization IT efficiency Lower cost and more control Low High Traditional PC Microsoft Legacy virtualization VMware and Citrix Terminal services Citrix Mainframe IBM Gen 1 Gen 2 3. 5. Architecture Overview VDSB Architecture Overview VDSBcluster 4. Breaking down the costs Standard desktop versus IBM, VMware and Citrix: three-year TCO, 200 users * This chart is based on a theoretical example. Real cases may vary 3 Standard desktop IBM VMware Citrix Total cost of ownership (in 100,000s)* 2 46 810 1214 1618 Microsoft Windows Virtual Access software cost Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) software cost Storage hardware cost Server hardware cost Desktop management cost PC incremental hardware cost

  • Desktop management
    • User administration
    • Hardware configuration
    • Hardware deployment
    • Operating system and software deployment
    • Operating system and application management
    • Backup, archive and recovery
    • Service desk costs (Tier0/1)
    • Security management
    • IT administration

Type of user User split Connected; use desktop/tablet Connected; can use thin client Disconnected; use laptop Power user 20% 50% 50% Office user 40% 50% 50% Casual user 40% 50% 50% 5. IBM Virtual Desktop for Smart Business with VERDE VDI components

  • Gen 2 VDI
  • Offline, Online, Branch
  • Dynamic personal stateless sessions
  • Optimization
  • Open Architecture:
  • Directory
  • Storage
  • KVM
  • Linux Server Operating System
  • Clustering
  • Windows/ Linux Desktops

IBM Foundation for Smart Business SLES 11 with KVM Integration Layer: Install, Configure, Admin. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure CasualOfficePower Server Hardware Storage Hardware Components: TDI, Derbey Environment Mgr Connection Broker Profile Mgr Storage Optimizer Memory Optimizer Offline VDI Session Monitoring Load Balancing Branch VDI Directory Services Desktop Operating System (Windows, Linux) Applications Protocol 6. Supported Guest Virtual Desktop Platforms

  • 32-bit and 64-bit Windows
  • 64-bit (i386) Ubuntu Linux
  • 32-bit and 64-bit Novell SUSE Linux
  • 32-bit (i386) or 64-bit (x86_64) RHEL
  • 32-bit (i386) or 64-bit (x86_64) CentOS

11. Gold Master Images 7. Powered by VERDE from Virtual Bridges

  • Top 10 IT companies to watch in 2010
    • The Emergence of Virtual Bridges was the only significant development for the Desktop Virtualization market in 2009 - Robin Bloor, Lead Virtualization/IT Analyst
  • Positive Surprise in the VDI shootout Brian Madden
    • Among Citrix, VMware, Virtual Bridges, Microsoft and Quest
  • Top 10 Hot Emerging Companies (CRN)
  • Top 10 Virtualization Companies Serverwatch
  • Top Five Vendors @ Synergy Chris Wolf [Burton/Gartner]
  • Funded by Austin Ventures

8. Why implement VDSB with System x and BladeCenter Lower Operating Costs Increased flexibility

  • Versus Legacy Servers
  • Reduce TCO and data center sprawl with 20:1 consolidation (1)
  • Up to 50% reduction in operating expense, 3 month ROI (1)
  • Leadership energy efficiency
  • Large memory capacity
  • Large storage capacity
  • Flexible I/O

High Quality Easy to Deploy, Manage & Service

  • TBR #1 ranking for customer satisfaction
  • IT leadership in Business Week and Interbrand
  • Best in class reliability and availability
  • Enhanced systems management
  • Easy design
  • Open architecture and common tools

More Performance

  • Versus Most Recent Generation Servers
  • Up to 40% top bin-to-bin performance increase
  • New Xeon processors deliver same performance at 30% less power
  • 6Gb RAID for increased performance and throughput

Quality Value Performance 9.

  • Solution components:
  • Virtual Enterprise Remote Desktop Environment (VERDE) from Virtual Bridges
  • (now available within IBM Virtual Desktop for Smart Business)

By managing our desktops from a central location, weve not only been able to reduce our CapEx spending, but weve also seen a significant decrease in Help Desk costs, operational downtime, new desktop deployment and administration. .

  • Business Challenge:Easing Management of Branch and Mobile Workers
  • As one of the largest Asset Management firms in the world, ACME FIRM sought a solution that would drive down the costs of desktop management, improve security and compliance and increase organization agility. Dispersed across multiple geographic regions, the Firms investment professionals require dependable access to their desktop at all times. Additionally, the organization must adhere to critical compliance regulations to ensure clients personal financial data is secure from every end point. Supporting this structure has created both financial and resource burdens for the IT team.
  • The Solution:
  • The Firm deployed VERDE, a virtualized infrastructure from Virtual Bridges ( now available within IBM Virtual Desktop for Smart Business) .The solutionsGold Master Image provisioning streamlines the management of PCs significantly by reducing the total number of desktop images and deploying professional workspaces from a central location. The solution gives the Asset Management Firm flexibility, supporting both Windows and Linux applications and allowing users to access multiple desktop sessions from a single client. VERDE offers native malware resistance,secure remote access and disaster recovery. Additionally IT can quickly provision guest/remote access, new users or applications and provide access to desktops from any client (PC, Mac, PDA).
  • Benefits:
  • Significant CapEx and OpEx savings from reduction of PC refreshes and licensing investments as well as opportunity to transition to thin clients as needed.
  • Eliminated organizational disruption during major technology upgrades, including Windows 7.
  • Improved control and security with a single management console.
  • Increased flexibility for investment professionals to access desktops regardless of location or device.
  • Reduced Help Desk costs

Use Case:Assets management Result:Firms sees strong returns with VDSB 10. While scattered across the world, o ur investment professionals need reliable access to client data, anytime anywhere. Virtual Bridges VERDE has allowed us to drastically reduce the TCO associated with desktops while providing an unmatched experience for our employees.

  • Business Challenge:Providing End User Flexibility Across Regions
  • With 29,000 employees across more than 100 markets, a Global Bank sought a solution to lower desktop TCO and improve organizational agility, while providing a highly desirable user experience. The bank needed to manage desktops centrally and remove the burden from the branches. Additionally, with advisors that often travel to clients to deliver investment advice, the bank wanted to provide greater flexibility and availability to mobile users and technical teams that often require multiple desktops.
  • The Solution:
  • The Bank deployed VERDE, a virtualized infrastructure from Virtual Bridges ( now available within IBM Virtual Desktop for Smart Business) .With this software solution, the Bank was able to consolidate multiple tactical projects and create an environment where the desktops are running closer to the enterprise applications. The IT staff can now manage all devices centrally, eliminating the need to visit branch offices for provisioning, upgrades or security resolution. Investment professionals enjoy reliable access to their applications from any location (whether desk, home or traveling on the road) and any type of device to best meet the needs of their clients.
  • Benefits:
  • Significant CapEx and OpEx savings from reduction of PC refreshes and licensing investments as well as opportunity to transition to thin clients as needed.
  • Reduced organizational disruption by rolling out Windows 7 to all employees with a single