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Trade for Life

About Oliver L. VelezOliver L. Velez, best-selling author, trader, advisor, and entrepreneur, is one of the most sought after speakers and teachers on the subject of trading the financial markets for a living. His seminars and speaking events have been attended by more than 60,000 traders all over the world, and his runaway best selling books, Swing Trading with Oliver Velez, Strategies for Profiting on Every Trade and Tools and Tactics of the Master Day Trader, are considered must-read classics for anyone interested in trading the markets for a living. Dow Jones dubbed him the messiah of day trading and financial programs on CNBC, Bloomberg and Fox News frequently seek out his expertise. Mr. Velez and his life-long dedication to bringing more awareness to trading as a way of life, have been favorably mentioned in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Barrons, Forbes, Stocks & Commodities and a whole host of other financial publications. He has also been the subject of numerous articles and books written about Wall Streets most successful traders, including the popular books, Bulls, Bears and Brains and The Guts & Glory of Day Trading. Oliver L. Velez is internationally known for founding and growing Pristine Capital Holdings, Inc. (a firm he started out of his New York City basement apartment) into one of the countrys premier educational institutions for investors and self-directed, retail traders. After serving as Pristines Chairman and CEO for 12 years, Mr. Velez decided to turn his full attention to the professional trading arena. His new training program called Trade for Life, which includes a 2-day seminar and a 5-day Live Trading Session with Mr. Velez himself, is designed to train traders to go beyond retail to trade the markets professionally. Today, Mr. Velez runs Velez Capital Management, LLC (VCM), one of the countrys fastest growing private trading firms. VCM currently employs over 850 professional traders who have been meticulously trained to trade his own personal account. Mr. Velez financially backs each one of his traders, absorbing all their losses, while sharing in the gains with the trader. Mr. Velez vision is to grow his professional team of traders to more than 1,000 globally by years end. For the past 19 years, he has espoused the revolutionary idea that micro trading, like micro banking has the potential to serve as a solution to many of the worlds social ills. Through VCM and the Velez Family Foundation, Mr. Velez will be opening up trading divisions and training centers in Shanghai, Vietnam, Moscow, Israel and Mexico City in 2008. More major cities throughout the world will be added in 2009. Mr. Velez is the author of the recently released best-selling DVD entitled, 5 Trading Tactics That Beat the Market and his two newest books, Swing Trading with Oliver Velez, and Power Trading: Winning Guerrilla, Micro and Core Tactics, both of which are course books with DVDs. He is also the author of the much anticipated McGraw Hill published book entitled 26 Lessons from the Master Trader.

Oliver L. Velez

Chief Executive Officer Oliver Velez is so confident in his Training Programs that each Trade for Life student he teaches is given $50,000 of his own money to trade at no risk to the student. All losses are absorbed by Oliver while he and the trader share in the net profits. Traders who join his elite trading team now more than 850 in totalenjoy some of the best payouts and institutional privileges in the industry. Call us now to find out if you have what it takes to become a member of one of the fastest growing proprietary trading groups on the street.

2 Oliver Velez Best Selling Books and DVDs

About Velez Capital Management, LLCVelez Capital Management, LLC (VCM) is a New York City based private trading group that currently employs more than 850 professionals to trade its own account. VCM trains its highly skilled traders via several very comprehensive Trade for Life Training Programs and recruits existing traders who have a proven track record and four years of market experience. VCM and its founder back each trained trader with an account no less than $50,000 and absorbs all losses suffered by the trader. VCMs top traders trade as much as $32,000,000 of the firms In the near future, automated trading via advanced neural networks and smart technology will account for the vast majority of the worlds trading volume. VCMs Automation Division currently designs, develops and runs black and grey box systems that are designed to exploit market opportunities every second of the day, without any human intervention. This rapidly growing area of trading has become one of the major focuses of the firm. Its numerous black and grey boxes currently trade more than 26 million shares a month.

Our GoalsVCM is rapidly becoming a major force on Wall Street. Its average monthly volume now exceeds 200 million shares and it continues to be one of the largest liquidity providers for NASDAQ on the NYSE. VCM is expanding its well-trained trading team to 1,000 worldwide by years end. The firm currently has four offices around the globe, with three more trading facilities opening soon in Shanghai, Singapore and Bogot. Growing a global nation of professional market playersall trading one accounthas been the goal and aspiration of VCMs pioneering CEO for well over a decade.

Our Humanitarian MissionIt has been the long standing belief of Oliver L. Velez, CEO of VCM, that micro trading has the potential to serve as a solution to many of the worlds economic and social ills. By providing access to training, capital and a performance based trading model, improved economic and social development in many third world countries can be the result. As opposed to the all too popular top down solutions, VCM, in collaboration with the Velez Family Foundation, plans to be a torch bearer in the fight against global poverty by bringing its training programs and trading facilities to global areas that lend itself to attacking poverty from the ground up. VCM will accomplish this by offering, to those with few resources or any form of collateral, its formal training and access to the firms trading account, via well supervised proprietary trading programs. This effort will be spearheaded in global areas such as Latin America, China, India, and other growth regions of the world.A Private Trading Group

Our AccomplishmentsVCMs trading ranks have tripled over the past few months and its trading volume increased well over 700% last year. The firm continues to be a top 10 NYSE liquidity provider for NASDAQ and it set an all-time new record for a firm its size by trading over 700 million shares during the month of April 2007.

Our FutureAutomated trading and robotics represent the most fascinating area of the worlds financial arena



VCM Approach to Proprietary TradingInITIAL TrAInInG Attempting to trade for a living without adequate training, accounts for the majority of failures in the industry, so a rigorous training program is the first step for anyone entering the VCM proprietary trading program. New traders first take a 2-day course written and taught by Oliver Velez which covers technical analysis techniques and a set of very specific income-generating trading tactics. They then participate in an intensive 5-day trading lab online or at one of the VCM offices, where they receive hands-on instruction in the use of a trading platform to put these techniques into real action. By the end of the lab, they are trading the firms capital in a live market environment. COAChInG SuPPOrT All VCM proprietary traders are provided with continuing mentoring by Mr. Velez and his staff through a combination of daily newsletters, intra-day email alerts and a live online chat room. These services continue the education process by enabling traders to study and interact with VCM professionals as they analyze and trade the market. Proprietary traders who choose to trade at one of the VCM offices will also be assigned their own workstation and be able to learn from the professional staff on site every market day at no additional charge. rISk MAnAGeMenT Novice traders tend either to have too little capital or risk too much capital too soon in the learning curve, often resulting in early failure. So, VCM funds each trader with its own money and has developed a closely monitored trader advancement program. The program is designed to increase a traders lot size and trading capital over time as they demonstrate consistent profitability. At each state of the process, VCM Risk Managers work with every trader to ensure that their daily capital exposure and risk of loss is tightly controlled. COMMISSIOnS VCM proprietary traders get the firms institutional commission rate of 2 cents per 100 shares, the lowest in the industry! Unavailable to retail traders, this institutional rate essentially eliminates the negative impact that commissions can have on profitability and greatly accelerates the journey to trading success. TrADInG CAPITAL Possibly the biggest barrier for most individuals interested in a trading career is access to a large enough capital base to generate a substantial trading income. The VCM proprietary program removes the hurdle by providing the traders access to the firms capital account for trading. Traders achieving consistent profitability will continue to have their trading capital increased as they progress through the advancement program, making their earning potential almost unlimited. LOSSeS Once an aspiring trader has completed the training required to enter the VCM proprietary trading program, VCM assumes all of the trading risk for the remainder of the learning curve. Proprietary traders are reimbursed with a percentage