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VASTU GUIDELINESINDEXVastu is an Art Remedies and Solutions Form (Size or Shape) of a Plot Selection of Land Selection of Land Remedies and Solutions Examination of Land Construction Construction Remedies and Solutions Building Construction Apartments and Residential Complexes House Planning and interiors House Planning and interiors Remedies and Solutions Planning of Main Door Main Entrance Remedies and Solutions Inauguration Of Land-Digging And Foundation Inauguration Of Vaastu-Foundation

How to Dispel Vaastu-Faults Without Breakage (Wear and Tear) Nine Practical Remedies (Curative Methods)

Vastu is an ArtVastu Vidya is one of the most valuable treasures. The word vastu means to dwell and vidya means science, so Vastu Vidya is the sacred science related to designing and building houses. The classical literature on Vastu is vast and scattered. Vishwakarma Vastu Shastra, Mandana Sutradhar, Samarangana Sutradhar, Mayamatam, Brihat Samhita, several of the Puranas and Agamic work deal with the subject in great detail. Vastu Shastra is directed at harmonising external space with the internal space within man. Vastu aims to restore the balance between the home that is the microcosm and the cosmos that is the macrocosm, bringing health, wealth and happiness. According to Vastu, the external and the internal are interchangeable, such as wind or fire, are the same as those that control the organs of the human body. Vastu states that when buildings and forms echo the underlying cosmic principles, they become a part of the basic structure of the universe and vibrate in harmony with it. These positive vibrations have a direct effect on the inhabitants. They found that various energies that run around us in a particular pattern could be harnessed such that they resonated positively with the individual being or the people residing in the building to make their lives meaningful and harmonious. Vastu contains the hidden key to realigning the home with cosmic principles such as solar energy, the movement of the celestial spheres, the magnetic field of earth, gravity and the influence of the moon and sun. It offers a holistic approach to the design and layout of houses. Vastu Shastra advice should be solicited while selecting a plot or a house, while building a house or while carrying out any renovations, additional construction, expansion, restructuring of the house, shop or office. Vastu corrections can be helpful if you are facing problems like low sales, low profits, disputes, accidents in your office, factory or shop, or when you are facing problems like ill-health, marital problems, poor career growth and disturbances of family peace in your house. The science of Vastu can be helpful even for these people by making simple corrections and changes in the interiors of the house leading to better energy flow and positivity in the house. Vastu is for the betterment of mankind and brings love, peace, prosperity and contentment within a household. Vastu is much more relevant today than it was ever before. Traditional medical disciplines like Ayurveda lead to kaya kalpa, transformation of body, yoga and meditation lead to mana kalpa, the transformation of mind and Vastu Shastra shows the way to bhagya kalpa, the transformation of fortunes.

Remedies and SolutionsVastudosha is a flaw or deficiency in the known characteristics of the eight directions. Remedial Vastu or corrective measures for any Vastu faults should be attempted only after a proper understanding of the fundamental rules of Vastu Shastra. The remedial can be divided into those applying to different stages of construction and can be implemented at either pre-construction stage or at post-construction stage. At the pre-construction stage, the measures can be to rectify inauspicious shapes, slopes and depressions in the plot, observing proper pre-construction rituals, overcoming obstructions faced before construction or while construction. Strictly followed, Vastu Shastra forbids demolitions/alterations or structural changes once the construction of a house is complete, deeming them to be a mutilation. At the post-construction stage, the corrective measures can be in the form of building additional structures, increasing the height of the building in relevant sectors, relocating the main entrance, etc. to balance the flow of energies in and around a structure. The measures at this stage also involve tackling obstructions and vedhas to the main entrance, Interior planning and proper distribution of elements in the interiors. In addition, the use of astrological remedies like mantra, yantra and planting of auspicious trees and herbs around the building can yield positive results. In many cases. Peoples may be rich, living in a big house, but peace, happiness and good health elude them. The house they live in may be big, opulent and full of expensive things, but the usage is improper. At times a change in fortunes happens when people carry out changes, renovations and extensions in the existing house or buy additional land adjacent to their property. Depending on the direction in which extensions are carried out the change can be for the better or for worse. As a rule, all extensions towards south, south-west, west, southeast or north-west of your site are considered inauspicious. Buy any additional land, which is to your north, east, or north-east. At times you by a Vastu-perfect site or house but over a period of time, the area surrounding your house changes. A changing city or neighbourhood affects your fortunes. A tall building that comes up on your east blocks out sunlight. A nearby slum or a new temple on the same road as yours can spoil the vastu of your home. Suddenly increased traffic because of the road outside your house being connected to the main road, noise, smoke, blocked drains or shrinking parking space around your house, all affect the vastu of your home. Sometimes a rising road in front of your house or shop can bring bad results. Over the years, roads are re-metalled so many times that their level becomes higher than the house or shop. The elevation of the

road can make the house look sunken. Most of the times this is very unlucky because Vastu Shastra says that land before a house or workplace should slope towards north and west facing plots and houses, Similarly, a newly constructed flyover in front of your office, shop or house can spoil your vastu as it blocks sunlight and air. In certain cases like these, extreme measures like shifting home or workplace are the only options available. In certain cases, you may not have any control over any changes in your neighbourhood environment. Fortunately, in most of the cases such extreme steps as selling off your house or property are not required. As mentioned earlier, Vastu followed rigidly does not allow alteration or structural changes after the construction is complete as it is considered a mutilation. In the modern context also, structural changes are resorted to only in extreme cases. A Vastu expert does not recommended demolitions when easy and practical changes can bring about necessary balance and harmony in a structure. Simple remedies like changing the seating arrangement, opening a window, changing an entrance or shuffling rooms between the family members can bring about positivity, happiness and prosperity in a household.

Form (Size or Shape) of a PlotSquare plot: It imparts wealth, prosperity and well-being.

Rectangular plot: (Spoon-shaped wide and Equi-angular plot). It also imparts wealth and prosperity.

Circular plot:

(Round-shaped) it imparts well-being.

Rectangular plot: (Spoon-shaped oblong and Equi-angular plot). Imparts wealth prosperity and well-being.

Hexagonal plot: (Six cornered plot). beneficial.

If dispels ill-omens and is

Wheel-Shaped plot: troubles.






Triangular plot: (Plot having three corners-Triangular plot). inauspicious and causes losses to the owner.

It is an

Cart-shaped plot: It is an inauspicious plot, making the owner to run from pillar to post and vice-versa.

Double and Reversed Cart-shaped plot: (It resembles as if two carts are joined together in the reverse side). It makes the owner run hither and thither, does not let him enjoy everlasting tranquility, and is ominous.

Trapezium plot: (A Thatch-shaped plot that sieves grains). It destroys place and prosperity, and is an ominous plot.

Hand fan shaped plot: (Such plot resembles form of a hand fan). renders the plot owner destitute.


Bow-shaped plot: (Resembling like a bow). It also renders the plot owner destitute.

Semi-circular plot: (Resembling half the portion of a circle). It is an ominous plot leaving the owner in mid-stream a state of helplessness.

Tambourine-shaped plot: (Resembling Indian musical instrument Tabla). The owner is rendered hollow like a drum from within.

Mridanga shaped plot: (An Indian musical instrument resembling a drum). It also renders the owner hollow as in a Tabla shaped plot.

Acute and Obtuse AnglesQtadrangular (Four Cornered) PlotsA plot extending to North-West is ominous.


Crow-beak shaped

Acute & Obtuse Angled QuadrangularAny plot extending towards South-East is ominous. Vaayavaya N W S A plot tapered towards South is ominous. N W E E



A plot extended towards with East is ominous. N W S A plot extending to North-East is also ominous. N Ishanya Ishanya E



A tapered plot on North-West side, e