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  • 1. Microsoft Confidential1Microsoft ConfidentialCloud, Trainer and SalesWriting & CommunicationCampaigns, ROI, Social KM Exec levelconsulting O365 Trainer Biz Value IndustryLeader CEO level experience Executivecommunication WriterRelevant Experience Written more than 500 biz cases Instructional DesignRelevant Experience Office 365 WW Trainer Sales Excellence and Portals 15 years service Microsoft asbusiness value marketingcommunications consultant forlaunch of Windows, office Over 500 case studies Consultant to over 100 Microsoftpartners 12 years at Microsoft covering NYDistrict Consulting, Sales, and fewyears at EPG Corp salesOrchestration Over 300 Economic Justifications Courseware development CEO levelexperience Campaign Planningand Deliverables Biz value bookauthorRelevant Experience Office 365 campaign deliverables Exec workshop facilitator ROI and TCO tools and guides 16 years at Microsoft covering:Group Manager for StrategyConsulting, EPG Sales, Server andIW Marketing Closed over 300 salesopportunities doing REJ (RapidEconomic Justifications). Managed Cloud Technology Centerfor 3 yearsAn ex-MSFT team with 15 yearsof teamwork and successes

2. Microsoft Confidential2Microsoft ConfidentialValue Amplify Latest Deliverables1. Center Of Excellence Guide4. And more Cloud Computing Rapid economic Justifications Social Learning Portals Workshop in Box Audience analysis Market Segmentation3. CompetitiveProgramsIncluding technicaland TCO content2. Marketing Campaigns 3. Microsoft ConfidentialCloud Organizational Functions planRole and responsibilities chart, gap analysis, orchestration model in the new world.Cloud TCO chart of accountIncluding the new costs and areas. i.e. should networking bandwidth charges be included in theevaluation or not?Cloud TCO modeling tool in excelTo help customer do what-if scenarios not only from a cost and risk point of view but also form technologies and policiesevolution point of view. Preparation of a sustainable chargeback.Cloud Value Add-onThe fair allocation of the work of embedding of the cloud services in the internal business process and rules according to businessmodel, certifications and rules. (i.e. internal legal compliance policies, lifecycle of document retirement and compliance to company endorsed ISO9002, Sarbanes Oxly.CLOUD COMPUTING CONSULTINGNew Organizational Model for Cloud Benefits RealizationGovernance of Charge-back to LOBs 4. Microsoft ConfidentialComparing scenarios looking for best ROIand giving exec opportunity to choose 5. Microsoft Confidential5Microsoft Confidential-What is customer visionand roadblocks?-Program charter-Inventory of output from: EPG or Se Briefings Managed Trial Biz desk Proposal Alinean BasicSigned Service SOWQualified lead at 40%Set ExpectationsAs the vendor MS offers bestpractices, processes, industrydata, tools and expertise.Client does the work.It Is A ProjectSOW = Statement of Workhttp://bsc and Business Strategy and Value SIG on Campus 6. Microsoft Confidential6Shareholders ValueCIO/IT Director-Lower Cost OF IT Services- Reduce cost of contracts-User Satisfaction- AgilityDesktop Operations-FTE per PC-PC lifecycleApplication Architect Council-Application deployment cost andtimeSecurity-Intrusions-Patching operationsHelpdesk Procurement Manager-Volume of escalations-CostsCFO-Profits, Investment prioritization-Competitive use of capitalLOB: Store Operations- Sales per store,- Sales per store employee-Customer complaints/per storeRelevance and Credibility For StakeholdersCollect in Form Customer IT scorecards, FY objectives in the plans Customer presentations to their executives on the state of IT Help desk analytics (tier 1, 2,3, , PC wipe out, new machines) Security concerns that can be solved with technology and process/policiesStart with the end in mind. Relevance and credibility for whom?Help client define the target decision makers and what they care about.. . 7. Microsoft ConfidentialValue Creation IT Value Creation BusinessITOperationsApplicationDevelopmentFunction Process in theValue ChainIncrease orProtectRevenueReduce orAvoid CostsCapabilitiesTCOModeling For Maximum ROI With Alinean ToolINPUTEPG IOMaturity Toolhttp://apuatODDW ServiceOfferingImpact onProcessesPersonas, etc.What is not managed by IT might become a business problem.