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Transcript of Value added you!

  • 1. Value Added You! Robert Akoto Amoafo Managing PartnerEkow Mensah and Associates
  • 2. Ekow Mensah and AssociatesWe are a capital resource and innovationdevelopment consultancy aimed atequipping our clients with the necessaryskills and information to make themselvesmore relevant in the world. Career and talent management SME staff training Recruitment Develop business concepts
  • 3. 1 Samuel 16:17-19Then one of the servants answeredand said, Look, I have seen a son ofJesse the Bethlehemite, who is skillfulin playing, a mighty man of valor, aman of war, prudent in speech, and ahandsome person; and the LORD iswith him. v. 18
  • 4. The Challenge
  • 5. The Challenge
  • 6. The Question
  • 7. Six Pointers Self realisation (Uniqueness) Identifying your role (Purpose) Seek clarification Add Value Packaging and presentation Maintenance
  • 8. Self Realisation No other like you Unique Here for a reason Useful FWM
  • 9. Identifying yourself (Purpose) Why am I here? How can I be useful? What will make me fulfilled? What makes me happy? Which people was I sent to? Am I at the right place?
  • 10. Identifying yourselfWhen we identify our purpose We become happy Life becomes easier We become successful We live freely We make others happy Know what to do Know what to avoid
  • 11. Seek clarification Pray (Ask the Maker) Get a mentor Volunteer Talk to people Read Attend seminars
  • 12. Add ValueValue is to consider something or someoneto be important. Or to state how somethingis worthFor something to considered valuable itmust be relevant, need, sorted after anddifferent form among many
  • 13. Add Value Education Read Be part of something Seek to add to others Invent something
  • 14. Packing and Preparation Curriculum Vitae Interview Speech and presentation Appearance
  • 15. Maintenance Know people in your domain Role model Know the best Integrity Focus
  • 16. Conclusion