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Transcript of VALLEY of KLAMATH FALLS INTRODUCTION 1879 for Klamath · PDF file 2020-05-01 ·...



    175 .III 8 1-

    Ancient Free and Accepted Masonry was formally organ-

    ized in the Klamath Basin in 1880; Grand Master Rocky Pres-

    ton Earhart [S.G.I.G. in Oregon from 1882 to 1890) granted a

    dispensation July 16, 1879 for Klamath Lodge U.D. to work---

    its Charter being granted and dated June 15, 1880. Scottish

    Rite activity followed some 45 years later; the activity was

    widespread in this sparsely inhabited, new country and inclu-

    ded all of Klamath and Lake Counties in Oregon and both Tule-

    lake and Dorris and the surrounding countryside in Siskiyou

    County, California.

    SECTION 8.


    Soon after 1925 several Scottish Rite Masons, having

    made themselves known to each other and having expressed

    their common desire to ~ .1..,n, Clze R.£.1:.e began meeting, in-

    frequently at first--there being no fixed time of the month.

    For the most part the activities were restric~ed , voluntar-

    ily, to book reviews and discussions. No minutes were kept

    until the spring of 1931, at which time Brother A.L. Anderson,

    32° was the leading light and did most of the work as evi-

    denced by the minutes of the meeting of April 5, 1931 [Easter


    Early that morning these Brothers met in the banquet

    room of the Willard Hotel in Klamath Falls about the break-

    fast table to enjoy the Sunrise Feast which brings to a

  • 176 III 8 2

    close those significant Ceremonies of Relighting the Lights.

    The meeting was highly significant in the Klamath Basin

    not only for the obvious devotion of those Brothers to the

    Rite in Celebration of the Easter Morning Service; it was the


    "Officers elected were Arthur L. Anderson, 32°, President; James Baker, 32°, Vice President; T.R. Gillenwaters, 32°, Secretary-Treasurer. At the first meeting the following Brothers· were present: A.L. Anderson, James Baker, T.R. Gillenwaters, C.A. Dunn, Paul O. Landry, F.W. DeLapp, L.B. Kimble, M.E. Cooper [dentist], J. A. Rosser, J. Kenoffel, C.W. Lyons, R.T. Mc- Mullen, F.W. Ahrens, G.W. Hillis, V.J. Joseph- son, N.G. Wheeler, J.W. Prince, L.L. Gaghagen and Walter Jones [Wise Master of Siskiyou Chap- ter Rose Croix (Medford)].

    "The Cascade Scottish Rite Club continued to exist until July 15, 1935. During the interim the club 1members] undertook to learn and to exemplify the Ninth Degree 'Elu of the Nine' and after about 18 months on the ritualistic work the team exemplified the Degree at Med- ford in the fall of 1935 and thereafter con- tinued to work on that Degree so long as Med- ford and Klamath Falls held joint Reunions. The joint Reunions between Medford and Klamath Falls were always pleasant affairs and the re- lations between the mother lodge anp her child are still very close and friendly.".: s.7


    A review of the minut~s indicates that Brother Arthur W.

    Schaupp, 32° acted in the capacity of Personal Representative

    of the S.G.I.G. from inception of this Valley in 1935 until

    1971. In 1937 Bro, Schaupp was invested with the Rank of

    Knight Commander of the Court of Honour, and in 1941 was cor-

    oneted a. 33°, I.G.H. lI1'spector··Generai Honorary).

    ~. Albert A. Angel, 33° acted in this capacity from

  • 177 =III 8 3

    1971 until 1982 when Inspector David O.· Johnson, · 33° ·. ;

    . ~ n t·e ::! · :·n appointed Bro. LeRoy F. Hardenbrook, 32 °, K.

    C.C.H. to the position of his Personal Representative in the

    Valley of Klamath Falls. Brother Hardenbrook was coroneted

    a 33°, I.G.H. in 1987 and continued to serve as Personal Re-

    * presentative until April 20, 1992. C. SECRETARIES

    L.B. Kimball, 32° was Secretary of the Cascade Scottish

    Rite Club, and following Constitution and Inauguration of

    Klamath Lodge of Perfection Bro. Kimball was elected Secre-

    tary in which capacity he served from 1935 to 1937.

    Bro. W.W. Cleaves, 32° filled the position as 'Acting

    Secretary' in 1937.

    Bro. Guy L. Ferguson, 32° was elected Secretary in 1938

    and served until 1939.

    Bro. Herman Gisvold was elected Secretary in 1939 and

    was re-elected each of 29 consecutive years, serving until

    1969. He was invested with the Rank of Knight Commander of

    the Court of Honour in 1941 and Coroneted a 33°, I.G.H. in


    Bro. Ralph M. Darmody, 32° was elected Secretary in 1970

    and served until 1972, when ..

    elected and served until 1976.

    Bro. Gisvo ld, 33 ~ ;· was again

    Bro. David M. Stemple, 32° was elected Secretary in 1976

    *Bro. John D. Daniel, 32°, KCCH was appointed Personal Representative in the Valley of Klam- ath Falls April 20, 1992 and served until ~o~· ~ember 1, . 1992 ~ '1he.1Jl · Bre .•. aamee ··E.. Cs-r·es-well;, . 32° was appointed to this·position. ·

  • 178 ::f-II-8-4

    and served until 1984. Bro. Stemple was invested with the

    Rank of K.C.C.H. in 1981.

    Bro. Charles A. Jacobi, 33° was elected Secretary

    in 1984 and served five years until 1989 when he resigned to

    enable him and his wife to move into low altitude for his

    wife's health.

    Bro. James Peters, 33° M:IS e1er.ten C::pci-etary in

    1989; he was severely injured in an auto accinent in 1991,

    and Bro. Stemple agreed to 'fill in' as Actin~ Se~retary.*


    a . Letters Temporary . The minutes of the Septem-

    ber 4, 1935 meeting [conducting business under Letters Tem-

    porary granted by Inspector Louis G. Clarke , 33°]

    •re .c~ i name the officers conductin~ that meeting .

    V.M. - Arthur w. Schaupp, 32° 0 s.w. - Paul o. Landry, 32

    J,W. - E.G. Chinn, 32° Secy - L.B. Kimble, 32° Expert - R.D. Eller, 32°

    Asst. Ex - N.A. Simmilkier, , 32° Orator - Don Hensley, 32° Almoner - M.W. Rice, 32° Tyler - Clarence A. Miller, 32°

    Letters Permanent and the Charter are dated October 23,

    1935 and were granted to Klamath Lodge of Perfection. All

    meetings, at that time, were conducted in a small room in the

    Masonic Temple.

    At the meeting of February 15, 1937 new officers were

    elected to conduct the meeting .

    V. M. - Paul o . Landr y, 32 9 s.w. - Don Hensley, 32° J.W. - E.G. Chinn, 32° Secy. - L.B. Kimble, 32°

    Treas. - Don D. Havens, 32° Almoner - M.W. Rice, 32° Orator - J.C. O'Neill, 32°

    *In M•J."ch, 199 2 -Br o . -=·s

  • 179III 8 5

    During the March 1, 1937 meeting V.M. Paul 0. Landry,

    32° appointed Brp. Arthur W. Schaupp, 32° as 'Director of De-

    gree Work'. · :: -·~,-.·Grand Commander · .:. _ l. J. H. Cowles, 33 °

    was to be in Medford May 1, 1937. 2.G.Ins:peetQp L.G. Clarke,

    33° had requested K1~math Lodge of Perfection to appoint a

    committee to work with the Medford Bodies for this occasion;

    the members were A.W. Schaupp, 32° and P.O. Landry, 32°.

    During the October 4, 1937 meeting Bro. Schaupp announc-

    ed a 'Burning of the Mortgage' on the Masonic Temple to be

    conducted October 12. It was announced, also, that the cos•

    tumes for Conferral of the 18th Degree had be·en received.

    Recognizing the continuing close cooperation in the De-

    gree work between the Medford and Klamath Falls Valleys, S

    In~pe'ctdiL L'.G, Clarke, 33° gave special dispensation to

    Klamath Lodge of Perfection to Confer the Fourth to Four,~;

    teenth Degrees with the Fourteenth being Conferred Friday,

    November 19, 1937 in the Medford Masonic Hall.

    1. 2 • 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. a. 9.

    10. 11.

    1935-36 1937 1938 1939~40

    b. Charter Members of Klamath Lodge of Perfection

    Fred w. Ahrens, 32° 12. , L.B. Hopkins, 32° A.L. Anderson, 32° 13. F.L. Howell, 32° J.F. Campbell, 32° 14. L.B. Kimble, 32° Earl w. OeLapp, 32° 15. Paul o. Landry, 32° A.B. Epperson, 32° 16. Clarence A. Miller, 32° R.D. Eller, 32° 17. J.W. Prince, 32° L.L. Gaghagen, 32° 18. M.W. Rice, 32° Frank J. Greenwood, 32° 19. Arthur w. Schaupp, 32° Arthur E. Hartman, 32° 2 0. N.A. Sinunilkier, 32° D.D. Havens, 32° 21. C.N. Villard, 32° Don Hensle.}', 32°

    '· .... ;-

    c. Venerable Masters

    Arthur w. Schaupp, 32° 1959 Paul o. Landry, 32° 1960-61

    Allen c. ~Aldrich, 32° James Peters, 32° Arthur H. Stites, 32° William N. Goen, 32°

    Paulo. Landry, 32°,KCCH 1962 Don Hensley, 32° 1963-65

  • f

    1941 1942-43 1944 1945 1946 1947 1948 1949 1950 1950-52 1953-54 1955-56 1957-5 8

    F.M. Stanley, 32° 1966-69 N.A. Simmilkier, 32° 1970-71 J.A. Rosser, 32° 1972-74 Leo N. Huls, 32° 1975-76 B.E. Miller, 32° 1977-79 Sanford c. Selby, 32° 1980-81 A.E. Harris, 32° 1982-83 Harold A. Teale, 32° 1984-85 Jack H. Schulze, 32°,KCCH1986-87 Bernace Wilson, 32° 1988-89 Stuart R. Balsiger, 32° 1990-91 Charles T. Carlson, 32° 1991-92

    0 Albert A. Angel, 32


    180 III 8 6

    William N. Goen, 32°,KCCH Thomas L. Crutchfield, 32° Fred J. Dallas, 32°,KCCH Leroy F. Hardenbrook, 32° Henry G. Hansen, 32° Wayne s. Kennett, 32° John D. Dani