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  • 1. Importance of Vaastu and its basic rules
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  • Dr.N.V.Srinivasulu
  • Associate Professor,
  • Dept. of Mech.Engg.,

2. Contents

  • Selection of Land
  • Surroundings
  • Slope
  • Water Source and Storage
  • Colouring
  • Drawing Room
  • Living room
  • Master Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Study Room
  • Bathroom
  • Stairs
  • What is Where

3. Selection of land

  • Kind - Whether land is fertile and solid or not.
  • Shape - square , rectangular , triangular etc.
  • Direction - Facing east , west , south or north.
  • Angle of corners - right angle , acute or obtuse.

4. Kinds of land

  • Land should be fertile.
  • though fertile land is useful for plantation yet it is suggested for vastu may be because plantation is equally necessary for a happy home.
  • Land should be solid.
  • If the land is dug and refilled then it should overflow.
  • Smell of the land should be good.
  • It should not contain bones or polythene bags etc.

5. Shape of Land

  • Suggested shapes
  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Circular
  • Even corners
  • Rejected shapes
  • Triangular
  • Odd corners

6. Direction of land

  • Best - East facing
  • Fair - North facing
  • Good - West facing
  • Average - South facing

7. Angle of Corners

  • South West - Must be 90 O
  • South East - Can be obtuse but not acute
  • North East - Can be acute but not obtuse
  • North West - Right or obtuse

NE NW SW SE N S 8. Surroundings

  • South west should be high and heavy
  • North east should be light and empty
  • No trees in front of gate
  • No shadow of trees, temples, high rise buildings on the house
  • No sandwich between two big houses

9. Slope

  • South west must be highest
  • North east must be lowest
  • If south west is low, all earnings go into the drain

10. Water source and storage

  • Best - North east portion on northern oreastern portion
  • Avoid- South west
  • Overhead Tank - Best in south or west but not inmiddleof the house. Avoid North east


  • Colours change our mood
  • Outside - Light colours
  • Drawing Rooms - Off White
  • Bed Room - Light Pink, Cream
  • Kitchen - Off White, Cream
  • Study Room - Grey, Blue
  • Living Room - Any light colour
  • Sons Room-Light Blue
  • Daughters room - Pink, Indigo, Violet
  • (No dark colours to be used particularly avoid black. Dark colours can be used only for designs)

Colouring 12. Drawing Room

  • Have two ganesh ji with back to back at the entry
  • Hang some musical nodes at the entry
  • Keep clock on north or east side walls
  • You should sit facing east or north and let guests sit facing south or west
  • Keep water bodies or lamp shades in the north east
  • Keep aquarium in north side
  • Drawing room should be in north west of the house because anything in the north west moves out of the house fast so does the guests

13. Living room

  • Keep T.V in north or east
  • Have sitting or bed in south or west
  • Room can be in north or east
  • Put telephone in east or south east

14. Bedroom

  • Bed Room should be in south west. One who lives in south west rules the house.
  • Head while sleeping should be in south or alternatively in west. This will give a sound sleep.

15. Kitchen

  • Should be in south east.
  • Gas burner should be in south east of the kitchen.
  • Cooking should be done facing east.
  • Cleaning of utensils in North west.
  • Sink should be in NE of the kitchen

16. Bathroom

  • Should be in south or west.
  • Geyser should be on south east wall.
  • Face east while bathing.
  • Bath and toilet should be separate.WC should north or south only

17. Mandir

  • Should be ineast side.
  • You should face east to get wealth, face north to get peace and knowledge.
  • In temple at home, idols should face west.
  • In main temples, idols face east and public faces west.

18. Stairs Should turn clockwise while going up.

  • Should be in southeast or northwest or south west of the house and should be in clockwise.
  • No of stairs should be odd.
  • Should never be in brahmshtal

19. Study Room

  • It should be in east
  • Study while facing east
  • Keep computer in south east of the room

20. Effect and remedies of Vaastu dosh

  • Vaastu analysis tells us the kind and reason of problems we face in day to day life.
  • It suggests ways to rectify the problems.

21. East

  • Effects
  • If east is high wealth is drained out
  • If east is dirty, there is problem due to children
  • If slope is from east to west, eye troubles are there
  • Remedies
  • keep east neat & clean
  • place a flag in west .

22. North

  • Effects
  • If Kitchen is in north then there will be family disputes
  • If north is high then disease and debts prevail
  • Crack in north causes problem due to ladies
  • Remedies
  • Place water fountainin north
  • Get walls painted in lightgreen
  • Put wind chimes at the entry


  • Effects
  • Water source in west creates financial trouble.
  • If west is down, then causes defamation
  • Remedies
  • Place Varun yantra in west and fast on saturdays

WEST 24. South

  • Effects
  • Well in south makes the owner unwell and grips him in diseases
  • If south is down ladies remain unhealthy
  • Empty south causes money loss
  • Temple in south does not bring peace
  • Remedies
  • Place Yantra for mars in south
  • Worship Lord Hanuman
  • Place astadighbandan yanthra in the north side.

25. North East

  • Effects
  • If dirty there will be disputes
  • If cut then Children face lot of problems and owner is in great tension
  • If high then Money loss
  • Kitchen in North East causes quarrels
  • Remedies
  • Keep North East clean and empty
  • Light lamps and place aquarium
  • Place shivlinga

26. South east

  • Effects
  • If Kitchen is dirty, wife remains ill
  • Well in SE causes trouble to wife
  • if SE is lower than North or East then causes illness in family
  • Higher SE than SW causes money loss and loss of children
  • Remedies
  • Worship Lord Ganesh
  • Place two green ganeshji back to back at the entrance
  • Feed cows

27. North West

  • Effects
  • If lower than North East creates court cases
  • If empty then owner does not enjoy stay at home
  • If owners bed room is in NW causes allergy and cold problems
  • Remedies
  • Place Moon yantra in this direction
  • Color the walls with cream color
  • Place white Ganeshji at the entrance

28. South west

  • Effects
  • If empty causes illness to owner
  • If down causes wealth loss
  • well causes tensions
  • Broken wall causes theft and sudden sickness to eldest son
  • Extended SW increases enemies
  • Remedies
  • Place Rahu yantra in SW
  • Place brown or gray coloured Ganeshji at the entrance

29. Center (Brahmasthan)

  • Toilets or dirt causes illness to owner

30. Source of Water

  • In SE causes troubles from children
  • In SW causes money loss
  • In NW increases enemies
  • In south problems due to wife