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compiled by Bhumindra Yasaransi

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9DDVWX $UFKLWHFWXUH ,QWHULRU 5HDO(VWDWH )HQJ6KXL 3\UDPLGV $VWURORJ\ 6SLULWXDO*XLGH 'RZVLQJ Interior Design%DWKURRP%HGURRPV&KLOGUHQV%HGURRP'LQLQJ5RRP*XHVW5RRP.LWFKHQ3XMD5RRP6WXG\5RRP7RLOHWV9HUDQGDK Articles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astu is a completeunderstanding of direction,geography, topography,environment & physics...... 5HDG0RUHChoosing Paint ColoursColor is the most powerful decoratingelement in our homes. Color is memorableand above all personal. An understanding ofcolor can really help us achieve the goal ofa pleasant, personal and comfortable home.There are hundreds of options but only onedecision maker, that matters and that isYou. The people who eat and sleep ,entertain , play and rejuvenate in the spacesare the ones whose well-being is affected. If we understand the basics of the color , then we can make a perfect color scheme.The colors are divided into three categories-Primary color- These are the three basic hues , red , blue and yellow. They are thefoundation of the color wheel and all other colors are derived from them.Secondary color- When two primary colors are mixed , they form a secondary color .They are orange , green and violet.Tertiary color- When two secondary colors are mixed , they form a tertiary color , likecitron , olive , russet.THE COLOR WHEEL- The color wheel is a complete picture of all the colors available ,once you understand this , there will not be any problem in forming any color scheme. Inthe color wheel at the right , the primaries form a triangle with equal sides with in thecircle , and the secondaries form another triangle opposite to that. Each color has a'complement which is located directly across from it on the wheel. Thus , green iscomplement of red, orange is complement of blue.A perfectly balanced color scheme might use equal parts of three colors which areequidistant on the color wheel . Interior designers often compensate for intensity byeither tinting (adding white) or toning ( adding black ) or by graying (addingcomplementary colors ) . In these way they create contrast through a change in value(lightness and darkness ) or intensity ( brightness and dullness ) . With even this limitedinformation , it is easy to see how the possibilities for combining colors are infinite andVaastu International, Vaastu for Choosing Paint Colour, Color, Colours, Co... of 65HDG0RUH5HDG0RUH5HDG0RUHWe plan houses, shops,industries, apartments,commercial complexes etc.according to Vaastushastra andFengshui..... 5HDG0RUHEr. R. Prasad suggest easy &effective remedies for faults ofbuildings without demolition.5HDG0RUH...........................................................................inviting. Using the tints and tones ,the total effect is lively and pleasing but notoverwhelming , a beautifully colored room. Now here are some of the colors with theireffects and the nature they depict and the places where they are suggested to use.RED : Red is the most dramatic, emotional and active of the three primaries . It is anespecially versatile color in its effects , enlivening interior spaces by creating excitement ,warmth and elegance . The use of red suggests a bold and confident attitude. It is usedin those areas where one needs excitement like the bars. It is less often used in sleepingarea because of its energizing quality. The complement of red is green.BLUE : Blue is the only colors which is the most universally equated with the beauty.Blue is timeless , linking the present with tradition and lasting values. It is the mostversatile in expressive values. Psychologically, blue is associated with tranquility andcontentment. In interior design , softer and lighter blues are generally preferred for thelarger areas.YELLOW : It is a powerful color , both light in value and extremely intense in its purestform. It evokes a sense of energy and excitement. Yellow is a perennial favourite ininterior design , combining with greens to provide the natural freshness and with red forgaiety and richness.GREEN : Green is the most common choice of the designers. It is often used as adominant room color . Green goes with every other color and makes it a natural neutral.It represents the greenery of the nature and thus provide the room with liveliness.VIOLET : It seems to be a color of emotional contrasts. Its paler tints are unabashedlyromantic, fragile and quiet feminine . It enjoyed the popularity in the Victorian era andnow as pure colors emerge again , beautiful violet is certain to be a player.ORANGE : It is amazingly versatile , capable of emitting great energy in its purest formand as an earth tone , it evokes warmth , comfort and reassurance. Nowadays , thelighter orange , popularly known as peach is common in use as it gives a cool effect.PASTELS : Pastels are simply lighter tints of any hue , white added to red yields pinkand light pink is a pastel. There is not any particular definition for a pastel color but whencolors become so light that they almost seem to be white , they are pastels. The pastelsare becoming more and more popular as they crate the most sober and elegant look.NEUTRALS : Using neutrals does not mean not using color . Any low intensity color thatis used as a background for other accent colors , features , furniture and objects in aspace can be classified as neutrals. Neutrals are practical and by changing accessoriesand fabrics the look of space can be dramatically altered against the same neutralbackground.Enjoy color , take these tips from the professionals and then you can become creative.You must think about the people in your home who matter the most for you and thenimagine the things you do together and then finally go for a final color scheme.Color has a profound effect on our mood. In clothing , interiors , landscape and evennatural light , a color can change mood from sad to happy, from confusion to intelligence, from fear to confidence. Particular colors have different effects on each individual.Response to a color may be influenced by a number of factors such as the body's needfor a specific color , a sad or happy memory associated with a color. In previous decades, certain colors or group of colors dominated every palette . Now inmillennium , the stopper is out and uniqueness and personal preferences are really in.There are no absolutes in the world of color. Some colors make you want to get out ofyour chair , others make you want to nestle down and read. Some colors are articulateand must be listened to. Others are very quiet . Some colors indicate that you havetraveled or are well read. Yet others create a desire for closeness , intimacy and love.Create your own colorsIndependently and cost-effectively. Kollicoat IR Coating Systemswww.pharma-ingredients.basf.comVaastu International, Vaastu for Choosing Paint Colour, Color, Colours, Co... of 6Following are some of the most typical responses to various color groups.Nurturing NeutralsThese colors create a sense of peace and well being. They foster quiet conversationwith family and friends and can dispel loneliness. Throughout time , mankind has found asense of peace and tranquility when in touch with "Mother Earth" . It follows that colorswhich impart a sense of warmth and serenity come directly from the earth. In addition tothe earth colors in the neutral group are colors associated with sea such as sand , shell ,coral , pearl , stone , seaweed. GREEN is a color which helps us to adjust to newenvironments and situations. It will always be found among the 'nurturing neutrals'. TheBLUES represented here will range from winter sky to stream to midnight. The neutralsare somewhat like the furniture while other palettes are more like accents oraccessories.Intellectual ColorsThese are the sharp , witty and unique colors which convey a message that the ownerhas traveled , is well read and has something to say. These colors will command respectwithout being overbearing. This palette also starts with a earthy , warm base. Gray is acolor which promotes creativity and will often be found in foundation of an intellectualpalette. These grays will be warm and gentle. Some tones of blue suggestcommunication and trust , so it will naturally be found in the intellectual palette. Navyblues will often find their way in this palette , but its effect is warm and never cold andfragile. Red also appears in this intellectual palette , but the shades will be earthy andcomplicated burgundy , cranberry.Playful ColorsThese colors are exiting and used for a fun providing environment These playful ,whimsical palettes create their own kind of music , like the sounds of children playing.There are highs and lows, lights and darks and always movement and activity. Used inactive spaces within the home , a 'playful' palette can add energy and vitality. But ifoverdone , this type of palette becomes irritating and stressful. The foundation of thispalette is WHITE . This could be anywhere from vanilla ice cream to snow drift to wintermoon. Then comes the bubble gum pink, buttercup, wintergreen, all the berry colors andcrayon colors. Many of these colors will be cool, and even in lighter tones there will bebrightness and clarity. The bottom line in creating this type of palette is that the colorsshould suggest a sense of freedom , play and downright fun