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This book describes in detail the nature of defects normally present in buildings and easy gadget based solutions to correct the defects. The gadgets are the first of its kind developed by the author on crystal energy principle and are proved to be highly effective thus completely eliminating the need to do structural correction.

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CONTENTS 1.A short book on vaastu 2.Vaastu corrections without demolitions 3.I IMMUNITY device

PREFACEMy first book on vaastu titled THE AMAZING SCIENCE OF VAASTU was published in 1995.The book is the only title to treat the subject as purely a study of directional forces which had no connection with astrology, rituals and beliefs. The book appealed to the readers all over the country and has since reprinted over twenty times. It was also translated to Tamil & Kannada. As a practitioner of Vaastu I observed that in case of defective vaastu buildings the only option available in vaastu was a structural correction which was not possible in several cases although it is the most appropriate one. Hence the possibility of eliminating the effect of defects without structural modification had to be considered in the interest of people who had defective vaastu houses and were unwilling to resort to structural correction. In 1996, I started studying and experimenting with Fengshui devices which at least promised a better atmosphere in a defective vaastu house with rearrangement of furniture ,wall colors, plants, flowers and sound producing gadgets, movement based gadgets etc.Fengshui gadgets are based on correcting a field through positive vibrations from a source like wind chime, fish tank , fountain etc .While they were at times produced spectacular results I realized that as the devices themselves were not

producing any energy of their own most of the times the results were less than satisfactory.. It was while searching for self energy producing devices I studied the research that was being done abroad in this area. Based up on the material I gathered I developed a range of devices which used crystal energy to continuously release positive energy. The devices have been tried in the last two years in numerous buildings with very satisfactory results. It can now be confidently stated that by employing these devices one can certainly overcome the ill effects of vaastu in every structure. The first Chapter introduces the reader to a brief out line of vaastu and the remaining two Chapters deal with personal and structural vaastu protection devices. I do hope the book helps people to overcome vaastu defects and move towards a life of health & happiness.

CHAPTER 1 A Short Book On Vaastu

The purpose of the book is to enlighten a reader about the principles of vaastu and the benefits one can expect from it. The present book is not based on any ancient treatises or school of thought. It is a summary of observations and conclusions arrived at by the author after doing research in this field for over 15 years. Every statement made here is verified

innumerable times before recording in this book. So that the book can be read quickly I have written the book summarizing the contents. WHAT IS VAASTU? 1.Vaastu is a science of structures .It deals with the impact of various directional energies on a building when it is built and completed. The building which comes in the way of a free flow of directional forces creates an atmosphere inside it which is different from what prevails outside. 2.Each directional force is in dynamic balance. It is made up of a positive half and a negative half which have equal potential but opposite in characteristics just like that of a bar magnet with two poles of equal strength but opposite characteristics at either ends. Understanding the nature of the various directional forces helps us to build a structure with an atmosphere more healthy and protective than what is present in the open. 3.Vaastu has nothing to with religion, ones beliefs in God, rituals or astrology. . 4.How to use the directional forces surrounding a building so as to create an unusually beneficial atmosphere inside the building is the science of vaastu. BRIEF HISTORY Vaastu is a part of Yajurveda, the sacred text of Hindus and is believed to be around 4 to 5 thousand years old. There are thirty two books in Sanskrit language starting from Vishwakaramas Vaastu Shastra. Mayamata is another great book which also is believed to be from Vedic times. In the modern times innumerable books have been published in various languages. However we need to look at it afresh in view of the total and summary changes that have taken place in the construction industry be it a home ,office, industry or condo. It is this effort that has made the author visit more than 5000 buildings both in

India and abroad and arrive at unfailing conclusions which can be verified by any one interested. IS VAASTU TRUE? An obvious question especially when a claim that a building can influence ones health and fortunes are made, sounds preposterous .But I will give you some one liners and you can verify the truth yourself as we go along. HOW VAASTU WORKS? When a building is constructed the impact of the various directional forces creates typical forces at the corners. Vaastu is all about the importance, characteristics and the role they play. Here not much importance is given to the cardinal directions but only to the four corner directions. Just like the center point of a bar magnet has no pole strength the cardinal direction also does not have any directional energy .It is the end of a bar magnet which has the highest magnetic strength .In vaastu it is the corner energy that has maximum strength of the directional force If you take a building plan and designate the corners as Northeast, Southeast, Northwest and Southwest you have a more or less rectangular sketch. By joining the Northwest and Southeast corners by a straight line you get two triangles. The triangle with Northeast apex can be considered as a positive terminal and the triangle with Southwest corner as apex can be considered as negative terminal. There is a natural attraction between the positive and negative terminal and a flow of energy from Northeast to Southwest. The intensity of this energy can be increased by increasing the potential difference between Northeast and southwest .When the maximum potential difference is realized between the two corner potentials the energy liberated because of the difference fills the building with a rich and beneficial atmosphere. BENEFITS OF HAVING AN ENERGY RICHFIELD INSIDE A BUILDING 1. Excellent health enjoyed by all inhabitants 2. Progress in all spheres of life

3. Strong family bonds 4. Protection from chronic /degenerative diseases 5. Academical excellence of children 6. Protection from accidents, surgeries and theft 7. Protection from litigation 8. No barrenness etc THE ASSURANCE OF VAASTU Vishwakarma the founder of Vaastu Shastra enumerates the benefits of vaastu as under; THIS SCIENCE IS WHOLE AND COMPLETE .IT CAN BRING HAPPINESS TO EVERY ONE ON EARTH. IT CAN BESTOW ON EVERY HUMAN BEING THE FOURTYPES OF HAPPINESS WHICH EVERY ONE ASPIRES FOR; ;THEYARE; HAPPINESS IN MONEY MATTERS ,RIGHTFUL LIVING ,FULFILLMENT OF ALL WORLDLY DESIRES AND CAN BESTOW BLISSFUL STATE. BY A KNOWLEDGE OF THIS SCIENCE MAN BECOMES DIVINE. IT CAN GIVE EVERY ONE GREATEST HAPPINESS AND THIS IS THE DICTATE OF GODS. VAASTU IN ANCIENT INDIA Although the science is several centauries old there is nothing to support it was widely practiced in the olden days. Probably the lack of proper instruments to spread the knowledge could be one of the reasons. Still there are some temples which stand testimony to the claims of vaastu in India PRINCIPLES OF VAASTU The entire concept of vaastu is based on creating a very strong positive field and a weak negative field so that the complete neutralization of the negative field takes place inside the building. Further the excessive positive forces occupy the structure to form a protective

shield. GUIDE LINES 1. More open area in North & East. 2. Less open area in South & West 3. Level in North & East to be lower 4. Levels in South & West to be higher than floor level 5. Water body in Northeast 6. Kitchen in Southeast 7. Bed rooms in West & South 8. Master Bed Room in southwest 9. Attached toilets in Southeast or Northwest of each room 10.Staircase in Southeast or Northwest corner 11.A door in Northeast is mandatory 12.Another door can come in any other direction but must be in the positive half of that direction. 13.Sloped roofs should be towards North or East 14.When viewed the weight of the structure should be uniform every where or the West & South portions should be heavy compared to North or East half. One should follow these principles to get the best benefits. PROOF VAASTU WORKS. Vaastu is being practiced in more than 80% of the buildings in modern India .I myself have been associated in the planning of countless buildings all over India and USA., Switzerland ,France, Singapore, Malaysia and Srilanka. I have not come across a single instance where the owners have failed to reap the benefits of vaastu. VERIFY YOURSELF But my statement would not be enough .You need solid proof. Unlike other Para normal matters where hard proof or verification is difficult to come by one can easily verify the principles of vaastu easily. Here I will enumerate the problems that arise when defects are present in a building. The purpose for which a particular building is used is not important. The effect always follows. All you need to do is to check whether the statements are true. We are aware that the worlds two largest killers are CANCER & HEART ATTACKS. In spite of the giant strides of