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This book describes in detail the nature of defects normally present in buildings and easy gadget based solutions to correct the defects. The gadgets are the first of its kind developed by the author on crystal energy principle and are proved to be highly effective thus completely eliminating the need to do structural correction.

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Copyright belongs to the author.

Author & Publisher; A.R.Hari, Bangalore

Address; No.73,27th Cross,11th main, BSK 2nd Stage, Bangalore-560070

Tel;91-80-26718656 Mobile; 9448411209

Price; Rs.50.00

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1.A short book on vaastu

2.Vaastu corrections without demolitions

3.I –IMMUNITY device


My first book on vaastu titled THE AMAZING SCIENCE OF VAASTU was published in 1995.The book is the only title to treat the subject as purely a study of directional forces which had no connection with astrology, rituals and beliefs. The book appealed to the readers all over the country and has since reprinted over twenty times. It was also translated to Tamil & Kannada.

As a practitioner of Vaastu I observed that in case of defective vaastu buildings the only option available in vaastu was a structural correction which was not possible in several cases although it is the most appropriate one.

Hence the possibility of eliminating the effect of defects without structural modification had to be considered in the interest of people who had defective vaastu houses and were unwilling to resort to structural correction.

In 1996, I started studying and experimenting with Fengshui devices which at least promised a better atmosphere in a defective vaastu house with rearrangement of furniture ,wall colors, plants, flowers and sound producing gadgets, movement based gadgets etc.

Fengshui gadgets are based on correcting a field through positive vibrations from a source like wind chime, fish tank , fountain etc .While they were at times produced spectacular results I realized that as the devices themselves were not producing any energy of their own most of the times the results were less than satisfactory..It was while searching for self energy producing devices I studied the research that was being done abroad in this area. Based up on the material I gathered I developed a range of devices which used crystal energy to continuously release positive energy.The devices have been tried in the last two years in numerous buildings with very satisfactory results.

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It can now be confidently stated that by employing these devices one can certainly overcome the ill effects of vaastu in every structure.

The first Chapter introduces the reader to a brief out line of vaastu and the remaining two Chapters deal with personal and structural vaastu protection devices.I do hope the book helps people to overcome vaastu defects and move towards a life of health & happiness.


A Short Book On Vaastu

The purpose of the book is to enlighten a reader about the principles of vaastuand the benefits one can expect from it.

The present book is not based on any ancient treatises or school of thought. It isa summary of observations and conclusions arrived at by the author after doingresearch in this field for over 15 years. Every statement made here is verifiedinnumerable times before recording in this book.

So that the book can be read quickly I have written the book summarizing thecontents.


1.Vaastu is a science of structures .It deals with the impact of various directionalenergies on a building when it is built and completed. The building which comesin the way of a free flow of directional forces creates an atmosphere inside itwhich is different from what prevails outside.

2.Each directional force is in dynamic balance. It is made up of a positive half and a negative half which have equal potential but opposite in characteristics just like that of a bar magnet with two poles of equal strength but opposite characteristics at either ends.

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Understanding the nature of the various directional forces helps us to build a structure with an atmosphere more healthy and protective than what is present in the open.

3.Vaastu has nothing to with religion, one’s beliefs in God, rituals or astrology..4.How to use the directional forces surrounding a building so as to create an unusually beneficial atmosphere inside the building is the science of vaastu.


Vaastu is a part of Yajurveda, the sacred text of Hindus and is believed to bearound 4 to 5 thousand years old. There are thirty two books in Sanskritlanguage starting from Vishwakarama’s Vaastu Shastra. Mayamata is anothergreat book which also is believed to be from Vedic times. In the modern timesinnumerable books have been published in various languages.

However we need to look at it afresh in view of the total and summary changesthat have taken place in the construction industry be it a home ,office, industry orcondo. It is this effort that has made the author visit more than 5000 buildings both inIndia and abroad and arrive at unfailing conclusions which can be verified by anyone interested.


An obvious question especially when a claim that a building can influence one’shealth and fortunes are made, sounds preposterous .But I will give you some oneliners and you can verify the truth yourself as we go along.


When a building is constructed the impact of the various directional forcescreates typical forces at the corners. Vaastu is all about theimportance, characteristics and the role they play.Here not much importance is given to the cardinal directions but only to the four

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corner directions.

Just like the center point of a bar magnet has no pole strength the cardinal direction also does not have any directional energy .It is the end of a bar magnet which has the highest magnetic strength .In vaastu it is the corner energy that has maximum strength of the directional force If you take a building plan and designate the corners asNortheast, Southeast, Northwest and Southwest you have a more or lessrectangular sketch. By joining the Northwest and Southeast corners by a straightline you get two triangles.

The triangle with Northeast apex can be considered as a positive terminal andthe triangle with Southwest corner as apex can be considered as negativeterminal. There is a natural attraction between the positive and negative terminal and a flow of energy from Northeast to Southwest. The intensity of this energy can be increased by increasing the potential difference between Northeast and southwest .When the maximum potential difference is realized between the two corner potentials the energy liberated because of the difference fills the building with a rich and beneficial atmosphere.


1. Excellent health enjoyed by all inhabitants2. Progress in all spheres of life3. Strong family bonds4. Protection from chronic /degenerative diseases5. Academical excellence of children6. Protection from accidents, surgeries and theft7. Protection from litigation8. No barrenness etc


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Although the science is several centauries old there is nothing to support it waswidely practiced in the olden days. Probably the lack of proper instruments tospread the knowledge could be one of the reasons. Still there are some templeswhich stand testimony to the claims of vaastu in India


The entire concept of vaastu is based on creating a very strong positive field and aweak negative field so that the complete neutralization of the negative fieldtakes place inside the building.

Further the excessive positive forces occupy the structure to form a protectiveshield.

GUIDE LINES1. More open area in North & East.2. Less open area in South & West3. Level in North & East to be lower4. Levels in South & West to be higher than floor level5. Water body in Northeast6. Kitchen in Southeast7. Bed rooms in West & South8. Master Bed Room in southwest9. Attached toilets in Southeast or Northwest of each room10.Staircase in Southeast or Northwest corner11.A door in Northeast is mandatory12.Another door can come in any other direction but must be in the positivehalf of that direction.13.Sloped roofs should be towards North or East14.When viewed the weight of the structure should be uniform every where

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or the West & South portions should be heavy compared to North or Easthalf.One should follow these principles to get the best benefits.


Vaastu is being practiced in more than 80% of the buildings in modern India .Imyself have been associated in the planning of countless buildings all overIndia and USA., Switzerland ,France, Singapore, Malaysia and Srilanka.I have not come across a single instance where the owners have failed to reapthe benefits of vaastu.


But my statement would not be enough .You need solid proof. Unlike other Paranormal matters where hard proof or verification is difficult to come by one can easily verify the principles of vaastu easily.

Here I will enumerate the problems that arise when defects are present in abuilding. The purpose for which a particular building is used is not important. The effect always follows.

All you need to do is to check whether the statements are true.We are aware that the world’s two largest killers are CANCER & HEARTATTACKS. In spite of the giant strides of modern medical scienc these twodiseases continue to haunt the populace.Surely you will have come across a few families who had the misfortune of losinga loved ones to one of these diseases.

The defects in a building which can result in the above problems are givenbelow.Just check it yourself.1. Master Bed Room in Southeast with Toilet in Northeast – BREASTCANCER2. Master Bed Room in Southwest with Toilet in Southwest-HEARTPROBLEMS/DEATH3. Level of Northeast higher in the floor- MONEY PROBLEMS/HEARTPROBLEMS4. Master Bed Room in Northeast with toilet in Northeast ; BRAIN CANCER5. Master Bed Room in Northwest with toilet in Northeast; LUNG CANCER6. Master Bed Room in South with Toilet in Northeast; STOMACH CANCER

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1. Projected Southeast in a building towards East; Fire accidents ,surgery2. Projected Northwest in North; Financial loss/divorce/litigation3. Missing Northeast; No progress ,No progeny4. Projected Southwest towards West ;Premature death of husband5. Projected South of Southwest; death of wife6. Toilet in Northeast; never ending financial problems7. Toilet in Southwest; financial drain8. Level of North high ; efforts fail9. Level of East high; education of kids suffer.

That should be enough to start with. All you have to do is to study such defectivebuildings and check the incidents in the life of inhabitants to convince yourself that we are dealing with a science which has much to contribute to human welfare.

If you would like to gain comprehensive knowledge about the subject and down load the book ‘AMAZING SCIENCE OFVAASTU’.

If you are a USA resident then download the book ‘INDIAN VAASTU FORAMERICAN HOMES’

Any questions you have on the subject will be answered .Send an email tosales@

Jul 2007 Author



Chapter No.1 which gives a brief outline of vaastu will have given you a rough idea

about the benefits of vaastu. Let us now understand why vaastu goes wrong and

brings misery and financial loss to our lives.Now let us understand more about

directional forces.

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Basically vaastu is all about directional forces. There are four cardinal directions

namely North, South, East and West. There are four corner directions which are

1. Northeast

2. Northwest

3. Southeast

4. Southwest.

These directions are further subdivided as under.

Each cardinal direction is divided into its positive half and negative half. Thus we

have Negative and positive half’s of North,

Negative and Positive half’s of East

Negative & positive half’s of South

Negative and positive half’s of West

Similarly each corner direction has two parts as under.

Northeast corner has two parts; North of Northeast and East Of Northeast

Southeast corner has two parts viz South of Southeast and East of Southeast

Northwest has two parts viz North of Northwest and West Of Northwest

Southwest corner has two parts viz. South of Southwest and West of Southwest.

IN nature all these directional forces have a free play. Any force will always have a

a counter force which is equal in strength and opposite in polarity.

If you take a magnet there will always be two poles one positive or North pole and

another negative or South pole. Similarly a battery has a Positive terminal and

negative terminal again both of equal strength but different characteristics.

Harmony is an inherent character of nature. Thus all forces have to exist in

harmony by creating its counter part. In nature once a force gets created an equal

and opposite force also gets created so that the harmony in nature remains

unaffected. Thus good and bad have always to exist in equal proportion.

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We have seen above the various forces that operate on the surface of earth.

Because all the forces exist with their negative counter parts a balance and

harmony exist on the surface of earth.

This comes into our notice when for example we take a walk or sit for a while in a

park, You will notice that you get charged and you become calm. The problems

which appeared formidable at home now appear solvable. That is the reason why

we are advised to take a walk or go to some park and relax when we are tense. The

effect comes because there is harmony in nature. When you sit in this harmonious

atmosphere it affects you positively with the result you become relaxed.

We saw the various components of corner and cardinal forces. Not all of them are

good. An equal number of them are positive which means they can bring in positive

health, positive results and positive wellbeing. The negative counter parts bring the

opposite namely ill health, negative feelings and make our approach negative.

Let us see which the good ones are and which the bad ones among these forces



The forces which come from the following directions are positive. In other words

they are helpful forces which can bring health and happiness.

1. North Of Northeast

2. East of Northeast

3. West Of Northwest

4. South Of Southeast

5. Positive North

6. Positive East

7. Positive South

8. Positive West

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The forces which come from the following directions are bad.

1. North Of Northwest

2. West Of Southwest

3. South Of Southwest

4. East Of Southeast

5. Negative North

6. Negative East

7. Negative South

8. Negative West

Thus there are eight positive forces and eight negative forces. The combination of

both positive and negative forces releases an harmonious atmosphere over the

surface of the earth as explained in the foregoing.


These forces require a medium to flow. The primary medium is ‘air’ although they

also use water as a medium to some extent.

When we construct a building which may be a house, industry or business center we

disturb the harmony which was prevailing earlier. We keep an entry and exit point

thus allowing only two directional forces to enter.

It is therefore very important where we keep them because if the door is such that

the positive part of the force can gain entry then it will create a positive

atmosphere. If we open the door for negative force then the effect on the

inhabitants will be negative.

It is important to recognize thus for a directional force to move there are two


a) It needs a medium

b) It needs a surface

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I have already explained how air acts as a medium for the directional forces. Certain

types of energies do require a medium for transmission. Take ‘sound’ for example.

But for the air surrounding us, we will not be able to hear any one speaking or any

sound on earth.

But for some other types of energies a medium is not required. Thus the

electromagnetic waves which transmit your TV programs do not need any medium.

So also light.


Some types of energies need a surface to flow. For example water .Although it flows

through gravitational force it needs a surface to move. The surface is earth or a


Similarly for a directional force to move a surface is essential. The surface of the

earth helps these forces to move.

Because of this quality of directional force, windows neither harm nor help the

directional forces as they cannot enter through a window. Thus one can keep any

number of windows without worrying the force beneath it is positive or not. This is

because the forces rapidly decrease in intensity over the surface of the earth and is

almost zero at sill level. Hence the door position is critical and window is not. Here

the function of the window is limited to light and ventilation but these have nothing

to do with the energy carried by the directional forces.

It is therefore easy to see that the position of the door in each direction is

important. The ancient books on vaastu had very sensibly recommended one door

in each direction for a house. Thus every house was to have four doors. The

position of the door in that direction was to be in the positive half. Thus a house can

be made to allow only positive forces of each direction enabling the creation of a

highly positive atmosphere. This step automatically denied entry of any negative

force inside the building eliminating completely all ill effects on the occupants.

Page 13: Vaastu Corrections Without Demolitions

The setback areas therefore became critical in creating directional forces with

desired intensity. This strong flow was let into the building by a properly placed

door .A house built this way can enjoy all the benefits which the directional forces

can bestow.

Unfortunately the importance of having a door in each direction was lost in time.

Probably because of the safety factor the number was limited to two and in some

cases to only the main door.

In modern cities the space shortage is so acute that one has to struggle and stretch

to the limits of the plot boundaries to build adequate living space. In the process

Man is denying himself the nature’s bounty which only can ensure health and

happiness for every one on earth.

As long as all the four positive directional forces cannot gain entry in the desired

strength to the house, the house cannot be conceived to have excellent vaastu.

Even if the main door is kept in the right position we cannot lose sight of the fact

that all helpful forces are unable to gain entry. Hence the best benefits are denied

to a house which lacks all the four directional forces.

So remember; each directional force can help you in your life. By closing the door

on its face you are only denying its benefits.

In case of apartments also the same problem exists.

The problem gets compounded when there is only one door (or two) but the doors

are in the negative position. Here only a negative force can gain entry. Imagine a

house which has a main door in North of Northwest. Here only one negative force

enters and in the absence of a positive counterpart this force plays havoc in the

lives of people who live in that house. The effect can get compounded if there are

two doors one in the front and one at the back both in negative directions.

Most of the apartments are also plagued with single main door which is in the wrong


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However an entry of a positive force in itself does not mean that the occupants get

all the benefits. It is necessary that all the vaastu rules with reference to placement

of different utilities like bed rooms, kitchens, toilets etc are incorporated as per

vaastu. Only then there is a chance to get the benefits.

Even if all vaastu norms are followed, because of the lack of all positive components

of every directional force the house may not yield the best benefits and there may

be some areas where improvements remain unsatisfactory. Some times people

wonder why their ambitions are remaining unfulfilled even though they have

followed vaastu rules during construction of their houses.

The strange truth is that all the eight positive forces are needed to make your life

complete in all respects. Even if the house itself has perfect vaastu but all the

directional forces which are positive in nature are not present in the building, all

aspects of life cannot benefit. This is the reason why there will always be a sense of

want in almost every house.

Further a large number of defective houses also exist. Here for various reasons

corrections may not be possible. All the same an effort is to be made to bring relief

to the occupants of these houses also.


Man has always sought help from the unknown as he is aware that the unknown

plays a very important part in bestowing him, health, wealth, prosperity and


Page 15: Vaastu Corrections Without Demolitions

In his quest to get the blessings of this super power he has invented several

devices. Yantras, Mantras, Homas, Yagnas, Symbols , Talismans etc have always

been used all through the ages in different countries and cultures to realize one’s


There is enough evidence to suggest that these are not all that ineffective. There

are people who vouch for the efficacy of these devices and you can find ardent

admirers of every system mentioned above.

Interestingly every civilization down the ages has resorted to this unusual method

of currying favors from the cosmos. Perhaps the Chinese not only regarded the

usage of symbols as a very potent device but also popularized it not only in their

country but all round the globe. This subject is more popularly known as Fengshui or

Wind & water signifying the carriers of the vaastu energy.

Among the more famous and popular Fengshui symbols are Wind chimes, Happy

Buddha, Mandarin ducks, Fish tank, Fountains etc which are found in most of the


Let us look into the theory behind using these symbols.

These fengshui gadgets and symbols work on the principle of vibration. Every object

in nature both animate and inanimate vibrates at some particular frequency. The

nature of vibration or rather the impact of the vibration on a person exposed to it

depends on the type of vibration which in turn is based on its shape. Thus a lovely

statue, a bunch of colorful flowers, a well manicured lawn emits positive vibrations

which attract us, sooths our emotions and makes us cheerful. In other words they

create an atmosphere which is positive in nature.

Now let us see how a fengshui works. Take for example a Happy Buddha. This is the

figure of a man well fed; carrying plenty of riches with a broad smile on his face and

a gentle and kindly look. He represents a person who is out to help you and is

coming towards you to do just that. You cannot help smiling when you look at the

funny figure. The smile on your face cheers you up. The effect is the same on every

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person who glances at this figure. Thus we consider this symbol as a harbinger of

happiness. Hence it is named Happy Buddha.

I have explained below, how some of these gadgets are believed to influence our



A good quality wind chime generates a gentle, pleasant chiming sound which

enters your ears through the gentle breeze.

Here the gentle breeze itself is relaxing. When coupled with a musical chiming

sound your mood is elevated and you become calm.


Even experts in psychology believe that watching the movements of a fish in a fish

tank can be very soothing and is an anti dote to mentally stressed. This is because

they are never in a hurry and gently move with grace from one point to other. This

unhurried, relaxed movement somehow transmits itself to a soothing vibration

telling us to slow down and relax. Hence the popularity of fish tank in house holds.


They are considered as the world’s most loyal male-female pair. They never change

their partner and always remain absolutely loyal to their spouse. When one of them

dies, the other refuses to cohabit with any other bird and invites death.

The placement of the pair in a bed room is believed to bring harmony into the lives

of married couples whose relationship may be under strain.

But you may say’ I never knew about them. How keeping those in the room will

help’. That is where according to Chinese the mysterious subconscious comes into

play. Sure, you have not heard about them and outwardly they mean nothing to


But your subconscious is carrying the impressions of a million years. Among these

impressions is the knowledge it has gained at some point of time about these

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wonderful birds. Hence the moment your eyes fall on the pair of mandarin ducks the

subconscious associates itself with a committed and happy married life. Your mind

compares at subconscious level the bliss of a happy married life with that of

conflict between the pair. It allows you to move towards amending the mistakes and

see a way for enjoying martial bliss.

Thus every fengshui gadget or symbol is believed to act by releasing helpful


Although fengshui gained popularity in a very short time in India and was eagerly

embraced by people today it has lost much of the interest once it attracted from the

public. This may be due to several reasons. Probably the expectation of those who

installed them was very high. Another reason could be an error in the selection of

the gadgets.

Fengshui devices are called cures. It is a very appropriate word. Just like for a

disease the cure is selected depending on the person and the nature of disease, the

gadget also should be selected depending on the kua number and the particular

problem which the person is facing. Similarly the placement of the gadget is of

paramount importance. When all these conditions are met with, there is a possibility

of success.

It should be recognized that in themselves the fengshui gadgets or symbols do not

release any energy. It only works on the principle of natural vibration. It therefore

becomes critical to make sure that the gadget is releasing positive vibrations.

For example by putting a wind chime in an obscure corner where there is hardly any

air movement, no vibration can get released. Neither the gadget chimes. People

believe that placement of the wind chime itself was enough which is not true.

Another important factor which results in a large number of failures is the fact that

the gadget may not be releasing any helpful vibration at all. In China, Fengshui

practitioners select and check the devices for helpful vibrations before giving it to

the intended person. In India people buy the gadgets in malls and shops where the

quality is suspect although they look alike with the genuine ones with the result the

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gadget may not be releasing any helpful vibration and just remains like a doll in the


As vibration and shape are at the root of the efficacy of a gadget, the origin

becomes important. Remember that a gadget need not be giving the same type of

vibration matching with its look. Depending on the sources of material that is used

to make the gadget, negativity can also get embedded in it during the

manufacturing process, as the raw material itself can be carrying a negative

vibration. Hence before using such raw material cleansing it by energy cleansing

method becomes important and essential.

Similarly the attitude of the person making it is very important. If the person is

under physical stress due to some disease or under mental strain due to personal

problems, the same negative vibration enters the gadget also and people who

unwittingly use it get no benefit and in fact open themselves for further negative


Even if a mentally and physically fir person makes the gadget all that one can say is

that the gadget is free from negativity. This is not the same as saying that the

gadget is giving positive vibration. It is necessary that a fengshui expert charges

the device with energy vibration related to solving the problem of the user.

This is probably the main reason why the rate of success is so low. And that

explains why the gadgets are slowly disappearing from the malls.


Fengshui gadgets have been there for hundreds of years. But they have not solved

the problem of one and all. We need a new class of gadgets which can release

energy by

processes which are different to Fengshui gadgets. Today we can work with

materials like gem stones, crystals ,pyramid crystals, magnetic materials, precious

metal powders etc which are capable of releasing a continuous, beneficial energy

irrespective of who handles it. In other words they are immune to such effects.

Page 19: Vaastu Corrections Without Demolitions

Further they can release a strong field that are heads and shoulders above any

ordinary vibration device.

For example, material like quartz releases energy when pressure is applied. This

energy is more intense and today in the modern electronics world there is no

device which does not use the property of quartz crystals for functioning.

By using a combination of raw materials which are similar to quartz and using

ancient wisdom of symbols a new range of energy devices have been developed.

If you are disappointed with fengshui gadgets then give them a try. You will be

amazed at their efficiency.


These are to be used before laying the flooring. The energy plate is about

8inchesx8inches x10mm thick. It consists of two plastic plates between which an

energy pad is moulded. It is sealed all round with aluminum foil.

After the base is prepared for laying the tile or granite flooring, place one plate in

each corner of every room. Thus each room needs four plates. Here only bed rooms

and living are to be considered. It is not required in kitchen (unless it is in the wrong

sector). It is also not required in toilets and bath rooms. Just place the plate in each

corner and cover the entire flooring with another cement layer before placing the

floor slab or tile.

Each energy plate releases a special type of energy which is not blocked by the

over laid flooring slab. Thus every room gets enveloped with a pyramid field and

you get all the benefits of pyramid energy in places where these are installed.

PRICE; Rs.2000.00 any where in India including postage.

SIZE;8" x 8”(Approx)

Thickness;About 8 mm

Page 20: Vaastu Corrections Without Demolitions

Weight;300 Gms


The Swastika symbol has been a subject of study for several years by the energy

scientists. According to one estimate the Swastika is capable of releasing over a

million Bovis units of energy where as the human potential is only 6500 Bovis.

Hence it can be a great source of energy at home.

It is commonly seen in front of the houses and temples. It is written more to fulfill an

ancient tradition but it is important to remember that the symbol is one of the most

energetic one given to the humanity by the ancient sages.

The problem is that the symbol itself is to be energized before it starts releasing the

vibrations. This is not done. In other words it has to be ‘lighted’ to make it release

the energy. It is more like a candle which is not lit. By using energy liberating

materials a symbol made in the form of Swastika becomes a dynamic source of


Page 21: Vaastu Corrections Without Demolitions

From the ancient times the Swastika symbol was recognized as divine and the use


prevalent both among the Hindu and Buddhists religions. It is believed to bring good

luck and happiness.

Page 22: Vaastu Corrections Without Demolitions

Here the Swastika is engraved on a plastic plate and the energy pad is fixed in such

a manner the energy is emitted in harmony with the swastika shape.


Place the symbol right opposite to your main door on the wall.

Another best way to use is to hang it near the Northeast corner where you can

easily see it.

You will find a real difference in your energy levels and things start looking brighter

in your life.

PRICE;Rs.2300.00 any where in India including postage.

SIZE;8" x 8*(Approx)

Thickness; 8 mm (approx)

Weight;300 Gms



This plate is especially suited for young couples looking for more vitality, martial

happiness and children.

Hang it towards your feet in the bed room.

The symbol represents the male sperm and the female egg, an energy symbol of

cosmic creation.

Page 23: Vaastu Corrections Without Demolitions

Price; Rs.2300.00 any where in India including postage.

SIZE;8" x 8”(Approx)

Page 24: Vaastu Corrections Without Demolitions

Thickness;About 8 mm

Weight;300 Gms


Ideal in business places. The symbol is the letter T. You are familiar with

the T square which was carried by the engineering students of yester

years. The letter T is for construction, growth, advancement and a bright


Page 25: Vaastu Corrections Without Demolitions

Hang it in your office right on the opposite wall at a height of seven feet.

It ensures increased business and contacts. Here also the energy pad is

Page 26: Vaastu Corrections Without Demolitions

inserted between two plastic sheets and the shape of T is engraved. The

red color makes the symbol more rich in energy.

Another important area to use the symbol is in the study rooms of kids. It

induces the aptitude to study hard and dream of becoming big. Remember

only a dreamer can grow in life.


Rs.2300.00 any where in India including postage.

SIZE;8" x 8”(Approx)

Thickness;About 8 mm

Weight;300 Gms


This is a very potent symbol representing the goat’s head – an ancient

symbol for wealth.

Here again the symbol is made potent by red color. The energy pack is

inserted between

two plastic plates with engraved symbol.

Hang it right behind you in your office room at a height of seven feet. This

is a wealth attracting symbol and highly recommended for a spurt in


Page 27: Vaastu Corrections Without Demolitions

Rs.2300.00 any where in India including postage.

SIZE;8" x 8”(Approx)

Page 28: Vaastu Corrections Without Demolitions

Thickness;About 8 mm

Weight;300 Gms


We all know that pyramids are natural sources of energy. The high power pyramids

are solid pyramids developed by us can cover a large area with pyramid energy. It

has indefinite life and is used to establish a protective energy field around the


FEATURES * Based on German research.

* Works on the principle that quartz releases energy under mechanical stress

* Solid construction

* Composite made of QuOartz crystal matrixes

* Binder made from precious stone powders

* Binder contains electrically sensitive metal powders

* Final bonding with Epoxy

* Not affected by weather conditions

* No fall in energy even after years of use.

* Endearing atmosphere when covered with this pyramid energy

* Throws an aura of protection to the inhabitants.

* Bother some professional /family /financial problems disappears miraculously

* Agricultural fields can be protected from pest attack

* Machinery break down /non cooperative labor problems get solved

* Property finds a buyer when you have problem in finding one.

* Occupants enjoy good health

* Keeps away evil minded people.

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* Easy to install as it is buried under the earth outside the house.

* Protects against earth radiation & sick building syndrome

* Job opportunities comes f you are looking for one.

* Career opens up for those who are frustrated.

* Solves problems in finding a buyer


Your life health and fortunes are linked to your house !

Strange as it may appear this is absolutely true. The structure in which you live has

an effect on your health, wellbeing , longevity, wealth, relationships -in short on all

aspects of your life.

This concept is not new. It was discovered by ancient Indians who carefully

observed the effect of dwellings on the inhabitants. This science was named Vaastu

and is believed to be about 5000 years old.

The word 'vaastu' is derived from Sanskrit, the language of scholars in ancient India

and means 'A structure built from materials on earth for housing’

But how?

As you are aware the earth spins on its axis which is North-South. Perpendicular it is

East-West where we daily see the Sun rise and Sun set. These directions are called

cardinal directions. The corner directions lie at an angle of 45 Degrees. Thus

between North &East is Northeast, between South and West is Southwest and so on.

Thus there are four cardinal and four corner directions.

Each direction is basically a force formed by a combination of gravity, wind

movement, sun light and water flow above the ground and is termed 'directional

force'. Each directional force has a positive' and 'negative' half and exists in

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absolute harmony with the two half's having equal and opposite polarities.

On an open ground all the directional forces are at play and exist in harmony. That

is the reason you feel invigorated when you are in natural environment like

mountain tops, hill tops, cultivated land, forests etc.

A building comes in the way of flow of these natural forces. Depending upon the

openings like windows and doors the strength of the directional forces becomes a

variable with some becoming stronger and others weaker. Thus an imbalanced

atmosphere gets created inside a building.

When you construct a building you have to keep an entry door compulsorily. At the

best you may have one more door for accessing the back yard. In this scenario only

two directional forces at best can enter the building and the remaining is shut off.

Depending on the position of the doors the directional energy entering the building

affects the field inside.

As stated earlier each directional force has both negative and positive parts. If the

doors are so placed then the positive half of a directional force enters the building

then you have a positive atmosphere in your house which means positive health,

positive growth, positive relationships and prosperity .On the contrary if the house

main door faces the negative part of any direction then a negative atmosphere

settles in the structure with all aspects of life becoming negative.

You can read more about this interesting subject by going to my site and by downloading the book.

Now we shall see what happens when the house opens itself for a wrong directional


Negative North; litigation, misunderstandings, lack of harmony, restless

Negative South; Loss of health, Chronic Diseases, delayed recovery,

Negative West Loss of money in business

Negative East; Surgery / accidents

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Similarly inside a building the intensity of each directional force gets affected

depending on the placement of utilities.

This is especially important on the Northeast-Southwest line. Toilets, elevated

/depressed levels and sloped roofs affect the field inside.,

For example a toilet in the wrong corner of your bed room gives rise to Diseases as


Southeast Bed Room with Northeast Toilet- Breast Cancer

Southwest bed Room with Southwest Toilet -Heart Attack

Northwest Bed Room with Northeast Toilet -Brain Cancer

Northeast Bed Room with Northeast Toilet ; Blood Cancer

Northwest Bed Room with Southwest Toilet; Nervous Diseases

In general a toilet in the Southwest corner of your bedroom results in chronic

diseases related to heart, diabetes, kidney and stomach ailments .

Toilets in Northeast results in Cancer, spinal chord problems, Joint diseases etc.

You can make a sample study yourself to verify the truths of these statements.

Similarly if you are sleeping in a room with roof sloping towards West Or South you

will be facing repeated health problems, un-refreshing sleep, insomnia, nightmares

etc. Students in such rooms do not fare well in their studies. Business carried out in

such places run into loss.

So also is the case if the level of Northeast corner is raised and/or if the Southwest

corner is depressed.

In all these cases it is practically impossible to undo the structural mistakes. It is

also not easy to change residences or business places..

The Hi Power Pyramid is developed using German technology to circumvent the

problem. It is made of quartz crystals, special combination of gem powders, metal

coils of different metals moulded in adhesive base to release a powerful energy

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radiation from the center. The pyramid is buried at a depth of 6inches after making

a small hole of 9inch depth and 6x6 square. The alignment of the pyramid is

extremely important. The face marked 'North' should face North direction. A small

compass to enable you to identify North Direction is also supplied with the parcel.

In case of apartments/condos the pyramid is buried in an earthen pot. You can place

plastic flowers or plant to camouflage it and blend with the interiors of the room.

By installing four such pyramids in all the four corner of the house /premises the

entire building comes under the influence of a protective pyramid energy field. All

the defects of wrong levels and placements are completely negated. Your home will

become a healthy happy home and your business a flourishing one.

The size of pyramid which is a solid one is only 4x4x3inches. and weighs about a

pound. These are sent by airmail post to your address. A sketch showing the

installation details is also sent with the parcel.


   Just bury one each in one corner away from the corner of the building at a

distance of 2 to 4 feet. at a depth of one foot. Cover the rest of the pit with mud.

Only four pyramids are needed irrespective of size for Independent bungalows,

Town homes, single family homes, apartments, condos. In case of apartments the

pyramid is buried in a plastic or mud pot and kept in the corners. Cost of Pyramid

Each including postage any where in the world.$99.00 each

Price; Rs.3000.00 any where in India including postage.

SIZE;4” x 4” x 3”(Approx)

Weight;500 Gms

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A Unique Power Device For Positive Energy


Features Of Octagonal Power Pyramid


*Dimensions worked out and finalized based on computer models.

*Attracts energy from all 8 directions.

* Specially designed power module emits high intensity orgone energy

*This energy gets integrated with Pyramid energy giving rich

   positive energy.

* Body made out of strong fiberglass reinforced plastic.

*Lasts indefinitely

* Can energize a normal home when placed  in Northeast.

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*Can be left in place as long as desired. 

[email protected]



1.Relief from aches & pains when placed in the

Southwest corner of the bed room.

2.Quick recovery from illnesses

3.Children falling sick every other day will be infection free.

4.Protects against accidents.

5.Members feel lively ,energetic.

6.Good general health of all inhabitants.

7. Negativity in house gets reduced.

8.Things long pending picks up momentum. 

9.Strife reduced considerably.

10.Establishes loving cheerful atmosphere. 


Burying the pyramid in Brahmasthan ensures speedy and fast completion of the

building .Believed to protect the inhabitants from all types of problems.

Rs.2000.00 any where in India including postage.

SIZE;7 “ x 11 “ (Approx)

Weight;600 Gms

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Energy Threshold For Wrong Entry Positions

A major vaastu defect can arise in the following cases whether it is an

apartment or independent building or an office.

1. Entry door or exit door in

a. Northwest of North,

b. East of Southeast,

c. West Of Southwest and

d. South of Southwest.

2. Toilets in Southwest corner or northeast corner of the house.

3. Attached toilets in the Northeast or Southwest of the bed room.

4. Entry door facing lift or staircase.

In all the above cases a negative energy field spreads out and fills the

structure. The effect of these defects are as under:

1. Entry door in North Of Northwest- financial loss, litigation,

misunderstandings, becomes a victim of cheating.

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2. Entry door in East of Southeast - Accidents, Fires, surgeries,

matrimonial discard.

3. Entry door in West Of Southwest- Tight finances, Health of Male


4. Entry door in South of Southwest- Tight Finances, health of senior

female member affected.

5. Toilet in Southwest Corner of the house - Heart problems/losing money

6. Toilet in Northeast corner of the house - Sickness /poverty

7. Toilet in Southwest corner of attached toilet -Heart attack

8. Toilet in Northeast corner of bed room - Chronic illness

9. Entry door facing lift /stairs- every problem gets magnified.

In all these cases an Energy Threshold is a satisfactory solution to solve the


The threshold is a plastic box done with teakwood color. It comes in Lengths

of 24'',30''and 36'' to suit different size doors. If there is threshold it is fixed

in front of the door to serve as a threshold. If there is a threshold already

then this threshold is placed either above it or by its side. A little MSEAL is

used to fix it in place.

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The energy threshold holds different crystals under pressure so that a

continuous energy gets liberated from its surface. This effectively bars the

negative energy be it from the toilet or the wrong direction of the main door

entering the structure.

Price; Rs.3000.00 any where in India including postage.

SIZE;3” x 2” X 24” or 30” or 36 “

Thickness;About two inches

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Weight;500 Gms

For more details contact author.



-IMMUNITY -Day Long Protection from harmful radiations.

The I-IMMUNITY is one of the greatest inventions of modern times. We have all seen how bad vaastu affects the subtle energy fields resulting in lack of peace of mind, Impaired health and disturbed relationships.

This disturbance arises due to the atmosphere in which we live. Some times .when a person resides in a structure which is against vaastu principles. The disturbed atmosphere inside the building disturbs the flow of Yin & Yang inside the body which affects both the body and mind. While the effect on the body is experienced in

the form of fatigue, restless sleep and lack of appetite which makes way for the development of more serious and chronic ailments the effect on the mind leads to disinterestedness, lack of drive ,lack of ideas and robs the person the pleasure of work and happiness in what he is doing.

It is also possible that the reasons for your problems do not lie in the structure at all. After all being a busy executive you do not get all the time to spend in your cozy house. More often than not it is just a couple of hours at night (which even that, the handsome salaried BPO executives. deny themselves) only to dash off into the vortex of the pressure center from morning till late in the evening.

Even when a person notices these disturbances there are no easy way outs for him. Either it is meditation or seeking psychiatric help. These are not easy paths to take and hence one is likely to suffer in silence and his helplessness comes out in the way of irritation which others find it hard to accept and therefore shy away from him.

The modern fast paced of life, pressures at work, financial pressures and social pressures and the very act of wearing a smile while driving in our highly congested roads, the very acting of trying to meet the expectations in the work, the very act of trying to be a good husband and a dutiful father are enough to make the life of every one stressful and unbearable.

We need a simple device which can establish a protective shield to our body from all these assaults. First we need a serene mind which remains undisturbed from the pressures all-round. If we are in such a mind automatically we breathe health to our body and thus both mind and body arte healthy.

(The two faces of I-IMMUNITY)

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The device has been extensively tested in the leading institutions the world over. Developed in Australia the inventor traveled worldwide and even the Indian Institute Of Science, Bangalore has tested this device. Dalai Lama and Sri Satya Sai Baba have blessed the device.

The I-IMMUNITY is not a mantrik or numbojumbo device and is not ritualistic. On the other hand it is made by applying the advanced principles of electromagnetism in micro circuits which responds to the body electricity and establishes a rhythm in the energy circulating in the body. The device effectively achieves a balance in the Yin & Yang forces that circulate inside the body there by ensuring a return to sound health of mind and body without any conscious effort on the wearer's part.

The I-IMMUNITY is a unique device which was scientifically designed to bring 'matter' in better harmony with it's 'pre-material blueprint' and counteract electromagnetic radiation which can be detrimental to our health and well-being.

The I-IMMUNITY is an active device and strengthens your own internal harmonic vibrations through the Universal law of entrainment. The device reduces negative effects caused by mobile phones, overhead power lines, VDU's, geopathic zones, vaastu defects, electrical appliances, people around us, etc. and helps generally to reduce stress. Tests conducted at various Universities and institutes have shown the beneficial effect on various forms of matter. Scientists, clairvoyants and religious leaders support the device

I-IMMUNITY is a Field Effect Device (FED) and has a harmonizing effect on matter through the 'morphogenetic field', the aether, pre-physical energy, zero point energy...or whatever other name people give the 'energy which was before matter and out of which all matter consists' (E=mc2). Physical expressions of the infinite information contained in that 'field' can be encouraged to appear more perfect in physical reality once these 'expressions' are brought into better alignment or harmony with their blueprint (see R. Sheldrake, R. Steiner, R. Gerber and many others).

Some general customer comments

Reduced stress levels - Less worries - More restful sleep - Happier and better able to cope with life - Sometimes amazing improvement in feeling of well-being - Pain behind the ear associated with the use of mobile phones disappears in some cases within seconds

'Sensitive' people can feel the energy coming from the device - gentle, smooth, warm is what they mainly say.


The cost of I-IMMUNITY is Rs.3000/- including postage. It is in the form of a small

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pendent. A leather string is supplied along with it. Wear it like a mala. Make sure the circuit face is in touch with your body.

Contact A.R.Hari .Details given elsewhere in the website. Mobile;9448411209