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Sketchnotes from workshop and conference talks at UXLx 2013 in Lisbon.

Transcript of UXLx 2013 sketchnotes

  • 1. Sketchnotesfrom UXLx 2013by Per Axbom@axbomAll made in thePaper app on an iPad(4th gen), with aBamboo stylus.

2. WorkshopsKelly GotoJames MacanufoJon Kolko 3. Conference talksJon Kolko Claire RowlandKelly Goto Dan SafferKaren McGrane Giles ColborneSandra Fisher-Martins Aarron WalterOliver Reichenstein Luke Wroblewski 4. OthersLightning sketchnotes for the Lightning talkSimple Sketchnotes = Big Businessby Louise KlinkerA sketch of Jeff Gothelf after Isnuck into his afternoon workshop. 5. Thats it for UXLx 2013.See you next year!Connect with me on axbom.com/connectand catch my lightning talk ataxbom.com/eliminateBig thanks to Bruno& the crew!