UWS Corporate Strategy


Transcript of UWS Corporate Strategy



We want students to come to UWS from home and around the world to enjoy a transformative, international learning experience that impacts fundamentally on their lives and helps them achieve their ambitions for the future.

UWSAMBItIoNS:Through leading-edge teaching and the provision of contemporary and inspirational learning environments, our person-centred approach to learning will prepare UWS students for a rewarding future.

We also understand that academic learning is only part of the experience of university life, and the availability of extra-curricular opportunities such as sport, volunteering and citizenship will help equip UWS graduates with the life-skills to make their mark across the globe and be advocates for the UWS learning experience.

UWS graduates will be work-ready, have globally relevant skills and be the employees of choice for businesses around the world because of their enthusiasm for learning and their ability to transfer knowledge into practice. Through this, UWS graduates will be leaders in the world.

The UWS international research presence and our partnership working with business will inform and propel our learning provision. We will foster a culture of enterprise that will support economic growth locally and globally.

With our students central to everything we do at UWS, together we will dream, believe and achieve.

Professor Craig Mahoney Principal and Vice-Chancellor


Our purpose is to change lives, transform communities and encourage enterprise through outstanding, distinctive and progressive higher education. Our focus is on personalised learning experiences supported by internationally recognised research. UWS graduates will be work-ready and contribute locally and globally.

UWS pURpoSE: 01.







Providing student-centred, personalised and distinctive learning and teaching experiences underpinned by professionally relevant research, knowledge exchange and enterprise

Being a proudly different university where ambition and success are at the heart of what we do

Fostering the resilience and learning skills of our students by providing a supportive, encouraging and inspirational learning environment

Developing a culture where our people are supported to be highly motivated, creative and collaborative

Making a difference to the communities we serve - in Scotland and across the globe

Taking managed intelligent risks to benefit our student experience and organisational performance



At UWS WE ADHERE to A SEt oF tRUtHS IN ALL tHAt WE Do:/ We are here for our students / Our teaching is our passion, and it

reaches to the future

/ We understand that a graduate career is important to our students

/ We are a knowledge-rich organisation

/ We believe in partnership with business (private, public and global)

/ We are an international university

/ UWS is a great place to work and study

/ We are an inclusive organisation that welcomes and values diversity

/ UWS is a university that dares to be different


DREAMINgWe will deliver personalised and transformative higher education and ensure that our students enjoy a rounded experience at UWS that includes exciting, extra-curricular activities such as sport, volunteering and citizenship.

We will achieve this through investment in, and enhancement of, our teaching methods, environments and technologies to put our students, and their success, at the heart of everything we do.

/ Deliver teaching that is based on contemporary approaches to learning and is constantly scanning for improvements that make our students capable of transferring knowledge into practice

/ Ensure our policies enable student success/ Work closely with schools and other educational

providers (at home and internationally) to facilitate seamless transition to UWS

/ Provide learner pathways that are student-centred and facilitate academic progress where (for our undergraduates) honours qualification is the norm with accessible opportunities for postgraduate and doctoral studies

/ Build partnerships with business that support the development and delivery of our programmes, placements for our students and encourage our commitment to our students being work-ready

/ Transform opportunities for our students through the delivery of outstanding, distinctive and progressive higher education

/ Invest in learning and teaching infrastructure including information technology, libraries and social provision that supports our ambitions to be a sector leader in personalised learning

/ Embed employability, graduate attributes, volunteering and citizenship across all programmes

/ Provide a supportive learning environment that ensures maximum student engagement and promotes pride in being a UWS student

/ Maximise student engagement in the life of the University through involvement in programme development, sport and wellbeing initiatives through partnership working with our Students’ Association

/ Secure a substantial change in our students’ level of success

/ Ensure our graduates will be highly employable and able to make a difference locally and globally


BELIEVINgTo achieve our ambitions we will:

ACHIEVINgwe will:


/ Indicator - % undergraduate students progressing from Level 9 (Ordinary Degree) to Level 10 (Honours Degree)* AIm: 25% increase by AY 19/20^

/ Indicator - % FT first degree students projected to receive an award~ AIm: 90% by AY 19/20

/ Indicator - % graduates entering professional / managerial employment AIm: 80% by AY 19/20

/ Indicator - % students expressing ‘overall satisfaction’ in the National Student Survey AIm: 95% by AY 19/20.

/ Indicator - % of students undertaking postgraduate / doctoral studies AIm: 20% by AY 19/20


*where Honours available. By AY 19/20 intention to have Honours provision available for all UG programmes^on AY 12/13 to AY 13/14 progression from L9 to L10 baseline

~or formally transfer




Our moU with Oxfam Scotland

UWS sports academics are playing a key role in research that could provide clear evidence on ways to improve the health and wellbeing of Scotland’s children through better quality physical education. Researchers from the Institute of Clinical Exercise and Health Science, in collaboration with South Lanarkshire Council, NHS Lanarkshire, University of Glasgow and South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture are hoping that their research will lead to the implementation of fitness strategies that can be carried out during school hours to improve the future fitness of Scotland’s schoolchildren.UWS



UWS’s international activity includes collaborative delivery in Nanjing, China with Nanjing University of Information, Science and Technology; under an agreement set up in 2010, UWS academics deliver modular study in Nanjing to our partner institution students to help prepare them for future study in Scotland. UWS students have also visited Nanjing on exchange to gain valuable insight into life and study in China and to build closer links with their Chinese peers.

UWS’s Thin Film Centre provides a unique service for industry and academia in research and

development of thin film properties and applications. Researchers in the Centre are part of a collaborative

Scottish research team searching for gravitational waves - one of astronomy’s most elusive targets.

These ripples in spacetime, predicted by Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity, are thought to be caused by

massive events, such as exploding stars or merging black holes. The techniques being developed in astrophysics

have also been transformational in the area of stem cell differentiation, where the team has developed a new technique called “nanokicking,” which can grow bone in the lab from stem

cells taken from adult patients.

The Business School’s Volunteering Academy is enhancing student experience by involving

students with our local communities. It is improving the employment prospects of the

long-term unemployed by offering training courses run entirely by students. Seminars have already

been delivered at UWS Hamilton Campus helping to improve the skillset of participants and assist in their professional development. The Academy has

also seen the creation of a hub of charities to act as a first point of contact between students and the third

sector, presenting them with valuable work experience whilst also giving charities the chance to tap into the skills

acquired by the students themselves.

Our ground-breaking partnership with Oxfam Scotland seeks to deliver

new solutions for a fairer Scotland. The initiative – believed to be the first of

its kind – sees development of a number of areas of collaboration: in addition to research and knowledge exchange, the

partnership has resulted in creation of a policy forum, bringing together key contributors from across a range of public, private and voluntary

bodies, aiming to contribute to the development of a more equitable and sustainable Scotland.

Online learning on our MEd Artist Teacher is providing

teachers and others working in education, the opportunity

to refresh their thinking on how their own visual arts practice

can be measured against the ‘real world’ contexts of contemporary

art and culture. The professionally accredited course, run in partnership

with Glasgow Museums and the National Society for Education in Art and Design, helps develop a community of practice

which is sustainable and supportive and ultimately driven by the challenges faced by art and design teachers in the 21st century.

In collaboration with Alzheimer Scotland, UWS has established The Alzheimer Scotland Centre for Policy and Practice, and is playing a key role in aiding implementation of Scotland’s National Dementia Strategy (2013-16). UWS also aims to become a Dementia Friendly University; recognising and responding to the needs of those whose lives are affected by the condition. Dementia-related teaching is well-integrated into our nursing curriculum and UWS won the Best Educational Initiative at Scotland’s Dementia Awards 2013, in recognition of its work in ‘preparing the nurses of the future.’

KNoWLEDgE-RICHResearch activity in sport

AN INtERNAtIoNAL UNIVERSItYComputing delivery in China

KNoWLEDgE-RICHInnovative research


Student volunteering


A creative online forum

pARtNERSHIp WoRKINgwith Alzheimer Scotland

With state-of-the-art broadcasting, recording and performance facilities; collaboration with Scotland’s biggest media employers; and some of the highest levels of accreditation in the sector, our creative industries provision at UWS aims to put our students at a distinct advantage in the industry. Our partnerships with the CCA: Centre for Contemporary Arts and Film City, Glasgow and our Media Academy Knowledge Exchange provide the ideal opportunity for students and staff to network, collaborate and contribute to each other’s professional development.

A gREAt pLACE to StUDYState-of-the-art facilities


DREAMINgOur international research presence and our partnership with business will inform and propel our learning provision and create an enterprise culture that will support economic growth locally and globally.

Through the strengthening of our academic excellence and application of our academic expertise we will significantly increase turnover, broaden income streams and contribute to the international development of knowledge.

/ Promote vibrant research communities, underpinning the student learning experience and providing a stimulating environment in which staff and students can work and develop

/ Concentrate our research activities so that we make best use of expertise and promote applied and inter-disciplinary research

/ Support staff to share their research outputs in order to maximise impact and contribute to the international development of knowledge

/ Improve the success ratio of grant applications to awards by enhancing our support for academics

/ Pursue enterprise, research and business development activity that will drive our aspiration to become a more diverse and entrepreneurial organisation, helping us to significantly increase turnover

/ We will have an international research presence that contributes significantly to income generation and our academics will contribute to the international development of knowledge through increased peer-reviewed research outputs

/ Re-focus our business development, consultancy and knowledge exchange capacity to promote more international activity. We will ensure that we become the ‘go to’ institution for knowledge exchange, support (including CPD), consultancy and the broader needs of our regional stakeholders and businesses

/ Create engagement approaches and infrastructure that ensure a more customer-focused experience for our business and industry stakeholders at home and internationally

/ Promote an environment where innovation is transformed into action and business opportunities for the University and its staff and students

/ We will build a strategic partnership portfolio with businesses (public, private and global) and other higher education establishments providing services of value and which contribute to the prosperity of the University.

BELIEVINgTo achieve our ambitions we will:


KEY pERFoRMANCE INDICAtoRS(Research, Enterprise and Engagement)

/ Indicator - number of peer-reviewed outputs

AIm: Increase the number of peer-reviewed outputs to 200 per annum by 2015, and thereafter continue to extend this in terms of numbers and significance (i.e. citations, impact and quality)

/ Indicator – spread of peer-reviewed outputs across academic staff

AIm: 100% of academic staff to contribute to peer-reviewed outputs by AY 19/20

/ Indicator – enterprise activity AIm: Create at least 15 UwS start-up and

spin-out businesses through incubator support by AY 19/20

ReseaRch, enteRpRise and engagement:


DREAMINgWe will be an international university that provides a springboard for all our learners to contribute globally.

We will deliver an academic portfolio that provides our students with globally relevant skills, is internationally attractive and contributes to global reach.

/ Internationalise our student body, our staff, our culture, our research and our academic portfolio ensuring it is central to the transformative impact we wish to have on the lives of our students, our staff and our communities locally and globally

/ Create capacity and a dynamic new focus for our international activity. By identifying and prioritising international markets and partner institutions, we will provide strong in-country delivery options. We will also offer an increased range of transnational education (TNE) provision and enrolments

/ Nurture UWS’ global brand and provide opportunities for international learners to become part of UWS by promoting international scholarships and flexible approaches to the learning experience

/ As an organisation, we will make a global contribution

/ We will have an internationalised organisational culture and student body by AY 19/20

/ We will raise the aspirations, confidence and employability of our students and make them more able to play their part in global society

/ Prioritise and invest in a cultural, qualitative and quantitative shift in the opportunities for our home students to undertake international study visits or international work experience

/ Internationalise and enhance the learning experience through broadened language provision

/ Develop and support our staff (academic and professional services) to deliver an internationalised curriculum, learning experience and TNE

/ Enhance and support international collaborative activity across all areas of our learning, teaching, research and enterprise

/ Ensure that our professional support services are configured and resourced to support our global reach ambitions

/ We will have an internationalised curriculum that reflects a culture of global outlook and transforms the life-chances of our graduates


BELIEVINgwe will:



/ Indicator - % non-EU students enrolled (at our domestic campuses) AIm: 20% of total student population by end AY 19/20

/ Indicator – number of students enrolled on UWS degrees through TNE / online arrangements AIm: 3000 students enrolled by end AY 19/20

/ Indicator - % undergraduate and taught postgraduate students undertaking a scholarly or professional international experience AIm: 80% uptake by end AY 19/20 (from 100% offer)

/ Indicator - % staff undertaking a scholarly or professional international experience AIm: 80% by end AY 19/20 (100% offer)


DREAMINgUWS will achieve its strategic ambition through its people.

We look principally to our staff to deliver educational empowerment, through teaching, learning and research - encouraging them to demonstrate intellectual and professional leadership.

We see the values of independent critical thinking, intellectual challenge and debate as fundamental to our future.

We operate in a supportive, disciplined and demanding environment where staff develop and contribute through self-motivation and inspiration and a shared drive for success and development.

BELIEVINgwe will:

/ Ensure our people are engaged in the shared UWS vision, ambition and truths and are focused on supporting the success of our students

/ Strengthen our reputation as a great place to work and study/ Enhance our leadership and management capability/ Promote creativity and empower our people to be the best

they can be/ Develop an enterprise culture through a new people and

organisational framework, which recognises and rewards creativity, entrepreneurship and professional practice

ACHIEVINgwe will:

/ Be recognised as a university that is sector-leading in developing its staff

/ Recruit and retain the best people with a creative reward and recognition framework

/ Develop our systems, processes and approaches to ensure they are customer focused, efficient and flexible



/ Indicator - UWS to receive national recognition for staff engagement AIm: Achieve a national award for staff engagement by end AY 19/20

/ Indicator - UWS to receive national recognition for advancing women’s careers in academia AIm: Achieve Athena SwAN Silver accreditation by end AY 19/20

• Indicator - % academic staff with HEA Fellowship Aim: 100% by end AY 19/20

• Indicator - % new academic staff with Doctoral qualification (or time-limited commitment to complete a Doctoral qualification) AIm: 100% from AY 14/15

/ Indicator - % all academic staff with Doctoral qualification (or time-limited commitment to complete a Doctoral qualification) AIm: 70% by end AY 19/20

/ Indicator - % staff with a Continuing Professional Learning (CPL) Plan AIm: 100% by end AY 19/20


DREAMINgThrough growth and efficiency, UWS will significantly increase its turnover for the purpose of developing academic excellence, supportive teaching, research growth and global reach.

UWS will have contemporary and sustainable learning environments, great students and excellent staff.

/ Increase substantially our income and turnover through academic excellence and international development

/ Ensure our students undertake their studies in a contemporary and sustainable 21st century learning environment

/ Develop a 7-year financial plan that demonstrates the robust affordability of our ambitions and profiles the growth in our income and investment in our staff and infrastructure to secure success

/ Deliver an estates maintenance and development master plan that stretches sector norms to develop progressive learning environments

/ Double our income by AY 19/20 to enable us to invest in our learners, our staff and our environment

/ Provide sustainable 21st century learning environments

/ Ensure our approach to information services and infrastructure is focused on being sector leading in the provision of the personalised learning experience

/ Embed sustainability in our estates and make changes to how we work to minimise environmental impact

/ Ensure our regulatory and organisational governance arrangements are structured as enablers for change and success


BELIEVINgwe will:


KEY pERFoRMANCE INDICAtoRS(money and Infrastructure)

/ Indicator - turnover AIm: £200m p.a. by end AY 19/20

/ Indicator - % of income spent on staffing AIm: % of income spent on staffing to reflect selected benchmark institutional norms by AY 19/20

/ Indicator – estates (maintenance) AIm: By 2020 ensure through a robust planned and preventative maintenance programme that the estate is operationally fit for purpose

/ Indicator – estates (learning environment) AIm: The UwS estate presents a contemporary and high quality learning environment by 2020

/ Indicator - % reduction in carbon emissions AIm: 20% reduction by AY 19/20*

* on AY 13/14 baseline



We are constantly developing practical ways in which academic success can inspire and benefit others - individuals, the professional communities we are connected to and the region to which we belong.

We empower people to lead. We equip our students to be the mentors of the future – to exercise leadership, inspire others, and share learning and globally relevant skills.

UWS has a proud record in delivering work-ready graduates and effective partnerships with industry and the public sector.

We believe in the transforming power of active learning and engagement. We treat students as individuals, active partners in learning, and potential leaders in their fields or professions.

We offer pathways to learning which are not merely vocational or subject-based, but develop students’ wider ability to think critically, challenge received wisdom and develop independently in their future careers.

We empower people to share knowledge; our goals are high academic attainment and research excellence.