UWE Racing's 2014 Class 1 Launch Event Presentation

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These are the slides that were used in conjunction with presentations for the UWE Racing UWE2014 launch event. The video of the event will be uploaded shortly onto our YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/uweracing Please do check us out. The motivating and inspirational talks from the heads of department, the Institute of Mechanical Engineers’ George Hopkins, The Pro Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean Professor Paul Olomolaiye, and concluding of the unveiling of the UWER2014 Chassis by the Chair of the South Gloucestershire Council Ian Boulton. The team presented all of our hard work put in during the long days and nights that preceded the event, with presentations from all of the design leaders, along with business’ Costing, Planning and Marketing leaders. These were well received by both the department and most importantly the industry leaders who attended the event.

Transcript of UWE Racing's 2014 Class 1 Launch Event Presentation

  • Team Manager: Callum Lindsay Deputy Team Manager: Abbie Grange Faculty Advisor: Rohitha Weerasinghe
  • Dr Catherine Hobbs PhD, FIMA, CMath Head of Department: Engineering Design and Mathematics
  • Dr John Lanham Associate Dean International & External Partnerships Faculty of Environment & Technology Director Bloodhound@University
  • George Hopkins Engineering Manager HiETA Technologies Ltd
  • FORMULA STUDENT - Who am I? - What is Formula Student? - History - At the competition - More than just a competition!!
  • GEORGE HOPKINS - FS team 2002 2004 University of Wales Swansea - FS volunteer 2005 present - Race in hill climbs and sprints 2006 present - Engineer Delphi 2005 2012 - Engineering Manager HiETA Technologies 2012 present
  • HISTORY 1981 Formula SAE in the US was born 1998 Formula Student came to the UK 2006 Ross Brawn became the FS Patron 2007 FS moves to Silverstone 2008 Class 1A introduced 2012 Class 1A and Class 1 merged
  • Design Event (150 Pts) Dynamic Events (5 events, 1,000 Pts) Scrutineering Cost Event (100 Pts) Static vs. Dynamic Business Presentation (75 Pts)
  • Design Event
  • Cost Event
  • FORMULA STUDENT, MORE THAN JUST A COMPETITION! Live Engineering Volunteers University Business Partnerships Recruitment
  • FORMULA STUDENT 2013 - 10 13 July 2014, Silverstone - Typically 100 teams - 30 different countries - 16th Year
  • Abbie Grange Deputy Team Manager 3rd Year Motorsport Engineering
  • 2011/2012 2013/2014 2012/2013
  • Chassis Lateral Chassis FEA Team Leader: Joshua Minto Longitudinal Chassis FEA Torsional Chassis FEA
  • Suspension Team Leader: Oliver De Garston
  • Power Train Team Leader: Adam Laver
  • Ancillaries Team Leader: Darren Bateman
  • Aerodynamics Team Leader: Andrew Adams
  • Electronics
  • Project Planning
  • Costing Aerodynamics Suspension Ancillaries 5,649 2,311 5,620 5,599 Electrics 5,175 Powertrain 1,626 Marketing
  • Marketing Team Sponsorship to Date for 2013/2014
  • Marketing Team Sponsors
  • Marketing Raffle Sponsors
  • Prof Paul Olomolaiye Pro Vice Chancellor & Executive Dean Environment and Technology
  • Dr Rohitha Weerasinghe Senior Lecturer Faculty of FET PhD MIMeche Ceng Faculty Advisor UWE Racing
  • Thank you for your time