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Donors Raise More Than $263 Million Templetons’ Help Graduate Students Callier Honors McCullough

Transcript of UT Dallas Momentum Fall 2014

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    I n T h I s I ss u e F A L L 2 0 1 4C A M P A I G n n e W s F R O M T h e u n I V e R s I T Y O F T e X A s A T D A L L A s

    Another Record YearJalonick Familys LegacyCallier Honors


    In The Community

    Campaign Concluding with Unprecedented Support

    Mrs. Edith ODonnellNancy Gundy Davidson BS80 and Charles Davidson MS80

    ALUMnI AnD FrIEnDS SET AnOTHEr rECOrD THIS yEAr, giving $78.9

    million to sustain the Universitys drive to become a Tier One research

    institution. With these gifts, donors successfully pushed past the goal of UT

    Dallas first comprehensive fundraising campaign to raise $200 million by

    Dec. 31, 2014. To date, more than $263 million has been raised to assist

    students, support research and strengthen the endowment.

    During the five-year Realize the Vision campaign, the endowment has

    doubled to $387 million and increased by more than 220 new endowed

    funds. This final year of the campaign was marked by several

    transformational gifts.

    A major gift commitment from Nancy Gundy Davidson BS80 and Charles

    Davidson MS80 will benefit the Universitys more than 80,000 alumni. The

    gift will be used to construct the DavidsonGundy Alumni Center, a doorway

    to the future for students and alumni. Overland Partners will design the

    center, which will feature a ballroom, conference rooms, alumni relations

    offices and outdoor event space.

    Located just north of the naveen Jindal School of Management, this new

    facility not only will benefit alumni and students but also will serve as a

    resource to the community and as a complement to the Edith ODonnell Arts

    and Technology Building Lecture Hall.

    The Davidsons gift will enable the University to hire more staff and to

    greatly expand its alumni engagement program, providing additional

    benefits and networking opportunities for alumni.

    In addition to the new alumni center, the study of art history at UT Dallas will

    bloom through another recent gift.

    Mrs. Edith ODonnell, a champion of education and the arts in Texas, gave

    $17 million to establish the Edith ODonnell Institute of Art History. The gift

    will fund Dr. Richard Brettells position as director, 10 graduate research

    fellowships, four distinguished chairs and an endowed research and

    program fund. The institute will be housed in the Edith ODonnell Arts and

    Technology Building, which was dedicated in her name last year. As the

    Realize the Vision campaign draws to an end, the timing of these two gifts

    sends a positive and inspirational message, said President David E.

    Daniel. These are some of our most generous and longtime donors, but I

    know they have been inspired to see so many others step forward to

    support our Tier One aspirations. We are grateful, and know both of

    these gifts will have a transformational impact on UT Dallas.

    As friends propel UT Dallas forward, more alumni are also stepping up to

    help. During the course of the campaign, the number of alumni who give to

    the University has doubled. Participation by alumni in annual giving to the

    University is a factor in many external rankings of university quality, such as

    those by U.S. News & World Report. To the thousands of alumni and other

    friends who have supported this campaign, we cannot thank you enough,

    said President Daniel. Philanthropic support is one of the biggest keys to

    our future, and this campaign has made our future even brighter.

    Growth of the endowment

    New funds will provide scholarships, fellowships, faculty chairs and professorships

  • the university of texas at dallas2


    AUDITOrIUM, two women quietly take their seats on the

    front row. This is the 16th time they have attended this

    event but it still feels like the very first one. The pride on

    their faces is unmistakable as they watch more and more

    people stream in. More than half of the large auditorium is

    full of veterans, children of veterans and younger people

    anxious to hear the speaker.

    For most, the George W. Jalonick III and Dorothy Cockrell

    Jalonick Memorial Distinguished Lecture Series is an

    opportunity to learn about aviation history. year after year,

    Eugene McDermott Librarys Special Collections

    Department hosts the event and brings in notable

    speakers, touching a vast range of topics and events in

    aviation history. For sisters-in-law Mary Jalonick and Sally

    Ann Hudnall, this lecture is more than just another social

    event. It is a nod to two people they loved dearly, George

    and Dorothy Jalonick.

    George and Dorothy were Sally Anns parents and Marys

    in-laws. The elder Jalonicks had a long history of

    philanthropy and community service in the Dallas

    community. George was a descendant of a prominent

    business family as well as a pilot and the majority owner

    of the Southwest Airmotive Company, a Dallas company

    that overhauled jet engines for major airlines and

    distributed aviation parts. He was a well-known and

    respected member of various aviation committees,

    including the advisory board for the History of Aviation

    Collection in McDermott Librarys Special Collections

    Department. His longtime love, Dorothy, was right by his

    side through it all. She also came from an established

    family that was credited with developing the city of Dallas.

    Together, George and Dorothy had three children: George

    Jalonick IV, Sally Ann Hudnall and Aurelia rice. After

    watching their parents volunteer and give back to the

    community, George IV wanted to do something to

    celebrate their hard work. In the early 80s, after his

    parents died, George began working with his wife and

    other business leaders to establish an endowment in

    their honor. For more than a decade, they worked,

    building funds for the lecture series. The first Jalonick

    lecture was in 1992.

    Mary says her husband wanted to share one of his

    fathers interests with the next generation and he knew

    just how to do it.

    The aviation collection at UT Dallas was so impressive but

    not many people were aware of it. So by having a lecture

    series surrounding the history of aviation, the collection

    would attract more visitors, said Mary.

    I never thought it would grow to the magnitude it is today,

    said Sally Ann. In the beginning it was small. All of a

    sudden it just bloomed.

    George IV died in 2005, but Mary and Sally Ann make sure

    the lectures and the memory of their loved ones continue.

    Ongoing philanthropic support of the lecture at UT Dallas

    is essential to attracting national speakers and assuring the

    continual growth of the lecture series, said Mary.

    The 2014 Jalonick Lecture Series featured award-winning

    author Marc Wortman who spoke about his book, The

    Millionaires Unit, which chronicles a group of privileged

    students from Yale who started their own flight club and

    joined Americas combat pilots fighting in World War I.

    Once the lecture ended, Mary and Sally Ann followed the

    crowd of people from the auditorium into the lobby of

    the Clark Conference Center, greeting well-wishers along

    the way.

    I take special pride that it not only honors my mother and

    father for what they stood for and contributed to aviation

    but it preserves history, said Sally Ann.

    UT Dallas is able to host the Jalonick Lectures thanks to an

    endowment established by the family. For information

    about upcoming Jalonick Lectures, go to


    To learn about supporting the library, contact Gwendolyn

    Turcotte at 972-883-5485 or


    Jalonick Lecture Acknowledges a Legacy, Fulfills a Wish

    Left photo: Mary Jalonick visits with the 2014 lecture speaker, Marc Wortman, and Sally Ann Hudnall.

    Right photo: Aviation history is the focus of the Jalonick Lecture, which is held annually at UT Dallas.

    UnPrECEDEnTED. As the Realize the Vision campaign comes to a close at the end of this year, no other word better describes what you have helped accomplish in

    just five years. Never before has UT Dallas experienced such generosity, enthusiasm

    and optimism toward the future of our university. All across campus, academic programs

    have been strengthened and lives enriched because of your support. Thank you for

    believing in our vision of becoming a Tier One research university. 95

    $80 mil

    $70 mil

    $60 mil

    $50 mil

    $40 mil

    $30 mil

    $20 mil

    $10 mil

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    President David E. Daniel


    PrOGrAM and added scholarship opportunities, thanks to support from State Farm.

    The insurance and financial services company recently awarded UT Dallas a

    $40,000 gift to support the new Comet Cents Financial Success Program through its

    Good Neighbor Citizenship Company Grants Program, as well as $10,000 for


    As one of the largest providers of auto and home insurance and a leading provider

    of financial services, we understand the importance of financ