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USPTO Trademark Case Files Dataset. USPTO Office of Chief Economist World Intellectual Property Organization 31 January 2013. Agenda. U.S. Trademark System Background Trademark Case Files Dataset Organizational Structure Data Coverage Data Files User Resources Planned Data Releases. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of USPTO Trademark Case Files Dataset

USPTO Trademark Case Files Dataset

USPTO Trademark Case Files DatasetUSPTO Office of Chief EconomistWorld Intellectual Property Organization31 January 20131AgendaU.S. Trademark System BackgroundTrademark Case Files DatasetOrganizational StructureData CoverageData FilesUser ResourcesPlanned Data Releases

22U.S. Trademark System BackgroundCommon law trademark systemFederal registration affords additional rightsEligibility requirements (absolute grounds)Use in commerce (or bona fide intent to use)Inherent or acquired distinctivenessRelative grounds for refusalNice classification (since 01Sept1973)Inter partes opposition and cancellation proceedingsPrincipal & Supplemental Register33U.S. Trademark System BackgroundRegistration maintenance and renewalSixth-year maintenance establish continued use on good/services listed prior to the end of the sixth-year of registrationRenewal establish continued use and file renewal application prior to the end of each successive renewal term:Issued on or after 16Nov1989 10-year termsIssued/Renewed prior to 16Nov1989 20-year term until first renewal event after 16Nov1989; 10-year terms thereafter44Trademark Case Files DatasetDerived from USPTO main database for administering trademark applications and registrations6.7 million serial no. observations Filing or registrations dates between Mar1823-Jan2012 55Organizational Structure6

6Data Coverage: Registrations7

7Data Coverage: Applications8

8Data Filescase_fileserial number countmeanMark registration4,007,9430.598Live registration1,763,3640.263Mark application2,699,7650.402Pending application417,7490.062Trademark3,988,0720.595Service mark2,102,5870.313Use2,837,3580.423Intent to use2,782,2730.415Observations6,707,7089per serial numbersecondary data filecountmeansdevent79,226,38513.4759.075owner13,813,3832.3631.109classification7,238,3511.2370.833statement11,779,4032.0241.272design_search3,721,3782.9492.016prior_mark1,627,9022.1012.260foreign_app316,7021.0800.480madrid_intl_file33,7041.0910.3439Case_file10Primary data file bibliographic or front page dataIdentifiers serial no., registration no., international registration no.Dates filing, publication, abandonment, registration, renewal, cancellationStatus code/date Pending or abandoned applicationLive or dead registration Mark text & drawing code IndicatorsLegal bases at filing and currentMark type trade, service, collective, certificationDesign elements 3D, colorAcquired distinctivenessVarious prosecution events amendments, pending proceedings10Case_file: Filing & Registration Trends11

11Case_file: Use vs. Intended Use 12

12Case_file: Live Registrations13

13Correspondent_domrep_attorney14Extract from case_file source XML Correspondent AttorneyDomestic representative

14Event15Event(s) recorded during prosecution for each serial no.Docketing, office actions, abandonment, publication for opposition, TTAB proceedings, maintenance, renewal, cancellation/expirationCodeSequenceCategory typeDate (recordation)Event description (Appendix II)15Event:1995 filing year based on use 16

16Owner17Owner record(s) for each serial no.Owner typeWithin type sequenceNameAddress (street, city, state, country, postal code)Nationality (state or country of origin)Legal entity codeAlternative names/Composed ofName_change (owner_id)Assignment name change description17Owner: Legal Status18

18Classification19Primary class(es) for each serial no.Class Status code/dateDate of first use anywhereDate of first use in commerceNice class countU.S. class countIntl_class (class_id)US_class (class_id)19Classification: Classes per serial no.20

20Classification: Filing lag21

21Statement22Text statement(s) appearing on application or registration for each serial no.Code TextGoods and servicesMark descriptionsDisclaimersCertification mark statementConcurrent use statement22

Design_search23Design search code(s) for each serial no.CodeCategory.Division.SectionExample:19.09.06Category 19 Baggage, containers, bottlesDivision 9 Bottles, jars, flasksSection 6 Bottles, jars or flasks with ribbing or other surface relief

23Prior_mark24Prior registration(s) and/or application(s) for which applicant claims ownership:Prior no. (serial no. or registration no.)TypePotential error indicator (constructed)24Prior_mark: Citation lag25

25Foreign_app26Foreign application(s) for which applicant claims priority:Application country of originForeign application no., filing date, and sequence of record entryForeign registration no., registration date, and expiration dateForeign renewal no., renewal date, and expiration date26Madrid_intl_file27Madrid international filing record(s) for each serial no.International registration no., registration date, and renewal dateSequence Status code/dateResponse to irregularity dateDate USPTO received international filing requestUSPTO reference no.Madrid_event (mir_id) Event(s) recorded during Madrid processingCode, date, and sequence

27User Resources28USPTO Trademark Case Files Dataset Working Paper Applications Documentation (TAD) Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure (TMEP) and other manuals and guides Trademark Status and Document Retrieval (TSDR) Office of the Chief Economist: [Amanda.Myers]28Planned Data Releases29Trademark Case Files 2012 UpdateTrademark Assignments DatabasePatent Assignments Database