Using Social Media to Build Social Capital

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Transcript of Using Social Media to Build Social Capital

Using Social Media to Build Social Capital

Using Social Media to Build Social Capital

Challenges of Digital Communication

Ever Feel Like You are Talking to a Brick Wall ?2Lack of Face to Face

What Do You Lose out on when there is no Face to Face?

Body Language is Gone

Bring the noise!!!

How does our sight and hearing affect our Trust?

Establishing the Trust FactorConsistent Posting Whether Its Facebook, Twitter, Blogs etcResearching Content that is actually useful to your networkPunctuality in Responding to Fan FeedbackBe quick to show commendation and thankfulness to your networkReliable and Valuable Partnership Marketing

Mental Challenge of Bridging the Gap Between Face to Face and Digital

Using Facebook to Build Social CapitalGoal-create plenty of positive interactions to offset negative eventsIdentify Your Brand Advocates and Encourage Their InfluenceExplore different times of day and days of week to establish when your audience is engagingThere is no one size fits all when it comes to using FacebookWhy is that?Use tools like HyperAlerts to monitor feedback on your pages and others

Get Past the Boring Status UpdatesCome check out the poolFresh baked cookies!!Remember your rent is dueNow leasingThe pool is closedLease specials

Be Creative!!Use local sports hype

VSBe Creative!!Opinions on TV showsThe VoiceNCIS Los AngelesFlashpointFriday Night LightsBacheloretteAmerican IdolSo You Think You Can DanceAny others?

Food and Booze!!

What Creative Ideas can you share?

Where is that Insight button?

Using Facebook Insights

Using Facebook Insights

How have Facebook Insights been helpful to you?

Exercise: Lets take 5 minutes and review your individual Facebook InsightsFacebook NEW Features for BusinessUse Facebook as My BusinessSee exactly who your new likes areNew Notifications dropdown feature

Steps!Identify businesses in your area with Facebook pages especially those you partner withUse Facebook as My business and then search for those businesses.Like their pageThen Click Home to see all activity of pages you have liked and start the interactions

How do you think the new Facebook features will enhance your social capital?

Thank Your Residents Often

Address Issues Openly

Address Issues Openly

Feature Your Residents

Why Blog?Build up Partnership MarketingCreate a Deeper Level of Connection With Your ResidentsIncredible SEOBetter potential reach to prospects

Blogging FundamentalsMake sure it works- plugins, RSS, subscription, sharing tools etcAverage sharing ratio is 5:1Robust yet easy to use comment systemBlogging is not a sales pitch platform yet needs a call to actionDont state facts, write a storyBe involved in the online community

Industry Examples

Industry Examples Stats

297 Total Posts1059 Comments345 Busiest Day, May 17th13,116 Total Views!145 Average Views Per Day2,537 Total View in April4,274 Total View SO FAR in May

Referrals:545 Facebook40 Twitter20 Google18 Mbrewergroup.comBeginning December 2010Content Ideas-Where Can You Get Them From?

Connect Blog to Your ResidentsGive your blog a voiceMake it conversational Make sure it has valueEncourage subscriptionsUse Internal Links to keep people on your site

COOL Tools TO enhance your Digital presence-Paper.LI

COOL Tools TO enhance your Digital presence-Facebook Questions

COOL Tools TO enhance your Digital presence

COOL Tools TO enhance your Digital presence

Difference Between ROI and ROEROI-Return on InvestmentROE-Return on EngagementROI-numbers, stats, percentages, budgetsROE-conversations, network growth, WOMM

You Cant Be An Antisocial Company in a Social World

Keys to success in building social capitalFull Company Buy-in and ParticipationPlan, Strategize, Implement, Analyze, RepeatBe ready for tomorrowWe each have two ears and one mouthSimply Ask

Social Media an Aid to Conflict Resolution

It is a common business fact that overall positive interactions reduce the level of the conflicts when they occurThe Scale of Social Capital71% of consumers have ended their relationship with a company due to poor customer serviceGlobally, the average value of a lost customer is $243$83 billion is the cost of poor customer service in the USCompanies focus on acquisition more than customer retention, even though it can cost 7x more to acquire new customersA 2% increase in customer retention has the same effect as decreasing costs by 10%******

Whats In a Handshake?

Making Eye Contact in a Digital World

Smile When You Type

In conclusionBe part of something biggerEducate yourself on the tools that facilitate a digital communityBe consistent yet flexibleHave Fun!Profit!

Questions & Answers

There is no end to the social capital you can grow!

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