Using Social Media and Mobile Technology to Engage Teens, Part 2

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Transcript of Using Social Media and Mobile Technology to Engage Teens, Part 2

  • 1. Original image by Jennifer LaGarde

2. Do teens really want tocommunicate with the library through social media? 3. The Mission ofLibrarians is to Improve Society through FacilitatingKnowledge Creation in their Communities.R. David LankesThe Atlas of New Librarianship 4. Libraries have always been centers ofknowledge creation. Over time, the deliverymethods have changed.Img src: 5. From microfiche to maker spaces.Libraries adapt.Img src: 6. We are in the middle of a new revolution in how knowledge is created, transmitted andorganized that is similar in significance to thatwhich followed the invention of printing.-Seb Schmollerimg src: 7. What inventions are currently changing ourworld? Will libraries remain at the forefront ofknowledge creation in this environment? Img src: 8. How do you create asocial media policy? 9. Examine your culture. img src: 10. Organize a Team. img src: 11. Dont Reinvent the Wheel. Img src: 12. Get Feedback.Img src: 13. Review. Often. Original image by Jennifer LaGarde 14. How do I use social media for more than just promotion? 15. From us to them. img src: 16. Interact with sources of information.img src: 17. Spread the love. NYPL Tumblr 18. Breaking Down Barriers.Rapid City Social Bookmarks: 19. Content Creation.Fayetteville Free Library, NY 20. Content Curators.Kansas Public Library System: 21. Culture of sharing.Evanston Public Librarys Virtual Loft: 22. Authentic Audiences.Charleston Co. Public Library: 23. Shaping Programs.Wells Public Library: 24. Shaping Communities.Multnomah County Library: 25. Shaping Society.Mooresville Public Library: 26. How do I make time for this? 27. Be Realistic.Img src: 28. Ask for help.Original image by Jennifer LaGarde 29. Prioritize.Original image by Jennifer LaGarde 30. Be fearless. Original image by Jennifer LaGarde 31. How do we encouragemore people to use it? 32. One bite at a time.Img src: 33. Send a message.Img src: 34. Lead The Way.Original image by Jennifer LaGarde 35. Dont Give Up. Img src: 36. Questions? Img src: