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This is a beginner level presentation I gave in May 2014 on using Pinterest for Marketing. Updated information on how to set up business tools, analytics, creating a strategy, setting up boards, what works and case studies.

Transcript of Using Pinterest for Marketing 101

  • Marketing 101 Sue Reynolds of Carmine Media | Blogging | Social Media | Web Marketing
  • My Background Manager of Social Media and Design Founder, Carmine Media Contributor, Business2Community Contributor, Voice of America Radio Sue Reynolds of Carmine Media | Blogging | Social Media | Web Marketing
  • What started Pinterest? We wanted to create a place where you can go to upload or collect things on the web and simply organize it the way you want to. Evan Sharp Pinterest Designer and Co-Founder
  • Why is Pinterest Addicting? Simple design Content hoarding Image takes center stage Interest rather than relationship based Image credit: Flickr
  • What Can We do on Pinterest? Curate content Share images Bookmark articles and images Organize what you love Share pins on Facebook and Twitter Comment on other pins Follow other pinners Follow other boards
  • Pinterest Stats Users 68% female, 32% male 70 million active users. 70% in US CTA pin renders 80% more engagement Accounts for 20% of ecommerce referral traffic from social Pinterest shoppers spend more per checkout, between $140$180 per order compared with $80 and $60 per order for Facebook and Twitter shoppers, respectively. Courtesy:
  • Chart credit to:
  • How does Pinterest Work? Interest boards Pinners can follow one another Upload images Pin images directly from websites Pinmarklet Repin other peoples content
  • Is Pinterest Right for Your Brand? Can you visually represent your brand? Is your audience on Pinterest? Is your website optimized for Pinterest? Do you have someone that can create or manipulate images?
  • What can Pinterest do for My Business? Drive traffic to your website Interact with customers/leads Increase awareness about your brand Make your brand interesting
  • Developing a Strategy Define your goals Review your website Consult with your web designer Make a plan for future imagry
  • Setting up your Account Visit
  • Convert your Account
  • How to Pin Upload images from your computer Add a pin directly from a URL Use the Pin It Button from Pinterest.
  • Types of Pins Images from your website/blog Images from blogs you read Images from customer sites Photos Infographics Food and Fashion Text slides Videos
  • Adding links to Uploads
  • Decide on Board Topics Use fun titles Include keywords Industry Best Practices Include a board for clients Include a board for inspiration Your HQ location Humor
  • Choose a board cover
  • Company Culture Your Headquarters What You Do Who You Are Industry Best Practices
  • Industry Best Practices
  • Humor
  • Benefits of Business Accounts Pin It buttons Follow buttons Board Widgets Profile Widgets Logos and Marketing guidelines Website verification
  • Verify Website Settings Verify Website HTML File or Meta Tag Complete on Pinterest verification
  • Buttons and Widgets Profile Widget Board Widget Pin it button Follow Button
  • Wordpress Widgets RSS Widget Pinterest Badge Pin it Button for Images Follow Button WP Pinner
  • Business TOS Using Pinterest Your Content Tools for Site Owners Copyright Policy Security Third party links, sites and services Indemnity
  • Logos & Marketing Guidelines Downloadable logos in .eps and .png Logo guidelines Allowable words & phrases Marketing guidelines Contest and Promotions Aps and Naming Services Merchandise
  • Formatting Pins Use creative titles Focus on lifestyle Use keywords Tag others with @ symbol Add prices to products Credit your sources Ask questions to encourage comments
  • Pin Descriptions Descriptions are indexed Search for People, Boards or Pins Alt text automatically displays
  • What Works Inspire with images Organize by topic Collaborate Host a live pinning event Ask questions, then pin answers on a Pinterest Board
  • Contests and Sweepstakes Consult the TOS first Ask users to create boards about your brand Include a keyword so you can repin Make a board for giveaways Direct pins to landing pages with info Random drawings of fans from repins Best board contests offer grand prize
  • Digitize your Catalog Great potential for retail Boost your brand image Sharing Polyvore
  • Case Study: Jetsetter Goals Cultivate Brand Advocates Empower to Share Obtain actionable feedback
  • Case Study: Organized Interiors Goals Design ideas Brand presence Discover unique products
  • Housekeeping Admin rights Artwork Etiquette Do more than self promote
  • SEO Optimize your page Brand controlled search results Brand friendly pins Linkbuilding outreach Descriptions are indexed
  • Copyright TOS Cite your source Pin from original source Create your own content! Check before repinning Avoid embed
  • Measure and Track Google Analytics Support for UTM variables tagged URLs Direct traffic Cross account engagement? Repins ReTweets Pinterest Source Page
  • Pinterest Analytics Business accounts only Website must be verified Learn what your followers like Track your pinning activity
  • Pay Attention and Evaluate Pinned over two years ago No website linked Repins began 3/31/13 Created and linked blog post and photo album
  • Pinterest Source Page
  • Pinterest Place Pins
  • Keep up with Changes
  • Dont Give Up Regular posts Leverage existing SM platforms Spend the time Relationships take time Set aside time to follow new pinners Pin daily
  • References the-us/ for-Marketing.aspx
  • Sue Reynolds of Carmine Media | Bl