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Transcript of Using Google Drive and Google Docs - Crystal Lake Public ... · PDF fileUsing Google Drive and...

  • Using Google Drive and Google Docs

    Crystal Lake Public Library

    Adult Services Department

    126 Paddock Street, Crystal Lake , IL 60014

    815-459-1687 ext. 7


  • Agenda


    What is Google Drive

    How to access Google Drive

    Benefits of Drive

    Basic Functions:

    How to use Google Docs

    Creating a document

    Docs Menu

    Advanced Functions:

    Sheets, slides, forms or drawing there will be another class in 2 weeks that will go over some of these programs

    Sharing Files

    Getting Google Doc templates


  • Overview: What is Google Drive

    Storage: Cloud based storage system on Google servers, documents automatically saved & history files available

    Access: Your work from all your devices & computers

    Web-based: Word processing (Docs), spreadsheets (Sheets), presentations (Slides), etc. (very similar to MS Office products, but without some of the bells and whistles)

    Collaboration: Build and share documents with others


  • Why use Google Drive


    New doc or file, add, or upload a file with a single button


    15 GB free storage Google Drive, Gmail, and Google+ Photos (100 GB -$1.99 month)

    Organize all your files

    Drag and drop files and folders

    Still access your local files even when youre not connected to the Internet.


    Computer, tablet, mobile devices (sync across all of your devices)

    Share files with others and choose what they can do with them: view, comment, or edit.

    Easily find and add shared files


  • Accessing Google Drive

    To access Google Drive you need a valid email account

    Gmail account

    Go to

    Sign into your gmail account

    Click the apps icon

    Other email account (Yahoo, AOL, Comcast)

    Go to

    Sign in with existing email to create an

    account for Google Drive

    Click on the apps icon


    Apps icon
  • Google Drive

    1 - New button

    2 - Recent

    3 - Amount of space left

    4 - Settings Convert uploads,

    language, offline, density

    5 - Grid/list view, A-Z sort,

    hide details







  • Creating New Documents (New Doc)


    1. From Google Drive homepage, click on red New button

    2. Drop-down menu will appear3. Click on Google Docs4. A new tab will open with a blank

    Untitled document5. Upper left corner, click on

    Untitled document

    6. Type over Untitled document 7. Click anywhere on document

  • Editing Fonts, Size & Alignment


    Google docs uses similar menu layout and menu vocabulary as Microsoft Word. Google docs has fewer features and slightly different icons on toolbar.Note: be sure to highlight the text before selecting your changes.

    Normal text or title Font Font size Font color Alignment

  • Exercise #1 Creating a new document

    Create a new document.

    Title the document. Then type a shopping list, adding a favorite fruit or vegetable

    Between each item, hit the enter key

    Make the first line bold, italicize second line and make your favorite fruit or vegetable match its color

    Then highlight all of the text and choose another font.

    Select another type of paragraph alignment (left, center, right or justify)


  • Formatting Text

    Increase the line spacing of the text (double arrow -drop down menu appears)

    Make a numbered list

    Make a bulleted list

    Decrease paragraph indent

    Increase paragraphs indent

    Clear formatting


  • Exercise #2 Formatting

    Center align your first line

    Right align your favorite color

    Below the shopping list - create a bulleted list of your favorite desserts

    Edit the space between your lines of text to Double

    When you are done, clear all text formatting


  • Adding an Image to a Document

    Click on the word insert on Google docs toolbar

    Drop down will appear

    Click on image and a pop-up box insert image appears

    Browse using Upload or Take a snapshot, By URL, Your albums, Google Drive, Search

    Pick an image, click on it then hit the blue select button

    The image will upload and appear in your doc

    Remember only select images that you have confirmed that you have the license to use.


  • Resizing an Image

    Once an image is uploaded and placed into a documentit can be resized

    1. Click on the image

    2. Click on one of the blue squares that appear on the border

    3. Drag them until the image is the size you want


  • Moving an Image

    1. Click on the image you would like to move

    2. Click on the words wrap text or break text to remove the inline formatting.

    3. Click and drag the image until it is where you want.


    Once an image is uploaded and placed in a document; it can be moved.

  • Exercise #3 Pictures

    Choose a picture from sample folder or Search Google, LIFE or stock images

    Add it into your document below your text

    Resize it to a size of your own choosing


  • Exercise #4 Uploading/Downloading

    Upload the picture you previously put into your document into Google Drive

    Next download the file we have created in this class to your computer as a Microsoft Word file

    Add a folder to your Google Drive

    Put the file we created in this class in this folder


  • Printing

    1. Select print icon on toolbar

    2. Or click on File in the Google Docs menu. A drop down menu will appear.

    3. From the drop-down click on print.

    4. A box will pop up with printing options:

    You can change # copies,

    Change margins,

    Make 2 sided copies, etc.


  • Advanced Functions

    Get link

    Share files with others


    Delete folders and files

    More Actions (3 dots) Open with

    Move to

    Add Star


    Make a copy



  • Sharing Files with Others

    At the Google Drive homepage find and open a document

    Click on blue share button at the top right


    1. Share the link: Quickly share via Gmail, Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.2. Change Access: By default documents are private and only those invited have

    access3. Invite others: Entering their contact information to allow others to edit or view

  • Adding Comments to Docs

    Highlight the text you would like to comment on.

    Click on the comment button in the toolbar

    Add a comment and click on comment

    The highlighted text has been commented on now appears in yellow as a notification

    To reply to a comment, click on the comment and type your reply; clicking on reply when finished


  • Uploading Files

    From Google Drive Homepage, click on red New button

    Dropdown menu appears with Folder, File upload, Folder upload, etc.

    Click on File upload

    Find the file (computer or from

    flash drive)

    Click open


  • Downloading Files

    From Google Drive homepage, open file you would like to download

    Click on file to open drop-down menu

    Click on download as

    Click on corresponding file format you want (docx, odt, pdf, txt or html)

    Download a file and attaching it to an email is another way to share files


  • Organizing your Drive

    Click New button

    Select folder

    A new pop-up window will appear

    Name the folder

    Select the blue create button.

    To add a file to a folder

    Click on file and drag into folder

    Or right click on file and pop up window will appear.

    Select what you want to do with file, move, share, rename or delete it.


  • Deleting Files and Folders

    Several ways to delete files

    Drag file to trash can (left side)

    Hover over file

    Right click mouse

    Pop-up window appears

    Select remove (trash can)

    To restore deleted item: click on trash can

    Pop-up window appears with restore or delete forever option


  • More information

    Learning Express Library and are two computer skills tutorial services we have subscribed to.

    They can be accessed from our website and clicking on the Research tab, then One stop searching

    It is easiest to find from the A to Z Database listing

    You can set up a personal account using your library card number so that it will save progress on tutorials.

    Can be used from home or from here at the library.