Uses and benefits of Formwork Accessories

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Formwork components are used in different types of varieties. They are used for casting different structural shapes. Different types of materials are used in the construction of Formwork Accessories. The two main systems of Formworks are Vertical Systems and Horizontal Systems.

Transcript of Uses and benefits of Formwork Accessories

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  • Different types of materials are used in the construction of Formwork Accessories. This thing also requires an amazing skill and experience in the manufacturers. If you want a perfect construction, then the contractor should able to create an accurate concrete form that meets all job requirements.

  • • Form Ties • Form Anchors

    • Form Hangers

  • This is nothing but a tensile unit that connects the opposite sides

    of the form and offers a link for equilibrium or used to hold concrete forms against the different types of active pressure of freshly placed plastic concrete.

    Generally, this accessory consists of an inside tensile member and an outside holding device. These both the things are made to specifications of different manufacturers. These manufacturers also publish recommended working loads on the ties for use inform design.

  • To make formwork secure, Form Anchors are used. Just embed

    the devices in the concrete during placement. The original load- carrying capacity of the anchors depends on the shape and material as well as the strength and type of concrete in which they are embedded.

    The manufacturers publish design data and test information to assist in the selection of appropriate form anchor devices.

  • These types of accessories are used to suspend formwork loads. And they

    are manufactured from structural steel, precast concrete or other


    There are many types of formwork accessories available in the market. So,

    first of all, decide your construction requirement and choose the

    accessories accordingly.

    Search for the experienced and trusted brand. You can also search online

    as per your requirement. Explore the products offered by them and choose

    the one where you can find formwork accessories as per your requirement

    and budget.

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