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Real time diagnostic for Your Car with Advanced OBD Car Doctor Application for Android!\

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2. OVERVIEW Use Smartphone for Quick View of the Car and Engine Main Parameters: Read real-time parameters: speed, rotation, timings, economy Read diagnostic trouble codes Clean trouble codes (turn off Check Engine, MIL) Analyze Fuel rate 2 3. Contents 1. Starting usage - Requirements Car OBD scan tool hardware Mobile device 2. OBD II Bluetooth hardware 3. Starting using OBD Car Doctor application OBD Car Doctor launching and configuration 4. OBD Car Doctor main options 4.1. Menu > Configuration OBD Car Doctor Configuration 4.2. General information 4.3. Current data (Single, Widgets) 4.4. Diagnostic 4.5. Logbook OBD Car Doctor PRO additional options 4.6. Command combinations 4.7. Recording OBD commands 4.8. Logbook (Commands combinations records) 5. Questions 1. Does my car support OBD-II standard? 2. Diagnostic connector. What is this? How to find diagnostic connector in the car? 3. What is DTC? 4. How do I connect my mobile device and Application to my car? 5. Fail to set the Bluetooth connection with the adapter? 6. Ive got Bluetooth connection but ECU is not defined, what have I do? 7. Does OBD Car Doctor work with my phone or tablet? 8. Are there any tips to get the accurate data? 9. What is the principle of the application? 10. What parameters I will see using the OBD car Doctor? 11. How do I upgrade to the OBD car Doctor Pro-version? 12. What do the data "Economy fuel", "Economy fuel avg", "Economy distance", "Economy distance avg" ? 13. OBD Car Doctor Pro does not show the "Economy fuel", "Economy fuel avg", "Economy distance", "Economy distance avg"? 14. Why is the maximum value of RPM during OBD recording does not correspond to the maximum value at the chart? (Same issue with the RPM data logging) 15. What is the "Volumetric efficiency"? How to define Volumetric efficiency for my engine? 16. How can I register at InCarDoc service using my mobile device? 17. How can I upload data to the server? 6. Alarm situations 3 4. Car OBD-II standard is supported by the vehicles: U.S. since 1996 European since 2003 (diesel since 2004) Japanize since 2005 Requirements OBD scan tool hardware Android application requires OBD-II Bluetooth adapter based on ELM 327 or compatible one. Mobile device OBD Car Doctor and OBD Car Doctor PRO is available for all Android devices (Android 2.2 or newer). You also need to have Bluetooth in your phone. 4 5. Please, note that OBD Car Doctor Android supports all ELM327 based Bluetooth hardware interfaces including but not limited to: OBDII OBD pros CHX CBT Vgate OBD2ECU OBD Scan (including OBDLink scanner and other adapters STN11XX) PLX Devices Kiwi Bluetooth Diamex DX70 & DXM Any other ELM327 Attention! Avoid adapters ELM327 v2.1. More How to get the adapter? Do google search by keywords ELM327 Bluetooth. Search at Amazon, Ebay, AliExpress. OBD II Bluetooth Hardware 5 5 6. Before starting usage the application make sure that your car supports OBD-II standard. Starting Using OBD Car Doctor Application OBD-II standard is supported by the vehicles: U.S. since 1996 European since 2003 (diesel since 2004) Japanize since 2005 Unfortunately, other cars are not complied with the OBD-II standard. But, you may see some hints that may help to identify your car. 2. Technical documentation to your car. OBD-II compliance may be mentioned at the technical documentation of your vehicle (but not in the general direction to the car brand / model!). 4. Another way is to ask at the service center or at the automobile community. 5. Some cars do not support OBD II standard completely or use some other protocols. Learn more information at our Forum. 6 1. DLC connector (Diagnostic Link Connector) - 16 pin-out DLC of a trapezoidal shape. ! Some cars have DLC connector, but they do not support OBD-II standard. DLC connector may be located in one of the 8 places and can be open or closed by some cover with a sign "OBD-II", "Diagnose" etc. 3. You can also search all the identification plates on the car - there may be signs "OBD-II compliant" or "OBD-II certified". 7. OBD Car Doctor Launching and Configuration 1. Plug the Bluetooth adapter into pinout port (the DLC - Diagnostic Link Connector). 2. Make sure that the light at the adapter flashes green (because of the uncomfortable position of DLC connector, to insure that the light flashes green one may use a mirror or front camera at your smartphone). 3. Start the engine 4. Go to the Settings > Bluetooth environment at you Android mobile and search the adapter (it should appear like 'scantool','obdkey','plx ...','cbt' ). Choose the adapter. It will suggest to pair the devices. 5. Pair the two devices. The secret code of pairing is 1234 or 0000. Go to the OBD Car Doctor application > Settings, select name of the adapter from the devices list and you are ready to go! 6. Download the OBD Car Doctor app to your smartphone. You may use the button Configuration Menu button in the upper right corner of the main screen calls the Configuration, where one can configure the application . * For a quick start it is enough to configure BT connection - choose paired adapter (page 7, paragraph 4.5), and leave the other settings as default. 8 9. OBD Car Doctor Configuration For more accurate tuning in Settings you can change: Connection BT connection choose Bluetooth device and connect to it BT mode auto, secure, insecure, etc. Connect BT at start - Bluetooth connection automatically when you start the program; Auto shut-off BT shut-off Bluetooth with the app shut-off Auto start of the last command starting last active command after Bluetooth connection Force BT reconnect Protocol ECU protocol - it is recommended to set Auto, but if you know the ECU protocol of your car, you can choose from the list; Store OBD protocol - the last protocol, which has been successfully connected to (fast connection); Supported PIDs the only supported OBD II parameters are shown, or the entire list of standard OBD parameters; Unsleep mode blocking sleep mode at the dynamic data page; 9 10. OBD Car Doctor Configuration Car parameters one can input car info, like Brand Model Year Volumetric efficiency Displacement (sm3). Localization: Units - Imperial(miles / hour) or Metric (km / h); UK gallon using British gallons (instead of liters and American); Localization - use the English terms of command names or translated into the appropriate language. 10 11. OBD Car Doctor Configuration GPS parameters Experienced users can set up the GPS accuracy i.e. the accuracy of your car geolocation by indicating the time and distance intervals of data updating. * For example, the app will update data every 100 meters and every 5 seconds (or you can set up other values). Mention that the more accurate GPS data the larger load on your smartphone, the faster its battery becomes low. User Settings Allows to enter E-mail call standard e-mail client to sent recorded data at the e-mail Account create user account to send OBD records to the Personal account at the web service Here you can also register at the web service (use this information to login at the web service). Logging Debug logging - recording of the app performance to send it to the developers (recommend to put a tick and in case of any problem reproduce the error step-by- step and send us a Log-file); Send message you can send your comments to the apps developers; Clear log erase all the logs (history). 11 12. Test is the option being on the customer testing. Here one can activate onsole mode for manual OBD-II command inputting and adapter set up (use Test > Console to allow console mode). The menu Console will appear at the main screen. Console allows manual input of the OBD-II commands and get the response from onboard system of the car and OBD-II adapter. More detailed information about this option one can find at our Forum, besides there is an opportunity to ask a question considering using the Console and PIDs. Use the button to enter the forum. Test menu also allows activate Hardware Acceleration the option for more accurate performance of your mobile device. * If you are aware that your device has some problems with the Hardware Acceleration, please leave this option OFF. Or if youve switched on this option and noticed some mistakes in device operation, please OFF this option. 12 OBD Car Doctor Configuration Forum 13. ECU electronic control unit of the car, this option allow to choose engine control module from the list, if you are sure to know it. Currently we have 5 most popular standards of the electronic control units. When OBD II is chosen, the application will look over the standard set of protocols, if youll choose another form the list we are providing, we cant insure sufficient support in case of any mistake. BT should be chosen for operating in Console mode (see page 12). If your car ECU is out of the list, you can help us to improve the application by sending to our e-mail information about the ECU of your car. Please, leave your comment and suggestions. Thank you! 13 OBD Car Doctor Configuration 14. General Information 4.2. General Information option allows you to review the general information about the devices : Devices adapter name Adapter adapter type and version Protocol ECU of the car OBD II standard VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is displayed at tick set Supported PIDs see page 9, 4.1.) Here you can see also your car parameters that youve filled at the Settings menu (see page 9, 4.1.). Brand Model Year Displacement Comments Also, you can send this data to help us improve the application by clicking Send OBD-II details on e-mail. Clicking the button Send you will be proposed to save ODB-II details to the Logbook or send it to the e-mail. 14 15. Current Data PID 03 Fuel system status. At t