User centered design in mobile app development

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User Centred Design in Mobile App Development Presented on 16th Jan 2014 NUS:ISS Seminar: Enabling Mobile Enterprise Michael Ong @michaelon9


Presented on 16th January 2014 at NUS:ISS Seminar on Enabling Mobile Enterprise

Transcript of User centered design in mobile app development

User Centred Design !in Mobile App Development

Presented on 16th Jan 2014 NUS:ISS Seminar: Enabling Mobile Enterprise

!Michael Ong @michaelon9

@michaelon9• 1999 - Freelance Web Design /

Development leading to web hosting for SMEs

• 2002 - Research & Development - A Robust Rule-based Event Management System for Call Data Records - Société Générale

• 2003 - Network Engineer - NEC Solutions

• 2004 - Full-Stack development - Palm & Windows Mobile - K.C. Dat, Nippon Express, Air Asia , Singapore Zoo, Jurong Birdpark, Changi Airport Terminal 1 & 2, M1, Mapletree ...

• 2005-2007 - Business Process Consulting - VISA International- Robert Bosch SEA

• 2008 - Took a break in EVE Online - Internet Spaceships is serious business

• 2009 - Portal Development - ST701, SPH, Online Classifieds

• 2010 - Scrum Master - iProperty Singapore

• 2012 - Mobile & UX Lead - iProperty Group

• 2013 - Senior Product Manager - bellabox Australia & Singapore

some apps i’ve worked on

setting up a Mobile Roadmap• Understand your environment

• Talk to your stakeholders, your users

• Understand pain points

• Is there a way mobile services can improve current processes?

• Look at your data (analytics) - what is being used in your organisation / users

• Communicating the roadmap

understand your environment

surveys to understand users

communicate"your ideas

setting up the roadmap & focus on delivery

Case Study Developing property search apps

(Blackberry, Android & iPhone) for Indonesia

the process• mobile roadmap

• design strategy

• personas & scenarios

• information architecture

• task flows

• prototyping & testing

• development

• marketing launch & measuring

design strategy

product requirements & analysis

Product Survey in Dec 2012"

51 Respondents on Mobile Site v1

53% of respondents used the mobile site every day

Reasons for not using Mobile"

• Search results often not found and takes longer time to load

• Less information in listing detail on mobile site

• Photos are not presented well on mobile site

Top 5 Features on Mobile users wanted to see"

• User Login to access favorites (shortlists) and property search across mobile and web

• Mortgage Calculator

• Compare Properties by budget and timeline

• Shortlist Properties

• Instant updates to homes and searches saved

user scenariosUsability Test Scenario - 1"

You are planning to buy a property in Indonesia.

Your work location is in Jakarta and you intend to buy a House in Jakarta Pusat area that would be convenient for you to commute to office and back home.

Your budget ranges from 500,000,000 - 1,000,000,000 IDR . You want to check out on the right property that meets your needs and then contact the Agent for further process

!Usability Test Scenario - 2"

You have browsed through few properties when you were in a restaurant for Lunch and even shortlisted a few.

You close the site and then reopen rumah123 in the night after you get back home in the evening.

You wanted to continue your property search.

!Usability Test Scenario - 3"

You browsed through few properties using the English version of the site.

You wanted to show some of the properties you likes with your spouse or friend who prefers to view it in Bahasa.

information architecture

task flow analysis

user interface flow

prototyping for iPhone

prototyping for Blackberry

beta testing

testing for Blackberry

test early & often

summary of pain & pleasure points - old design

summary of pain & pleasure points - new design

usability evaluation - new design

usability evaluation - new design




• App Annie

• Distimo

• Testflight

• Netizen Testing

think - make - check

great books to read

thank you