Useful Tips for Decorating the Home

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Parci Parla is a high end upscale home decor and gift shop showcasing the most luxurious brands in the world, located in the trendy Brooklyn borough of New York City. We stock only top of all the hottest and sharpest home decor showcasing of the world's finest merchandise and brands.

Transcript of Useful Tips for Decorating the Home

  • Tips for Decorating the Home

  • An easy way to change your home decor is to start with small but noticeable additions. Home decoration begins with a few basics things to be taken care of. The real start to that process is by getting things organize.

    Parci Parla is here with amazing home decor tips which would change the look and feel of your property.

  • Tips to Create a Perfect Bedroom

    Provide the illusion of a bigger space by focusing on a cool color scheme such as blue, green and purple. Stick to light hues that make the space appear larger.

    Use simple, uncluttered window treatments. Sheer side panels that frame a simple shade will help the window blend in with the wall.

    Minimize your use of patterns and maintain a simple color palette. Using white as the main color and choosing one additional color for accents keeps the airy feel.

  • Place one or two larger sized accessories in the room and avoid collections or groups of smaller pieces to avoid a cluttered feel.

    Have a place for all your personal items so that they can be stored away out of sight. Loads of personal clutter, such as piles of clothing or papers can disrupt the air feel of a bedroom.

    Capture your precious moments in elegant frames, hang them on your wall and be surrounded with adjustable lamps and nightstands that could affix to the walls.

    Beautify your walls by keep on experimenting with the color and pattern of your room.

  • With a little thought, you can meet the challenge of decorating a bedroom with numerous decor items made from different materials such as glass, wood etc. Decorate your living space with stunning decor items that beautifully reflects your personal style and is a source of pride and comfort for years. Also, don’t forget to browse the showcasings offered by Parci Parla before you finalize a decor item.