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    USA GymI'lO~tics Photo 0 Dove Slode


    Chris Waller, a 1992 Olympian and former UCLA gymnast, has fun with gymnastics. He's chalked up more than 25 national and international competitions and still enjoys himself more than ever. Waller was elected to the USA Gymnastics Athlete's Council and announced plans to marry Cindy Olkoski in the summer.

    (above) Wendy Bruce, (left) Chris Waller.


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    ODDS Wendy Bruce is not

    the average elite gymnast-in fact she

    defies all odds. At age 19 she was the oldest

    member of the women's senior

    national team and the 1992 Olympic Team. Winning the bronze

    medal at the Olympics was icing on the cake to

    a great gymnastics career.



    This article dis-cusses the subject of

    ankle and wrist weights in gymnastics. The

    proper place for adding weight to athletes is

    during conditioning-not during skill


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    By Mike Jacki, USA Gymnastics President

    As we approach the last month of the growth. Theday-to-day involvement of our four-year Olympic quadrennium, there are coaches with the athletes is the thing that

    many things to look back upon, re-evaluate, sets gymnastics apart and makes it unique change and improve for the future. Our : as an educational and developmental tool. sport has made great progress during the We all know that the simplest skill or move-past four years and our athletes are among ment can be improved by the educated and the world's best. Just as important, our club : watchful eye of a good coach. We also know structure has continued to grow and the that our coaches do much more than simply services that we provide to the youngsters, teach skills. A coach plays many roles and a who participate in our programs, is at its : great coach must be almost magical in the highest level ever. I am optimistic that our waythathe/shecreatestheenvironmentto clubs will continue to improve and the edu- learn, improve and succeed.

    cational and instructional services that they . First and foremost, the coach is a teacher. offer will be given the greatest priority. As The coach is constantly teaching us the rules we look to the future, the most important we must follow in order to learn and the

    aspect of our sport is centered around the values associated with perseverance, com-day-to-day instruction process. Without mitment and dedication. A great coach is a question, our success will be based on, and complete coach, not just a motivator, but an

    determined by, the quality of instruction educator. A coach is not just a task master, that is provided by our coaches. but a philosopher. A coach is not just a

    Probably in no other sport is the involve- technician, but a student of the sport. The ment of the coach more critical than in gym- greatest resource our sport has to offer is the commitment and willingness of our coaches to continue to improve and pass on this knowledge to students. We will continue to focus a great deal of our energy and efforts in the area of coaches education in the future. Of all the things that we do, this effort is of utmost importance : because it impacts the most people who participate in our sport. Coaches must real-

    . , ize that once you stop learning, you can no : longer improve yourself and further de- velop your athletes and the sport. For this

    nastics. We often hear about success stories reason, our coaches have made a great com- in sports where athletes have achieved great mitment to their own personal develop-

    results through their own ambition and ment as well as the future development of perseverance. Sports like football, basket- gymnastics. Our coaches' commitment to

    ball, baseball and many other "team sports" improve programs will continue to impact demonstrate this concept. While it is surely all of the young people that participate and critical to have a good coach in sports like haveamostpositiveinfluenceonourfuture

    swimming and tennis, it has been proven success and accomplishments. that one can excel in these sports without a . Great coaching does not always develop great coach. In gymnastics, this would sim- Olympic champions. If this was the case,

    ply be impossible. there would only be a few great coaches. An Olympic swimmer was once asked While this may depend upon your defini-

    w ha t makes a grea t coach. His response was tion, there are many grea t coaches and even

    "great athletes." This may be true in some more great teachers. Our standards con-sports but it is definitely not true in gymnas- tinue to be elevated while the knowledge tics. The significance of our coaches is criti- : and understanding of our coaches continue cal to our sport's development and future toimprove.Withthiscommitment,oursport

    Continued on page 36

    Publisher Mike Jacki

    Editor LuanPeszek

    Men's Program Director Robert Cowan

    Women's Program Director Kathy Kelly

    Rhythmic Program Director Nora Hitzel

    USA Gymnastics Board of Directors

    President: MikeJacki; Chair: Sandy Knapp; President Emeri-tus: Bud Wilkinson, Mike Donahue; Athlete Directors: Wendy Hilliard, chair; Jim Hartung, vice chair; Michelle Dusserre, sec; Sheryl Dundas; Tim Daggett; Karyn Lyon-Glover; Tanya Service; Chris Waller; Kevin Davis, USOC Athlete's Advisory Council; Nancy Marshall, Admin. Advisor; Amateur Ath-letic Union: Stan Atkinson; American Sokol Organization: jerry Milan; American TramJ?oline & Tumbling Associa-tion: Wayne Downin&; Amencan Turners: Betty Heppner; Junior Boys Gymnastics Coaches Association: Marc Yancy; Men's Elite Coaches Association: Peter Kormann; National Association for Girls and Women in Sport: Dr. Mimi Murray; National Association of Collegiate Gymnastics Men: Able Grossfeld; National Association of Collegiate Gymnastics Women: Gail Davis; National Association of Women's Gym-nastics Judges: Yvonne Hodge; National Collepiate Athletic Association: Cheryl Levick, Fred Turoff; National Federa-tion of State High School Associations: Susan True; Na-tional Gymnastics Judges Association: Harry Bjerke; Na-tional High School Gymnastics Coaches Association: john Brinkworth; National Jewish Welfare Board: Courtney Shanken; Rhythmic Coaches Association: Suzie DiTullio; Srecial Olympics, Inc.: Kate Faber-Hickie; U.S. Association o Independent Gym Clubs: Lance Crowley; U.S. Elite Coaches Association for Women: TonyGehman; U.S. Sports Acrobatics Federation: Bonnie Davidson; Young Men's Chris-tian Associat ion: Rick Dodson; USA Gymnastics National Membership Directors: Men's:jim Holt, RayGura; Women's: Joan Moore, julia Thompson-Arelz; Rhythmic: Alia Svirsky, Ute Alt-Carberry .

    USA Gymnastics Executive Committee

    Chair. Sandy Knapp; Secretary: Mike Milidonis; Vice Chair Women: Nancy fVfarshall; Vice Chair Men: Jim Howard; Vice Chair Rhythmic: Norma Zabka; President: Mike Jacki; FIG Women's Technical Committee: Jackie Fie; FIG Rhyth-mic Technical Committee: Andrea Schmid-Shapiro; FIG Men's Technical Committee: Bill Roetzheim; At Large Mem-bers: Roe Kreutzer; Sue Ammerman; Athlete Directors: Tim ~~~~~J rwil~~~:or:,~~eb~~~~~~iIliard; President Emeri-

    Associate Content Editors Sports Science Advisory Committee

    William Sands, Ph.D., Cha ir, Sports Advisory Committee Patty Hacker, PhD., Chair, Education Sub-committee

    Stephen W. Whitlock, Liaison

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