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    A Kik Start for your New Year Resolution

    Since Andy took up vaping hes been on a quest to find the best quality kits, batteries that have the longest life andfinest e-liquids available. Hes already had the pleasure of using NeoCig (which we reviewed here) whose style isunlike regular e-cigarettes taking on more a sophisticated colour coordinated look to them. This time hes beentrying out the new KiK Vape 02 Starter Kit (19.95) with 4 fruity premium e-liquids.

    First glance its incredibly similar to the Riva-T (Ego) 900mAh so were expecting it to last just as long (6 monthsis pretty good for the battery to last so well come back to this and let you know in due course). The clearomiser isdifferent to the Vision Ego V3 to fill as he would remove the tip, pouring the e-liquid down the inside to the wickfrom the top but this one you have to remove the bottom of the clearomiser and fill from there, replacing thebottom which then screws onto the battery ready for use.

    To charge the battery, you unscrew the clearomiser, clean away any liquid that may be on it, screw it into the USBcharger and then plug the USB into your computer, charging plug or however you are going to use it. It takes onaverage for a 900mAh battery a few hours to charge fully but that can last Andy up to a week before it needscharging again as he only uses it when were watching TV in the evening. If you were using it constantly then itwould probably need a refill of liquid before it needed a recharge of battery so a couple of days at the most.

  • To use, first click the button quickly a few times (this also turns it off as well as on) and then press and keep yourfinger on it while inhaling. Comparing it to the aspire which he uses regularly you get a lot more steam from theKiK quite a decent hit from the liquid even though its 1.2% nicotine. I personally (but then I have never smoked,nor do I vape) but I dont think you should have a nicotine option for the fruit or even any of the other flavours but Iguess if you are using them to wean yourself off of cigarettes, you need the hit rather than the addition of thecarcinogens that are responsible for the ill effects of smoking.

    Available in 4 different colours, the kit is versatile to be mixed and matched with various outfits, moods or styles. Its pretty unisex if you dont mind the bulkier of kits (mainly because you get a lot more liquid in them and batterylife so they can be used for longer). My sister on the other hand prefers the thinner ones so shed be looking atthe Innokin Lily Starter Kit (38.95) which is thinner, a lot more colourful but with less battery life.

    Onto the liquids. As Andy used to like a cigar, I get him specialist cigar e-liquid which is imported from the USAbut after trying NeoCig he started taking an interest in the fruit flavours. We received 4 bottles (which has a veryfine dripper) out of the many flavours available and if Im honest, they smell fabulous. In the past hes tried fruitliquid and weve ended up with a burnt sugar smell enveloping our senses but the fragrance from the KiKPremium American E-Liquid is pretty similar to a fruit smelling plug in. This afternoon I was treated to the aromaof banana and pecan with a teaser of pink lemonade which incidentally quenched my sweet tooth and I wasonly a spectator!

    Eliquids start from 3.95 and you can pick 3 lots up for 10 at the moment and receive a free flavour of themonth. Overall 4 liquids are the equivalent to 35 packets of cigarettes. Thats one hell of a saving for both yourhealth and your pocket.

    Its a brilliant price for an all in one kit thats simple to use and understand. Take a look at the video and see foryourself!

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    Are You A Vaper? Vape Reviews For The Curious

    E cigarettes contain a mechanism that heats up liquid nicotine, which produces vapour. This means that you canenjoy smoking while ingesting comparatively fewer harmful chemicals than if you were burning tobacco, andtheres no bad-smelling smoke left clinging to your hands, hair and clothes.

    Note: lack of e-cig regulation

    Because they dont contain tobacco, e cigarettes arent subject to the laws and regulations that restrict tobaccocigarettes. This is a major reason why the NHS hasnt yet recommended them to patients who are keen to quitsmoking, because there is no formal quality control over e cigarettes imported and sold in kiosks, malls or online.

    Another important thing to note is that nicotine is an addictive substance, and so its essential to think carefullybefore purchasing one of these devices. Part of the current controversy is around the fact that children canpurchase e cigarettes in flavours like cherry, strawberry or cookies and cream, the use of which may lead tonicotine addiction later in life.

    Starter kits & replacement cartridges

    Now, if youre venturing down the path of the vaper, the first product youll need is a starter kit. Most e cigcompanies sell these kits, which consist of a USB rechargeable battery and cartridges. The cartridge screws intothe battery and can be replaced when the taste starts to fade (in general, this lasts longer than your average packof smokes). Its great because you can shop around and compare prices and aesthetics as much as you like.

  • The best E cigarettes for beginners

    Vapers report in general that the cost, convenience (you can smoke e cigarettes in some pubs and restaurants)and taste or lack of smell are big advantages of using these devices. I think another benefit is being able to usethem indoors at work, which is less disruptive and of course an appeal to any businesss health care policy ingeneral.

    E-Lite E200 electronic cigarette starter kit (39.99)

    This starter kit comes in a reassuringly familiar cigarette-style case. Inside is a USB charger and e cigs that verymuch resemble their tobacco counterparts, but which apparently hold much more smoking time for your moneysworth (200 cigarettes worth). The ordering process is quick and efficient).

    V2 cigs beginners kit (29.99)Another brand that has a good presence in the UK market, V2 has a wide range of beginners kits. This kit isavailable in a choice of three different strengths, red or menthol flavours, and includes battery, charger, cartridgesand disposable e cigarette. For those interested in trying the flavours, theres a sample pack that has 10 differentflavours includes chocolate, cherry and mint tea.

    Totally Wicked Microlite start kit (29.99)For some reason this site doesnt fill me with a lot of confidence, but this kit comes with a sexy black portablecharging case, meaning you can vape on the move! Otherwise its the standard battery and cartridge orcartomizer combined.

    If youre worried about not being in the smokers club anymore, never fear! Vapers seem to be very pro-vapingand they even have their own vaping forums and festivals, where people can share stories and advice. So, haveyou, will you, ever try an e cigarette? Tell us your stories in the comments!

    Image: vapour trails by Amy Lloyd (Flickr)

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    Electric Tobacconist Kits and ELiquids Review

    Andys enjoyed the last few days as hes been asked to review some more vaping kits. I was never a huge fan ofhim smoking in general because I had dated a guy when I was a teen that smoked and quite frankly andhonestly, he used to stink. Andy was not a big smoker but when he announced he was giving up when we gottogether I was overjoyed. Vaping is a much cleaner, healthier and more cost effective habit if you need to have tohave the physical element of putting something in your mouth to keep yourself from stresses and strains, withoutall the destructive carcinogens invading your body so its something I applaud the people who supply electriccigarettes and kits such as Electric Tobacconist who have been kind enough to provide Andy with this latest set.

    The Vapouriz eGo Tank Kit a new one toAndy but pretty much a now standard form inthe way of a clearomizer and battery withUSB charger. Supplied in a tin with foamshaped holder so perfect to store in your bagso it doesnt get broken however the outerbox took me a little while to get into as Icouldnt grip hold of the tin enough to pull itout. A few quick jolts were all it needed toland nicely on the table.

    I then handed it to Andy and he continued toset it all up. The battery looked slightlysmaller than the other batteries that hes triedwith clearomizers, and he did comment that itfelt as if it were made of plastic since it wasso incredibly light. I must admit, it didnt lookas stylish as the other kits hes tried as thefinish on the Chrome Blue wasnt particularlyfabulous but as long as it worked well andlasted well, he wasnt too fussed and beingan entry l