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  • 6th Year


    August 22,1977 Number 34

    U.S. Tour CancelledMexico's Circus Union has abandoned its plans to tour in the U. S. despite recent Immi-

    gration Department approval of its entry request. The problem, according to show owner SenorJesus Fuentes, was a stipulation jn the agreement that the circus must be managed by a U. S. citi-zen. Because Fuentes was unable to find anyone to his liking the tour was called of f .

    Well over a year ago Fuentes announced he would tour the U. S., playing areas with a ma-jor Spanish speaking population along the border and in the west. In preparation for the tour heordered a colorful new big top measuring 140 ft. x 232 ft.

    Shortly after that first announcementseveral American show owners voiced their ob-jections, even going to officials in Washington,as a result the Immigration Dept. refused togrant an entry permit for the circus and its per-sonnel. However, early this year a move gotunderway to gain backing for the circus andfinally because of pressure the ImmigrationDept. reversed its ruling and said the circuscould come into this country.

    Charges FiledCharges of cruelty to animals were filed againstOtto Berosini early in this month in Sarasota(Fla.) County Court. The charges were filed byMrs. Boots Pallister, an investigator for theEquine Rescue Service.

    Mrs. Pallister told the Sarasota Herald-Tribune(Continued on Page 16)



    PAUL V. KAYESuite 519 1680 North Vine Street Hollywood, California 90028

    Area Code 213 462-6001

  • Page 2 The Circus Report

    MAGICMagic-Time USA recently completed its swingthrough the mid-west and certainly enjoyed awealth of visits by several magicians, many ofwhom provided some interesting news aboutthe magic business.The Amazing Conklms joined us for a cook-outat Peoria (111) on their way home to Colon, Michafter dates in Texas for Jim Nordmark. Jerry re-ports that when they showed Texas City the en-tire local IBM ring visited the show, includingZaney and Becky Blaney, Sandy Rings, Adrianand Terry Overstreet (Terry used to work foryours truly), Ken and Roberta Griffin and BobFord. Cindy Conklin recently made the "ulti-mate production" by having a son - ShawneeThunder Pony. Mike Conklin (our stage mgr)recently sprained his arm when he fell from askate board in Peru, Ind.At Elkhart (Ind) Don Babbs and Mark Strawvisited. Master builder Don Babbs worked foryears under the name Arturo and invented manyeffects including the "girl to 6ths". We verynervously presented this illusion as he watchedthe show, then tried to get a few pointers fromDon, but true to form for a magician he declin-ed to come up with any fine points for hisbrain child.Other recent visitors have been: In Chicago,Dick Oslund; In La Salle, Mystery & Co; In Jo-liet, Dee-Lip Yoo and also circus photographerClayton Wood; In Monmouth, Leola Wain andothers. In Joliet we showed at the old RialtoTheatre and discovered some old Thurston paper back stage. Had a nice chat with Leola LaWain who is carrying on with her departed hus-band's mail order used magic business. In ElkGove, veteran agent Gil Miller was by for a chat.While in Chicago we all visited Magic, Inc. andcut up a few jackpots with Jay Marshall. When

    BETTYFUNS-A-POPPINPackage Shows to Fit Your Needs

    Box 391, Sunland, Cal i f . - 91040(213) 352-4277 (213) 352 2454

    you are in Chicago that's the place to find outwhat is going on in magic.

    !We also found time to visit the Dobritch Circus-at Wheaton, 111. They had a great show and ourthanks for the hospitality extended by BillyBarton and Jimmy Douglass.Magician Mike Martin recently broke his armand says he had to have it reset twice and it isstill causing trouble. Am anxious to see him asa "one arm magician."Reports from Mexico City say the famous Blan-queto Theatre (Mexico's No. 1 vaude house)has magiciain Chen-Kai and also comic LocoValdez.-on the bill. Loco was the show stopperin the Mexican version of the Magic Show awhile back. He played the part of the old ma-gician while Tino Flores played the Doug Hen.ning part. Chen-Kai, of course, is the famousMexican "magician's magician."We are now following a route that will take useast and into New Jersey and are looking for-ward to meeting many fans and magicians. Ourroute is in CR and you are always welcome.We are especially proud of our band which is ledby Jack King, a veteran of vaude, burlesque andeverything else. Besides being a great musician,Jack is full of show-biz yarns and it is worthyour while to visit our show just to meet Jackand hear his stories, so come by when we arem yur area- PROF, MILLER(2364 Fruitville Rd., Sarasota, Fla. 33577)

    SIGRID GKBEL-WILLIAMS, an RBBB RedUnit star, was a German fashion model whenshe married Gunther and joined the circus.

    WANTEDFor The Hanneford Circus

    Riggers, Diesel Drivers. Prop Boys, Grooms,Tiger Attendents, Fall Tour starts Sept. 1st.

    Still need a few more acts.Write or Call:

    HANNEFORD CIRCUS, INC.Storytown U. S. A.

    Lake George, N. Y. - 12845Phone: (518) 792-3430

    (No Collect Calls) -

  • August 22,1977 Page 3





    R A L P H D U K E , husband

    C H I L D R E N G R A N D C H I L D R E N

    Beverly and A n t a r A n t a r , J r . , O m a r , AlissaSandra and F rank Jul ie and Lor iPaul ine and Andy A n d y , J r . , and MariaJulee and Brad TondaM a r g a r e t and W a d e AdamPaul and W a n d a C h r i s t i a nMichae l

  • ROUTESACT Circus

    Aug. 27-29 Edmonton, Albta.

    Beatty-Cole Bros. CircusAug. 22-24 Sharon, Pa.

    25-28 Youngstown, Ohio

    Buffalo Bill's Wild West ShowAug. 26-28 Louisville, Ky.

    Carson & Barnes CircusAug. 22-23 Harvey, 111.

    24-25 Merrillville, Ind.26 Wilmington, 111.27 Sycamore

    28-29 Prairie du Sac, Wise.

    Hubert Castle CircusAug. 22-24 Crown Point, Ind.

    26-28 Birmingham, Ala.

    Circus VargasAug. 23-25 Sherbrooke, Quebec

    Funs-A-Poppin Circusto Aug 28 Lion Country, Calif.

    Bobby Gibbs Circusto Sept. 11 Baraboo, Wise.

    Hall & Christ Circus Uniqueto Aug 28 Columbus, Ohio

    Tommy Hanneford Circusto Sept. 5 Lake George, N. Y.

    Happytime Circusto Sept. 6 Sacramento, Calif.

    Hoxie's Great American CircusAug. 22 Louisburg, W. s

    23 Summersville24 Sutton25 Jane Lew26 Stonewood27 Kingwood

    Int'l All Star CircusAug. 22 St. Paul, Minn.

    25 Chicago, 111.27 W. Bloomfield, Mich.

    King Bros. CircusAug. 22 Erie, Pa.

    23 Conneaut, Ohio24 Ashtabula25 Medina26 Fostoria

    Martin & Downs CircusAug. 22 Windsor, Nflnd.

    24 BadgerRingling-Bamum - Blue Unit

    Aug. 23-24 Sioux Falls, S. D.26-28 Madison, Wise.

    Ringling-Bamum Red UnitAug. 23-30 Oakland, Calif.

    Ringling-Bamum - Thrill CircusAug. 22-28 Columbus, Ohio

    Royal Danish CircusAug 25-Sept 5 Detroit, Mich.

    Wenatchee Youth CircusAug. 27 Spokane, Wash.

    Sells & Gray CircusAug. 22 Aurora, 111.

    24 Barington25 Northbrook26 Harvard27 Belvidere28 Savanna

    John Strong's CircusAug. 22 Blackfoot, Iowa

    23 Idaho Falls, Idaho24 Pocatello25 Twin Falls26 Ontario, Oregon27 Baker27 La Grande

    TNT & Royal Olympic CircusAug. 24-28 Toledo, Ohio

    LEO DeMERS, 89 yrs. old, retiredacrobat now living at the VeteransHospital, Wood, Wise., and The Rev.FATHER ALEX, of the Italian Ca-tholic Church, Milwaukee, Wsc, andFRANK FINK, son of retired ani-mal trainer and slack wire perfor-mer, GEORGE BINK, cisited theCircus World Museum at Barabooas the guest of JOHN H' WILSON,retired performer, on Aug. 10th.The visit, however, was cut shortbecause DeMers was on only a fewhours leave

    302 17th St. jSan Diego

    Calif. 92101(714)238-1375 !

    , OutstandingFeature

    Acts!* .


  • Page 5

    BILLY BARTON HOXIE TUCKER entered the Lancaster (Pa) GeneralHospital on July 18th for a Hernia operation...Thereare rumors that GERARD SOULES will take out asmall, but elegant tent show next summer between hisice show commitments. The tent is to be made by Leaf....The DAVID and HARRY RAWLS Chatauqua re-turned to the barn two months ago, but will re-emergeas a circus for a 6 week fall tour.

    REPORT FROM CIRCUS VARGAS: WALLY BICK-MORE is building the props and cages for the newJoyner cat act....Young TIM BICKMORE is managingthe Coke Concession which is not bad for a 16 yearold Canada is expensive: people lose 4 to 6 centson every dollar sent to the states....Gas is between .80and $1.06 a gallon 30% comes off the top of salar-ies in taxes C L I F F V A R G A S hired an accountantto do the performers' tax returns. Last season he sav-ed JAN J O Y N E R over 300 bucks MARY LOU DETEMPLE (Miss Christine and General Vargas) has beenknown to have some hot times at her trailer, but re-cently during "spec" a faulty TV wire caught f i re andtotally destroyed it. Thanks to quick action by JOHNMARONE and PINKIE FRITZ her little dog was res-cued The show had a typical Old Fashioned July 4Celebration, barbecue and all. JIM GIBSON's bandplayed a medley of patriotic tunes. With the volumefull pitch half of Canada heard our National Anthem!The barbecue was a success, with "just enough peoplethere to make it enjoyable and just enough absent totalk about!"....Highspot was JIM GIBSON's ice creamlaced with Kalua.

    ON THE SCENE WITH HOXIES BIG TOP: Prop bossWES BROWN's right hand is becoming stronger sinceits recent mangling in the spool wagon and LINDACHANDLER, recovered from her broken wrist suffer-ed this winter, is doing web and working a dog act.She made the bright orange tunics for the C O R T E ZFamily's high wire act....Hubby, PHIL CHANDLER 'Smagic/illusion display utilizing four feather-cladd dam-s