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  • 1. UROLOGY INSTRUMENTSToll Free (800) 330-1322 Fax (800) 260-7177 (516) 358-2180 (516) 358-2182 Email: [email protected] Website: www.germedusa.com 2417 Jericho Turnpike #333 Garden City Park, NY 11040

2. Table of ContentsAbout the Company2Autoclavable Cystoscopes3Resectoscope - Working Elements4Resectoscopy Sheaths Obturators, Working Elements5Electrodes6Cystoscope Sheaths7Optical Instruments8Flexible Instruments9Urethrotome10Special models available upon requestwww.germedusa.com Tel: 800-330-1322/516-358-2180 Fax: 516-358-2182e-mail: [email protected] 3. About the Company Germed USA Inc. is the leading manufacturer/supplier of Quality Operating Room German Surgical Instruments serving the healthcare dealer market today. Germed USA Inc. offers the finest Quality Instruments at the most affordable prices, available for immediate delivery anywhere in the world. Quality begins at Germed USA Inc. where master craftsmen forge and manufacture each precision tool to Germed USA Inc.s exact specifications and measurements. The instruments must undergo a series of quality control specifications in order to be worthy of the Germed USA Inc. name and warranty. Germed USA Inc. offers a wide selection of Medical Equipment including: Operating Room Surgical Instruments, Veterinary Surgical Instruments including Emasculators/Castrators and Hoofing Instruments, Tungsten Carbide Insert Needle Holders and Scissors, IUD/Mini lap Kits, No Scalpel Vasectomy Tools, Student Dissecting Kits, Floor Grade Economy Instruments, Sterile Surgical Blades, Scalpels, Hollowware, Sterile Floor Grade Single Use Stainless Steel, Sterile Trays (E. R. Laceration, Suture Removal, Skin Staple Remover, IV Starter Kit and etc.,) and pre-assembled sets for the most of the O. R. procedures. We proudly announce now the addition of Complete Line of Dental Instruments as well as Fiber Optic Laryngoscope at affordable prices. We have acquired a unique and unmatched understanding of manufacturing. Years of experience and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, have helped us to keep our prices low. Our Surgical Instruments have been created by expert craftsmen. We have launched a fully interactive ECommerce website where you can shop online and track your orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Order a free CD-Rom "our electronic catalogue" to save time, and enjoy hassle free ordering. Germed USA Inc. offers its customers the most reliable customer service. Processing an order with Germed USA Inc. is hassle free, because your satisfaction is our number one priority. Hundreds of our customers rely on us to provide them with wonderful customer service, and quality tools at the best price. So if you want to experience all the benefits that Germed USA Inc. is known for offering, please call us at 800-330-1322 516-358-2180; Fax 800-260-7177 516-358-2182; Email: [email protected] Remember this call can save you thousand's of dollars on your future purchases. So call now and see for yourself.Guarantee All Germed USA Inc. Surgical Instruments are guaranteed to be free from defects in workmanship and material. Any instrument and or material which proves to be defective in workmanship, will either be repaired or replaced based upon our evaluation, free of charge. Our responsibility under this guarantee shall be limited to repair or replacement of defective merchandise.www.germedusa.com Tel: 800-330-1322/516-358-2180 Fax: 516-358-2182e-mail: [email protected] 4. Autoclavable CystoscopesAll telescopes are equipped with a 3-way variable cable connector to connect the following systems:ACM, BRITISH, WOLF, HSW, STORTZ, OLYMPUSCystoscope Telescopes, length 302 mm, autoclavable at 2.3 bar (134) 71-000944.0 mm,0$2,545.0071-000954.0 mm,12$2,615.0071-000964.0 mm,30$2,615.0071-000974.0 mm,70$2,735.00Fiber Light Cables, Autoclavable at 2 bar (134C) Endoskop-Adapter Rema / Storz180 length230 length300 length71-00210$220.0071-00220$350.0071-00201$475.0071-00211$575.0071-00221$655.004.871-00202$280.0071-00212$330.0071-0022$395.0071-00203$475.0071-00213$585.0071-00223$660.004.871-00204$285.0071-00214$345.0071-00224$400.006.071-00205$480.0071-00215$575.0071-00225$665.004.871-00206$275.0071-00216$345.0071-00226$400.006.0ACM / British$225.006.0 Wolf / HSW71-002006.0 Winter / Ibe4.871-00207$480.0071-00217$575.0071-00227$665.00www.germedusa.com Tel: 800-330-1322/516-358-2180 Fax: 516-358-2182e-mail: [email protected] 5. Resectocope - Working Elements74-021001,000.00Working element PASSIVE, electrode in resting position inside the sheath74-021101,000.00Working element ACTIVE, electrode in resting position outside the sheathwww.germedusa.com Tel: 800-330-1322/516-358-2180 Fax: 516-358-2182e-mail: [email protected] 6. Resectoscopy Sheaths Obturators, Working Elements 74-02120$800.00Continuous flow sheath 24 CH fixed (complete with inner sheath)74-02121$800.00Continuous flow sheath 24 CH rotating (complete with inner sheath) 74-02114$480.00Resectoscope Sheath 24 CH (without picture) with one fixed stopcock 74-02115$525.00Resectoscope Sheath 24 CH (without picture) with two fixed stopcocks74-02117$120.00Standard Obturator 24 CH for Resectoscope Sheath74-02130$260.00Deflecting Obturator 24 CH for Resectoscope Sheath74-02135$290.00Visual Obturator 24 CH for Resectoscope Sheath74-02030$600.00Working element with Albarran deflector, 1 instrument channel 74-02031$630.00Working element with Albarran deflector, 2 instrument channelswww.germedusa.com Tel: 800-330-1322/516-358-2180 Fax: 516-358-2182e-mail: [email protected] 7. Electrodes 74-02200Loop electrode, curved 24 CH$60.0074-02201Loop electrode, curved 27 CH$60.0074-02202Loop electrode, straight 24 CH74-02203Knife electrode 24 CH74-02204Ball electrode 24 CH 3 mm$60.0074-02205Ball electrode 24 CH 5 mm$60.0074-02206Roller electrode 24 CH 3 mm$60.0074-02207Roller electrode 24 CH 5 mm$60.0074-02208Conical electrode 24 CH74-02217Vaporization electrode 3 mm$60.0074-02218Vaporization electrode 5 mm$60.0074-02215Spike electrode 3 mmCall for code74-02216Spike electrode 5 mmCall for code$60.00$60.00$60.00High-Frequency Cable for use with Resectoscopy - Working element, 3m long.74-02250HF-cable for Aesculap, Berchtold, $60.00 Martin, 4 mm74-02251HF-cable for Storz, Erbe, 5 mm74-02252HF-cable for Valleylab, Bowie, 8 mmwww.germedusa.com Tel: 800-330-1322/516-358-2180 Fax: 516-358-2182$60.00$60.00e-mail: [email protected] 8. Cystoscope SheathsCystoscope sheaths with 2 fixed stopcocks including standard obturator 74-0201017 CH$500.0074-0201119 CH$500.0074-0201221 CH$500.0074-0201323 CH$500.0074-0201425 CH$500.0074-02020Diagnostic adapter-bridge74-02021Adapter-bridge with one channel74-02022Adapter-bridge with two channelswww.germedusa.com Tel: 800-330-1322/516-358-2180 Fax: 516-358-2182$160.00$210.00$240.00e-mail: [email protected] 9. Optical Instruments74-02050Biopsy forceps, double-action jaws$535.0074-02053Biopsy forceps, double-action jaws$535.0074-02052Hook scissors, double-action $535.0074-0205474-0205174-02055Biopsy punch, double-action jawsStone grasping forceps, double action jaws $535.00Stone grasping forceps for use with 25CH sheathwww.germedusa.com Tel: 800-330-1322/516-358-2180 Fax: 516-358-2182$565.00$800.00e-mail: [email protected] 10. Flexible Instruments Button Electrodes flexible, 53 cm 74-020855 CH$60.0074-020867 CH$60.00Needle Electrodes, flexible, 53 cm 74-020885 CH$60.0074-020897 CH$60.00Loop Electrodes, flexible, 53 cm 74-020905 CH$60.0074-020917 CH$60.00Scissors, flexible Length40 cm5 CH60 cm74-00612$295.0074-00613$315.00Foreign body forceps, flexible Length40 cm60 cm5 CH74-00615$295.0074-00616$315.007 CH74-00601$295.0074-00617$315.00Biopsy forceps, flexible Length40 cm60 cm5 CH74-00618$295.0074-00619$315.007 CH74-00610$295.0074-00620$315.00Stone basket, flexible Length60 cm5 CH74-00608$380.00(Also available as half-flexible or with insulated spiral)www.germedusa.com Tel: 800-330-1322/516-358-2180 Fax: 516-358-2182e-mail: [email protected] 11. Urethrotome74-02100Working element PASSIVE, Knife in resting position inside the Sheath74-02400Urethrotome Sheath with Instrument Channel74-0240174-02403Obturator for Urethrotome Sheath, 21 CH$1,000.00$460.00$135.00Guide Tube for insertion of a Ballon Catheter $245.0074-0240274-0241074-02411Urethrotome Bridge, 1 channel, 5 CH $210.00Urethrotome Knife, Straight, Cold CuttingUrethrotome Knife, Round, Cold Cutting74-0250074-02530Evacuator (Ellik)Syringe 150 mlwww.germedusa.com Tel: 800-330-1322/516-358-2180 Fax: 516-358-2182$65.00$65.00$125.00$175.00e-mail: [email protected]