Urban Tribes: The Rockers

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Transcript of Urban Tribes: The Rockers

1. DEFINITIONS OF URBAN TRIBES Those groups of friends and young people usually dress alike, share thoughts, they have common habits and meet the same places. Come together voluntarily, to be together and share things in common! 2. THE ROCKERS 3. SOURCE This is an organization that begins in the 50s when they were avowed. 4. ACTIVITIES 5. PHYSICAL APPEARANCE 6. PERSONALITY 7. EVOLUTION OF ROCKERS In the first stage, ROCK: Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra begins with the Rock and Roll in the 50s, suddenly the rock and roll changed to rock! Rock was in its golden stage, they were the kings, breaking the laws . 8. Elvis Presley Frank Sinatra 9. THEY WERE THE PIONEER INFLUENCE OF ROCK 10. Second Stage, SOFT ROCK Late 60s and early 70s. This stage was when the rockers took a rest of the excesses of drugs, many dead rockers because of driving drunk. Everybody will remember this era for some songs. PUNKS FUNKS 11. Third stage, HARD ROCK After a peaceful period, the rockers remember the essence of Rock, the rebellion, breaking the rules, riding bicycles and another things. 12. ALLIES - The hippies - The heavies - The punks - The grunges ENEMIES -The canis - Rapers - Emos - Reggetoneros - Hairdressers! - They cut their dear hair!Lol 13. CESAR AGUIRRE LISSY HERRERA LAURA GARZN MADE BY: