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Uranus Unveiled!!. Kerri Shepheard Roxy Cativiela. Cordelia Ophelia Bianca Cressida Desdemona Juliet Portia Rosalind Belinda Puck. Small Moons of Uranus. Icy Moons of Uranus. Miranda Ariel Umbriel Titania Oberon Caliban Sycorax. Moons Found After 1999. Stephano. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Uranus Unveiled!!Kerri ShepheardRoxy Cativiela

  • Small Moons of UranusCordelia Ophelia Bianca CressidaDesdemonaJulietPortia Rosalind Belinda Puck

  • Icy Moons of UranusMiranda Ariel Umbriel Titania Oberon Caliban Sycorax

  • Moons Found After 1999ProsperoSetebosStephano1986 U 10S/2001 U2S/2003 U1S/2003 U2S/2003 U3

  • Uranus StructureThe Giant planets do not have the same layered structure thatthe earthlike planets do. Theirevolution was quite differentthan that of the earthlike planets, and they have much more gas and ice inside. Uranus's interior is primarily made of methane ice. Motions in the interior of Uranus help form the magnetosphere of Uranus. Heat generated within Uranus helps form the unusual winds of the atmosphere.

  • AtmosphereThe plain aquamarine face of Uranus proves the fact that there are clouds covering UranusBecause the face of Uranus is all alike that shows that the planet's atmosphere is mostly made up of one thing, methane.The planet appears to be blue-green because the methane gas of the atmosphere traps red light and does not allow that color to escape

  • Atmosphere Cont.High in its atmosphere there is also ethane, which can fuel automobiles on Earth Like Jupiter and Saturn, the basic weather of Uranus can be described as a striped pattern of winds. This means that, even though the pattern is hard to see, Uranus is striped, just like Jupiter and Saturn

  • Magnetosphere of Uranus The magnetosphere of Uranus is medium sized, but still much bigger than the Earth's. It holds all of Uranus' moonsIt is believed to be made in the middle of the planet, and with ice, rather than with iron at the coreThe magnetosphere of Uranus has a very strange tilt. The extreme tilt, combined with the extreme tilt of Uranus itself, makes for a completely strange magnetosphere, one which has twisting structure!

  • Magnetosphere Cont.Mathematical theory suggests that the rings of Uranus sweep the particles in the magnetosphere into the atmosphere The Aurora on Uranus is difficult to detect, and so are radio signals from Uranus, which means that the magnetosphere of Uranus may be almost empty

  • This is a drawing of the magnetosphere of Uranus.

  • Rings, Rings, Rings!Uranus has 1 prominent ring and a lot of smallones after itNew Hubble images showthat Uranus' rings havechanged shape since 1986,when Voyager 2 firstvisited the gas giant. Uranus' inner rings are much more prominent than beforeUranus' outermost ring is blue, just like Saturns E-ringUranus's rings stand out strongly in the infrared because their icy material is efficient at reflecting sunlight at this wavelength

  • Why its TiltedAstronomers think Uranus was hit by a really big 'planetessimal' soon after the solar system was formed, but before its moons were born. The thing that hit it put matter in orbit around the new tilted Uranus so that the moons could eventually form out of this ejected material left over from the collision. It seems that all of the planets have at one time been hit by BIG OBJECTS nearly as big as they are. For the Earth, this resulted in the formation of the Moon

  • Discovered at Last!Uranus was the first planet discovered in modern times. It was found accidentally by William Herschel while he was searching the sky with a telescope in 1781. It had actually been seen many times before but dismissed as a star

  • Just the FactsDiameter- 51,118 kmDensity- 1.29 g/cm3Mass- 8.686 x 1025 kgVolume- 6.995 x 1013 km3Atmosphere- Hydrogen, Helium, Methane Winds- Up to 160 m/sMoons- 27

    Distance from Sun- 2,870,990,000kmOrbital Period- 84 Years, 3 Days, 15.66 Hrs.Rotation- 17.25 HoursTilt- 97.86Magnetic Field- Extends 15 times planet radius

  • Burr! Its Cold!!Uranus mean tempature is 58KIt has been recorded as low as 49K however!That is in Kelvin, which has 0 as no motion. Thats what I call cold!!

  • Its Names HistoryThe name Uranus comes from a Greek God named Ouranos, also spelled Uranus like the planet.This is the oldest God ever worshipedHe was the embodiment of the sky or heavens, and known as the god of the sky. He was the first son of Gaia (the earth) and he also became her husbandHis offspring included the Cyclopes and Hecatonchires, who each had one hundred hands and fifty headsThe story goes that he was afraid of his sons strength. So he hid them inside Gaia (Earth).

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  • InteriorUranus has 3 basic sections just like EarthThe first section is made of HydrogenThe mantel is made up of frozen waterUranus has possibly the largest amount of water covering a surface in the solar systemThe core is made of rocky material

  • Comparing Uranus and Earth

    UranusEarthPosition from the Sun 73Diameter31,763 miles7,926 milesMoons211Rings100Distance from Sun1,786,000,000 miles93,000,000 milesYour WeightMultiply weight by 0.93Multiply weight by 1One Year84 Earth years1 Earth yearOne Day17 hours & 8 minutes24 hoursAtmosphereHydrogen, HeliumNitrogen, oxygen Temperature-360F -128F to 136F

  • Creditshttp://astronomy.nmsu.edu/catwu/ASTR105/images/UranusRings.jpgwww.solarsystem.nasa.govhttp://www.pantheon.org/articles/u/uranus.htmlhttp://nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov/planetary/planetaryfaq.html#Uranus