Uploading Dissonance. Overview YouTube and the US occupation of Iraq – Christensen o Propaganda...

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Uploading Dissonance
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Transcript of Uploading Dissonance. Overview YouTube and the US occupation of Iraq – Christensen o Propaganda...

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Uploading Dissonance Slide 2 Overview YouTube and the US occupation of Iraq Christensen o Propaganda vs. public diplomacy o Noopolitik Amateur Photojournalism and the Myth of Media Democracy Nemanic o Grassroots journalism o Media democracydoes it exist? Examples Questions/Areas of exploration Slide 3 Christensen: YouTube and the US Occupation of Iraq MNFIRAQ what is it? o YouTube channel 2007 o US Defense Department o boots on ground perspective of war o Sanitized version of war o No profanity, graphic/disturbing content Slide 4 3 Types of Videos o Street fighting o Surgical warfare o Good deeds Slide 5 Steetfighting Typical gun battle scenes Enemy always initiating contact US Soldiers defending/ returning fire Calm & Collected manner No results or casualties shown Slide 6 Surgical Warfare Involves bombing from helicopter or airplane Destroy selected targets (terrorists, weapons) that posses threat Very accurate and precise Again no carnage shown Slide 7 Good Deeds Christensen Feel good material Display troops in positive light Show good relations between citizens & troops Ex Shaking hands, playing with kids, laughing Slide 8 Good deeds? Opposing Content Example of propagandistic dissonance Opposing content makes propaganda difficult Level of control much more difficult YouTube decentralized nature Alternative clips appear side by side Slide 9 Good deeds? Apache Kills Shows high power ammunition Body part exploded Shows wounded person Propaganda relies on censorship US soldiers uploading own clips disrupts this Slide 10 Traditional Propaganda Nazi Germany clip YouTube, Google Video, didnt exist No alternative view Easier to implement propaganda Slide 11 Propaganda vs. public diplomacy Slide 12 Propagandistic Dissonance Realpolitik and noopolitik What we see here is noopolitik o Control over thought o deliberate, regulated decontrol o Noopolitik may ultimately be about whose story wins 159 Slide 13 In what other ways are we exposed to noopolitik propaganda? Slide 14 Magazines and Advertising For corporate gain o Were more sensitive to government propaganda but advertising is just as prominent Bernayspropaganda vs. public relations, sound familiar? Slide 15 Must-haves, Perfect dresses etc VS Slide 16 Media dissonance Slide 17 Slide 18 Media myths: Good Girl vs. Bad Girl VS Slide 19 Militainment Slide 20 Slide 21 TV Shows Glorified view of government organizations Slide 22 But in the war over public opinion, video-sharing sites such as YouTube and Google video have, it appears, begun to restructure the balance of story- telling power o Christensen 173 Has it really? Slide 23 Amateur Photojournalism and the Myth of the Media Democracy Slide 24 Question for the class Is photojournalism dead? Slide 25 Yes? Because: Professional photojournalists push corporate agenda Biased Fake/staged images Slide 26 But Nemanic says No Digital Divide Photojournalism requires education, talent, experience Professional images= superior quality Photojournalist more willing to take risks for greater images Civilian journalism is short livededges on sensationalism Slide 27 G20 citizen perspective Slide 28 G20 CTV perspective Slide 29 Grass roots involving the common people o Princeton Wordnet Media democracy o global social movement developed to open up mass media to a range of ideas and diverse voices that are repressed through media ownership o But these are two separate things! Idea of authenticity Slide 30 Occupy Wall Street Slide 31 Slide 32 Slide 33 Are these images more authentic than Slide 34 Slide 35 Slide 36 Slide 37 Culture and Citizen Journalism Audience appropriation and modification of media texts John Fiske culturean active process of generating and circulating meanings and pleasures within the social system Audience interests are short lived Slide 38 Discussion: Is this citizen journalism? Bed Intruder- original news report Bed Intruder Song audience appropriation Slide 39 Media democracy? Slide 40 Slide 41 Censorship? Slide 42 Further questions Do you agree with Nemanic? Can citizen and professional journalists work together? How does/can one complement the other? Slide 43 Final conclusions?