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Upcoming deadlines. Officer Applications & Mock Interviews sign-ups due WEDNESDAY, APRIL 2nd, 11:59pm (go to website/Facebook/newsletter) (interview sign-ups are capped at 20 for traditional, 15 for group). TAKE OUT YOUR PHONES! Help us win a $250 donation towards graduation stoles!. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Upcoming deadlines

Upcoming deadlinesOfficer Applications & Mock Interviews sign-upsdue WEDNESDAY, APRIL 2nd, 11:59pm(go to website/Facebook/newsletter)(interview sign-ups are capped at 20 for traditional, 15 for group)

TAKE OUT YOUR PHONES!Help us win a $250 donation towards graduation stoles!Go the first post of our Facebook group.Please "LIKE" Screaming Squeegee and then vote for the Pre-Pharmacy Club via the link

Spring PreviewFriday, April 4th: Western University Info Night @ 5:30pmMonday, April 7th: PCAT Workshop @ 7:10pmTuesday, April 15th: Mock Interviews @ 7:10-9pmWednesday, April 16th: Nuclear Pharmacist @ 114 South Hall, 6-7pmWednesday, May 7th: Personal Statement Workshop @ 7:10pm-and browsing of actual pharmacy school apps

PharmCAS Workshop: including supplemental apps and interviewsAccepted Student PanelPossible SocialsDinner with OfficersQuidditchUltimate FrisbeeDeath Star GamesField DayCommunity Service2nd Annual Community Health and Wellness Fair April 5th at CSU SacramentoVolunteer shifts: 8am-2pm (with breaks)Sign up link on website/newsletterRelay for LifeGetting your pharmacy technician licenseR&E PresentationApril 1st, 2014

What exactly is a pharm tech?- A health care worker who performs pharmacy-related functions under the direct supervision of a licensed pharmacist- They mostly assist in measuring, mixing, counting and labeling dosages of medications, while also answering phone calls and checking inventory

- Average annual salary (as of 2012): $38,750

Why should I be a CPhT as a Pre-Pharm Student?More hands-on experience in the pharmacy field (instead of just shadowing)Showing admissions that you are committed to entering pharmacy as a careerExperiences to talk about in your personal statement / interview, rsumnote: UOP supplemental app has a section where you indicate if you have a pharmacy technician license (provide a copy). Whether or not you use the license to work/volunteer as a pharm tech, this could be a booster to show added commitment.

How to get your National License- Go to www.PTCB.org (Pharmacy Technician Certification Board)- Register for the PTCE (Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam)- Create an account- Cost: $129 (ask your employer if they will pay for the test)- Select a testing center and testing date within 90 days of applying to take the PTCE- www.pearsonvue.com/ptcb/

What exactly is on the test90 MC questions in 1 hr and 50 minutes (10 questions do not count towards your score)- 66%: Assisting the Pharmacist in Serving Patients- test you on important skill sets a pharmacy technician should have (think on your feet, judgement skills)- 22%: Maintaining Medication and Inventory Control System- 12%: Participating in the Administration and Management of Pharmacy Practice

Some tips on Preparing for the Exam Practice books, materials and practice exams available online **Know calculations and conversions** (dosages, flow rates, alligations, etc.) **Know drug regulation laws and agencies** (HIPAA, DEA forms, FDA, etc.) If you have time, familiarize yourself with common drugs (brand and generic names) and drug classes (e.g. antihistamines, statins, diuretics, etc.)

What to expect the day of the test- Bring a valid form of ID- You will be fingerprinted and photographed before you enter the testing room.- The testing center is a room filled with computers.The test is taken electronically.- You are given a notepad, marker, calculator, and earbuds.- You have two hours to complete the exam. - Your preliminary result (P/F) will appear on the computer screen once you submit your test.Getting your CA State License- Go to www.pharmacy.ca.gov- Access the application at http://www.pharmacy.ca.gov/forms/tch_app_pkt.pdf- Complete the application, paying close attention to detail- Application Fee: $80- Passport-style picture (use photo quality paper)- Certified copy of high school transcript- Sealed original Self-Query Report (Cost: $16)- http://www.npdb-hipdb.hrsa.gov/- Finger Printing at a LiveScan facility (Cost: Varies, Roughly $51+)- Find locations at http://ag.ca.gov/fingerprints/publications/contact.htm- Include notarized (true) copy of national license or certificate- Send via certified mail

Checking the Status of Your State License- Go to http://www.pharmacy.ca.gov- Click Verify a License under Quick Hits on the Left

Recertification- Recertification, or renewal of certification, is required every two years from your certification date- The cost to complete the online recertification process is $40, payable by credit card or e-check only. If you fail to recertify by the deadline and your certification expires, the cost to reinstate your certification is $80

Sample QuestionsWhat is the generic name for the anti-anxiety drug Ativan?

A. LoprazolamB. LorazepamC. LansoprazoleD. Lisinopril

Sample Questions- Amphetamines, opium, cocaine, and methadone are in DEA Schedule __ because they have accepted medicinal use, but have a high potential for abuse and may lead to physical or psychological dependence.

- A. II- B. III- C. IV- D. V

Take InitiativeIf you are determined to get your Pharmacy Technician License,


You wont be disciplined to study for the test unless you have a test date. GOOD LUCK!Testimonials

Connie Sou3rd YearBiological Sciences (NPB Emphasis) MajorPreparationRescheduled the exam because I did not feel ready to take the test yet.Spent an actual two weeks studying 4 hours a day for the exam in the summer.Used Mosbys Review for the Pharmacy Technician Certification ExamGreat book to use! It is concise, informative, had practice exams, and came with a CD that had flashcards and more practice exams.TipsDo as many practice exams as you can.Know your top 200 brand and generic drugs.Have a good grasp on conversions and calculations.Use of LicenseI have previously used my license at Rite Aid Pharmacy to dispense drugs.I currently use my license at UCDMC ACC Pharmacy to access script pro, edit prescriptions and dispense/compound drugs.Alan Do4th YearBiological Science Major, Emphasis: Medical MicrobiologyPreparation:- 3 weeks of studying with 2-3 hrs per day (over Winter Break)- Used Mosebys 2nd edition to study- Really helpful. I learned everything about the testfrom this book. The many practice exams definitely prepared me for the exam.

Tips:- Study hard and be confident in yourself- Know how to do the math and common 200 drugs

Use of my license:Allowed me to perform more tasks when working at Rite-Aid

PreparationI used two different books: Thomson Delmar Learnings Pharmacy Practice for Technicians (3E) by Jane Durgin/Zachary Hanan and Complete Review for the Pharmacy Technician (2E) by L. Michael Posey.I studied over the summer; one week to finish one book and another week to finish the other. I took about ~3-4 hours a day to study.TipsDownload the Study Blue app to use as flashcards and prepare for abbreviations and drug names/purpose.Dont spend all of your time learning drug names, try to find similarities in the names or drug classes-statin drugs lowers cholesterol. ex. Lovastatin, Simvastatin, etc.NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen, aspirin)Use of LicenseRecently hired with CVS in Woodland to work as a pharmacy techBonusEmail Jenny Killeen your resume for a potential position at CVS (Woodland) within the next two weeks. Pharmacy technician and license preferred but not required. Her email is jennyauyoung@gmail.com.Email me at jlculilap@ucdavis.edu for a specific CVS location you are interested in and I will contact my field trainer to check for any availabilities or you can check at info.cvscaremark.com/careersJessa May Culilap4th YearBiochemistry & Molecular BiologyCommunications Steven Samuels (FPSO)Having an actual job in a pharmacy shows the admissions committees a greater commitment than only shadowing or volunteering. It allows you to gain more firsthand experience and useful knowledge for pharmacy school, as well as potential letters of recommendation. Most importantly, it helps you find out whether the pharmacy environment is right for you.In my experience, it helped me cement my decision to pursue pharmacy after seeing patient consultations and the knowledge a pharmacist has. While I did not use a letter of recommendation from my pharmacy manager as I was fairly new, I developed a good relationship with the pharmacists there and I think it helped me draw from experience in my essays and interviews.Contact Steven if you have any further questions!stevenwsamuels@yahoo.comTHANK YOU FOR COMING!