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Lori Miller/Tony Brinton - UPA 2011 recap - July 2011Lori MillerChief Design ArchitectLogical Design Solutionswww.lds.com

Transcript of UPA International Conference recap

  • 1. Recap for UsabilityNJ of the
    UPA International Conference
  • 2. Introductions
    About Logical Design Solutions
    Management consulting firm specializing in online channel and web-based solutions.
    We offer a wide breadth and scope of enterprise solutions in which people are the focus and business results are the objective.
    We have some of the best clients in the world; market leaders from the Fortune 500 and US Federal Government.
    We are known for our innovative solutions using the latest, exciting technology.
    We are thought leaders we shape the discussion in our market place.
    Lori J. Miller, NJ Office
    Tony Brinton, NYC Office
    and we are hiring.
    www.LDS.com > Careers
  • 3. 20th Annual UPA International Conference
    • Keynote
    • 4. Research in Practice:Findings Usability Professionals Should Know About