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ORCiDConnecting Research and ResearchersVicki Picasso, Senior Librarian Research SupportORCID ID: orcid.org/0000-0001-9422-5021COI in Online Teaching, Learning and Research, 19th July, 2016

Introducing ORCID

Raise awareness of ORCIDInfluence you to register for an ORCIDEncourage you to use your ORCID

What is ORCID?ORCID stands for Open Researcher and Contributor Identifier

An ORCID is a 16 digit unique identifier

It is a researcher ID that is increasingly being adopted around the world by publishers, research organisations and research funding bodies


The Back StoryORCID is an international, not-for-profit initiative (orcid.org)Provides an open registry of persistent unique identifiers for researchers An ORCID is portable and will travel with the researcher throughout their career, across organisations, institutions and countriesThe aim of ORCID is to automate linkages to research objects such as publications, grants, datasets, patents, and other IDs orcid.org

Who has an ORCID?The stats..

2.3 million ORCID IDs worldwide currently33,407 ORCID records associated with .au email addresses16,864 ORCID records which had public affiliations (education or employment) with an Australian institution773 ORCIDs affiliated with UON

@Feb-June 2016

What can ORCID do for me?Connect a researcher to their research activity and outputs Provide a unique and persistent author/researcher IDAs an ISBN is to a book, an ORCID is to a researcherHelps you to claim ownership of your workAssert statements about yourself based on your ORCID, i.e. linking to, identifying with your IDName disambiguation common and similar namesOver-time will save time and effort as organisations adopt (integrate into their systems)

Of the more than 6 million authors in a major journal citations and abstracts database, more than two-thirds of them share a last name and single initial with another author.


Where Do I Use an ORCID?Submitting articles to a publisherGrant submissionsConference presentationsDatasetsEquipmentResearch systemsMedia storiesWebsites, anywhere where you have a public profile, i.e. blogCVEmail signatures

Benefits for Researchers

1. Reliably and easily connects you with your contributions and affiliationsorcid.org

Benefits for Researchers

2. Alleviates mistaken identityorcid.org

Benefits for Researchers3. Saves you time enter once, re-use oftenorcid.org

Benefits for Researchers

4. Improves recognition and discoverability for you and your research outputsorcid.org

Benefits for Researchers

5. Your lifelong digital nameorcid.org

Benefits for Researchers

6. You own and control your record, managing what information is connected and how it is sharedorcid.org

Benefits for Researchers

7. Enables you to comply with organisations that require ORCID iDorcid.org

Benefits for Researchers

8. More and more systems you already use are connected with ORCIDorcid.org

Benefits for Researchers

9. Free to register and useorcid.org

Benefits for Researchers

10. Enables you to play your part in making the Internet better for research!orcid.org

About Your ORCID Profile (orcid.org)ORCID profile is managed at the ORCID websiteYou manage your profile You can add information about yourself if you chooseShare as much or as little information as youd like Youre in control you manage permissions and authorise who can view and access the information on your ORCID record Remembering that ORCID is portable through your career, independent of employer, institution, name change

Your ORCID Profile (if you want)Personal Information / about you informationEmail AddressAffiliationsWork/career historyEducation and employmentPublications (add these through some wizard tools) or manuallyImport your work

Cross Ref SearchEurope PubMed CentralResearch IDScopus to ORCID,ANDSData CiteEtc


Why are we talking about ORCIDs?

Havent we had example of author ids for a while? Scopus ID Researcher IDHow is ORCID different?ORCID is the plumbing providing connectors between a range of research workflows and systems that researchers and universities useAdopted globally by researchers, publishers, funding bodies, research organisations and associations including UON



What do I need to do?

Register for an ORCID Link your ORCID to your information and your outputs orcid.org UONs NURO publications systemUse it!

Create an ORCID today and reap the benefits tomorrow and into the future

NURO Auto ClaimingScopus and Web of Science

ORCID @ UONInformation and Help with ORCID the Library websiteHelp - today/nowhelp you registerlink your ORCID to NUROanswer questionsHelp in the futureDrop-in session, starting next week Auchmuty Library, Lab L267Friday : 29th July, 5th August, 12th August at @ 10 11 amDrop-in sessions at Ourimbah (TBA)Faculty LibrariansResearch support staff (HERDC, NOVA)

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