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How might you use the information in the Top Landing Pages report? (Select two) To see where visitors are entering the site To identify your high bounce-rate landing pages

Which reports tell you how many automatic crawlers (search engine robots) visited your website? b. Google Analytics does not track the vast majority of crawlers since most do not execute JavaScript

Which of the following could be used to track Flash events? (Select two) b. _trackPageview() c. _trackEvent()

What does _trackPageview() do? Registers a pageview

Where do you find the URL Builder? d. In the Help Center Which of the following visitors would be reported as coming from direct/(none)? (Select two) a. Visitors who typed your sites URL directly into their browser b. Visitors who came to your site via a bookmark

Where would you enable site search tracking? a. In the Analytics account settings b. In the Profile Settings

Which is the recommended way to prevent URL query parameters (session_id. for instance) from appearing in Content reports? c. Exclude them in the main Profile Settings

Which search engines can Google Analytics track by default? d. Most widely-used search engines worldwide

How is click-through-rate calculated? a. Clicks/impressions

What type of information can the Funnel Visualization report provide? c. Where visitors go to after abandoning the site d. URLs for all the site exit pages

Which of these definitions best describes what is referrer is? c. The URL of the website from which a visitor came

Temporary cookies differ from persistent cookies because: c. Temporary cookies are removed when you close your browser

How can you ensure that clicks and visits match in your AdWords Campaign report? b. Enable autotagging in AdWords c. Make sure your browser allows cookies

Where do you ensure that autotagging is enabled? a. In AdWords, under My Account > Account Preferences

Which of the following could explain why Google CPC visits are not showing up in Google Analytics ? (Select all that apply) A) Autotagging has not been enabled B) A redirect on the landing page stnpped out the gcHd

What is Bounce Rate? c. The percentage of visits to your site where the visitor viewed only one page and then exited without any interaction on your site

Which is the recommended parameter for identifying different versions of an ad? d. utm_content

What are benefits of linking your AdWords account with your Google Analytics account?(select all that apply)

This will allow you to have AdWords cost data imported into your Analytics account. Thid will allow you to access your Analytics data from within the AdWords interface. This will allow Analytics to calculate ROI of your AdWords spend. This will allow Google Anlaytics to different ate between Google CPC and non-Google CPC visit.

Which of the following will Google Analytics track by default? (Select all that apply)

c. The referrer that directed a visitor to your site

Which of these best describes what a cookie is? d. A small text/data file written to visitors machine by a web server

Why would anyone want to create virtual pageviews? a. To track visitor activity that does not generate a pageview

What kinds of cookies does Google Analytics use? First-party; utma, utmb, utmc, utmzi

Why should you only assign values to non e-commerce goals? 1. To avoid inflating your revenue results 2. To avoid overwriting your transaction revenue 3. To include non e-commerce goals in the Product Performance results

What are the benefits of linking your AdWords account with your Google Analytics account? 1. This will allow you to have AdWords cost data imported into your Analytics account 2. This will allow you to access your Analytics data from within the AdWords interface 3. This will allow Analytics to calculate ROI of your AdWords spend Most websites place their Google Analytics Tracking Code at the bottom of the page. For what kinds of pages is it recommended that you not place the Google Analytics Tracking Code at the bottom of the page? Goal pages

- Given that web analytics data is never 100% accurate, which of the following is the best use of web analytics? Analyzing TrendsWhat is the default amount of time a user needs to be inactive in order for their next action to be counted as a new session? 30 minutes Which of the following Google Analytics methods can be used to create virtual pageviews? _trackPageview() Which of the following would cause Google Analytics to track a visitor as new even if they had been tracked during their previous visit to the site? (Select all that apply) B) if the visitor deleted cookies after the first visit E) if the visitor is blocking cookies You would like this to appear as "home" in the Top Content report. How can this be achieved? A) Use a Search and Replace custom filter on the Request URI field where Search String is "/index" and Replace String is "/home" 51.Which of the following are possible uses of filters? (Select all that apply) B) Exclude visits from a particular IP address C) Report on only a subdomain or directory 47.What technologies does Google Analytics use to track visitors? C) JavaScript and first-party cookies

45.What is one way of determining whether an increase in Average Time on Site actually reflects an increase in site interaction? D) look for a corresponding increase in Pages/Visit 44.The Site Search reports show_. D) how visitors search your site

33.Which of the following are elements of the Event Tracking data model? D) categories, actions, labels 32.Where do you ensure that autotagging is enabled? D) in AdWords, under My Account > Account Preferences

24.Google Analytics uses the following types of cookies: B) first-party only 21.What is the "$ Index"? B) a way of determining which pages on your site are most valuable 20.Which of the following formats does Google Analytics export into? (Select all that apply) B) XML C)PDF D)CSV 18.Which is NOT a standard Google Analytics campaign variable? C) utm_adgroup

14.Can Google Analytics import cost data from other ad networks? C) Google Analytics is only able to import cost data from AdWords 13.Does Google Analytics track visits to cached pages? A) Yes, the JavaScript is executed even from a cached page 2.What is the purpose of the multi-line graph? B) For comparing two metrics on the same graph to see how they are correlated

.True or False: If you manage the analytics services for multiple websites which belong to different organizations, it is strongly recommended that you open a new Google Analytics account for each organization. A) True. Otherwise, you would not be able to give an organization administrator access without also giving them access to data from other organizations which you are tracking in the same account. B) False. You should track multiple sites for different organizations under one Google Analytics account. Simply track the different sites under different profiles, and grant administrator access at the profile level 11.Which campaign tracking variables should you always use when manually tagging a URL? A) utm_source, utm_content B) utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign C) utm_content, utm_campaign D) utm_campaign, utm_adgroup, utm_term 10.You want a second view of your data where you only see traffic to a specific subdirectory. How might you set this up? A) Create a second Google Analytics account, and apply the unique tracking code to the pages in the subdirectory B) Create a new profile and apply an advanced filter that deletes page data outside the subdirectory C) Add a filter to the profile and remove the tracking code from the other pages of your site D) Create a duplicate profile and add a filter: select "Include only traffic to a subdirectory" from the Filter Type dropdown, and specify the subdirectory 7.If you manually tag your AdWords campaigns, which one of the following AdWords attributes would you be able to view in your Analytics reports? A) Match Type B) Ad Group C) Campaign D) Placement URL 5.Someone visits your website and subscribes to your newsletter which you are tracking as a goal. A colleague then immediately also subscribes using the same computer (without closing the browser). How many conversions will be recorded? A)0

B)1 C)2 6.How would you set up Google Analytics to attribute conversions to the original referring campaign? A) Conversions are attributed to the original referring campaign by default B) Add "utm_nooverride=1" to the end of your campaign URLs C) Add "utm_nooverride=off" to the end of your campaign URLs D) Conversions are attributed to the most recent campaign and there is no way to modify this behavior 4.You have had your Google Analytics account for months, and have been successfully tracking data in Profile 1. You created a duplicate profile Profile 2- but the profile's reports are not showing any data. Which of the following would help explain the situation? (Select two) A) You created Profile 2 less than 24 hours ago B) There are conflicting filters applied to Profile 2 which are preventing data from coming through C) You do not have access to the data D) You applied a custom lowercase filter 3.You apply the following two include filters to a single profile: Filter 1- Field: Campaign Medium; Pattern: cpc Filter 2- Field: Campaign Medium; Pattern: organic Which behavior will result? A) The profile will contain data related to either of the two specified values B) The filters cancel each other so no data appears in the profile C) The filters cancel each other so the complete unfiltered data appears in the profile D) The results will differ depending on the order in which these two filters are applied

39Which feature could you use to visualize the relationship between two different met