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  • Lily Ann Guagliardo Semester One Portfolio

  • I learned that I needed to be at a better angle when I take pictures so that I do not get the back of peoples heads. I learned that I need to take it more from the side so that I can get everyones face in it.

    I tried to get a picture of the Best Buddies girls cheering but learned that it is very hard to take a picture when people are moving fast. I want to learn how to be able to take a good action shot.

  • I think that this would have been a better picture if she was not holding it right in front of her face, or if I had gotten on the other side where maybe her face would not have been so covered up.

    I would have liked this picture had there not been any cars in the back-ground. Had I zoomed in a little bit, I think it would have turned out better.

  • I would have liked this picture more if i could have taken it without people in the background. I think it captured the moment perfectly. If I had stood back a little bit more I think this picture would have

    turned out better, and if I was able to get more emotion on the Kiwi girls faces I think it would have turned out better.

  • I think that this picture came out pretty good because it was really hard to get it with-out a lot of people walking in the background. I think that this picture shows a lot of emotion, but I wish that i could

    have gotten everyones face.

  • I like this picture because you can see the coffee being poured, and i caught her naturally smiling.

    The Sailing Club hit the seas this year with a lot of practice, weekend regattas and team racing. Hours of preparation were put forth before the South Points Regatta, the first competition of the year. The sailing team competed with other high school clubs from around Florida, includ-ing St. Petersburg, Ft. Lauderdale, Sarasota, Clearwater and Miami. Members of the Plant High Sailing Club would practice for several hours a day, three days a week. They perfected their boat handling skills, learned sailing rules, and mastered their racing technique to be sure they were ready for the regattas. One thing they needed to know how to do before their first com-petition was how to set up the boat properly. We set up our boats by raising the sails onto the boat and make sure we have a rudder and tiller which steer the boat. It is really important that everything is working properly, said Holly Wells (11). The Sailing Club made waves all over Flori-da by building their team and perfecting their craft.

    This was my first time writing copy, and I learned that I need to get two more quotes and include the date.